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Fashion marketing is your best option if you want your brand to get ahead of the curve. That’s why to fully succeed in this competitive business you need to thoroughly understand these 9 basic facts of this type of marketing. Thanks to this, you will learn what is necessary to create a long-lasting, emotional connection between customers and your brand. After all, it’s the only way to encourage them to buy.


Since we’re in the subject, you must know that any interaction with your brand is a journey for your customers from the moment they first encounter it. So, if you want your brand to be well-positioned, you have to ensure that consumers can identify with your brand.


What Should You Know About Fashion Marketing?


Let’s start with the basics here. We will provide you with 9 very useful facts of fashion marketing that you need to know so that you’ll be able to resonate with the customer and truly inspire them to develop an interest in the brand. It’s a win-win situation.


You must know how to do your storytelling


BluCactus - Fashion Marketing Facts - important dataAs time passes by, you need to be sure that you’re not left behind in this cutthroat competition. So, to succeed in this branch, you have to learn how to tap into people’s emotions in a positive manner trust us you’ll be greatly rewarded. For starters, you must tell your story without forgetting any details, as it will be the best way to connect with your audience.


Also, in your story, is honest by adding both your failures and your triumphs and everything you have done to get to where you are now. Your brand must be shown with a story that can truly represent it, and reach people in the right way. To truly understand human behavior you must answer the following two questions:


  • How do they buy?
  • Why do they buy?


BluCactus - Fashion Marketing Facts - important dataFashion marketing has the power to give you this answer and in most cases, it works through perception and emotions.


Therefore, for fashion-following clients, it is important to be able to have a brand that conveys trust, and above all credibility.


The more dedication you focus on your brand, the more you can be sure customers will start noticing it, and your sacrifice will be appreciated.


The most important fashion brands have understood that working with storytelling is the best decision they have been able to make to expand their business.


Market research must be thorough


Do you know how to study the market? To begin with, there are many techniques and alternatives that you can use to do your research. In this way, you will be able to analyze and evaluate the different options that marketing offers to specify the strategies that can direct you towards your brand objectives.


BluCactus - Fashion Marketing Facts - important dataThese are some of the most used techniques for studying marketing:


  • Interviews
  • Surveys
  • Observation
  • Market testing
  • Probe
  • Focus Group
  • And many more.


Besides, when conducting market research, you should also put data collection into practice, and depending on your type of research it can be qualitative or quantitative.


Qualitative research lets you know the types of behavior that may exist depending on the situation. The “what, how, and why” are questions among customers when they have a question. That is why they are really specific questions that you must answer for the good of your brand or company.


On the other hand, there is quantitative research, and it is the most effective option to carry out an efficient statistical procedure. So, to make use of this, this research methodology can perform the following actions:


  • Personal interview.
  • Postcard survey.
  • Telephone interview.
  • Sham transaction

What are the best information questions?


BluCactus - Fashion Marketing Facts - important dataWhen conducting market research, it is important to ask several questions to obtain the information of interest to your business. For example, these could be some questions when interviewing your clients, using the previous options:


  • What price do you think is the most affordable?
  • For you, which are the most expensive fashion brands, and the cheapest?
  • What is the first brand that comes to your mind?
  • What kind of clothes do you wear?


By collecting the necessary information through these questions, you can determine how to position your products and carry out a good revenue strategy for your company.


You must understand how fashion on-demand works


BluCactus - Fashion Marketing Facts - important dataUnderstanding this point is important to achieving your business goals. Fashion marketing is made up of many tools that must be used in the right way to form strategies that are focused on supply and demand. It is the only way in which you can know the demands of the clients and meet their needs. Provided with this information you will be able to achieve a comparison between both models.


Therefore, you must understand what are the characteristics of these fashion demands. In general, the world of fashion tends to be followed by women for the most part. That is why, since they are a larger group of consumers of fashion, they want to have a totally renewed wardrobe ready for each season.


Women have great importance in the world of fashion, and according to their needs, they demand different garments. In addition to this, they keep looking for pieces of clothing that provide elegance and comfort at the same time. And this can be used as a point of reference to thoroughly understand this fashion area.


Although women are the biggest followers of fashion, it is worth noting that men also desire to take care of their image. In fact, as time passes, men have become even more interested in taking care of their outfits and they also buy clothes continuously to renew their look. Consequently, as long as men find products that really convey confidence and allows them to show their essence, they will be an even more loyal consumer than women.


Know your target market


BluCactus - Fashion Marketing Facts - important dataIn the world of fashion, there is a lot of diversity to satisfy the needs of each client. All consumers will differ in some aspects, and that is why you must segment by grouping consumers according to their interests.


This must be done to establish strategies for a certain period, it really is the best option to be able to allocate resources correctly.


 In case you are interested in launching a new brand, or simply want to expand your business. You must identify every new opportunity that surges in the market. Therefore, to make your segmentation and really simplify the process you can use the following variables:


BluCactus - Fashion Marketing Facts - important dataAge


This variable is very important because consumer preferences continually change with age.




Regarding gender, fashion experts assure that women are the largest consumer in this sector. However, every day the number of men who feel concerned about their physical appearance grows, so their weight in this market is growing. For this reason, the gender variable will serve to.


BluCactus - important dataStyle 


Style is also an important group, as each client feels comfortable in a different way of dressing. By taking this point into account, you can classify different styles: Classic, sporty, casual, elegant, punk, …




This variable can be used to group customers in terms of their level of loyalty, and this could be low, medium, or strong. Similarly, consumers who tend to be price-sensitive will not have strong brand loyalty. But for those whose high prices are related to quality, they definitely give their brand the necessary loyalty.


BluCactus - important dataProfits 


Each of the customers has its own needs, so they look for different benefits when making a purchase. Among the benefits, consumers take into account the brand’s prestige, quality, affordable prices, luxury, comfort, among others.


Social class 


Social class is also a determining factor in knowing what type of clothing the consumer will look for. It can also be valued as high, medium, high — medium, medium, or low.


BluCactus - important dataPhysical characteristics 


This variable takes into account the characteristics of the consumer, for example, whether they are pregnant, their build, size, or weight.


If you look closely for information related to other fashion brands, you will notice that some cover different styles and offer different products by department.


On the other hand, some brands offer clothing for people of any age, while others exclusively dedicate to making clothing for women or men.


Your market segment must aim at responding to consumer needs


BluCactus - important dataWhen you put a product of your brand on the market, its characteristics must be based on the needs of the market segment. Always take this into account, when using fashion marketing. After all, if you wrongly mix different types of marketing, your market could really take a hard blow.


When you have defined your positioning and your market segment, you must set the price with which your product will display in that market. Take notice that before entering a price, you can review the prices of competing products. This review will not be for copying prices, but for better reference.


In this way, your product’s price will not be above the others that are in the market. For example, if a cocktail dress is on the market for $1000, we don’t recommend selling it for $1500, much less if you refer to a business that has the same rank as yours.


Since most consumers are price-conscious, it’s not recommended that you try to enter the market with high prices. That is why if your intention is to attract many customers, starting with low prices will be the best option. 


For the client, it is important to be able to give value to the brand


BluCactus - important dataHow does the customer perceive value? The points of sale that you used to show your brand’s products must be in accordance with the target to be able to take care of the trade while having better proximity. Likewise, the client will be able to detect if your place is exclusive or inclusive.


When speaking of exclusive or inclusive, we’re talking about the economic level. In other words, when a product is exclusive, it refers to unique fashion products, because there are few designs in the world. Therefore, a scarce garment will be more expensive and will be attractive to a certain group of consumers.


Now, if an inclusive product has to be defined, the most notorious example to explain it would be the Zara brand. This brand is inclusive since it is divided by departments and people from all over the world and from any social class can buy.


Also, the value of your brand can be increased through promotion as it will allow you to achieve good positioning. To make your brand known, you can take advantage of the social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.


Fashion marketing expresses itself through digital communication


BluCactus - important dataFor your followers to stay loyal, you need to be clear about what you want to convey to your brand. That is why you must break down the following points:


  • The style of your brand.
  • What is your target, or who is it aimed at. 
  • The prices to sell your products.


It is also important that you are aware that your brand will not be released overnight, much less if you do nothing to achieve that. So start by interacting with your followers so that you can establish a bond of trust. Now if you’re asking yourself how do you do it? Well start by getting those creative juices flowing and always be original and stand by your brand, this will set you apart from your competitors.


You may feel a bit confused at first, but having a defined strategy will allow you to get the most out of fashion marketing. So, at this point, it should be clear that you will not be doing anything with publishing, if you do not have defined the objectives of your brand and what you want to communicate to your followers.


In this world, the fashion sector is usually one of the most dynamic, and in addition to that, there is a lot of competition. For this reason, you must please the consumer so that when choosing a brand to buy from, they feel a preference for your products.


How to achieve digital communication?


BluCactus - important dataFirst, you must integrate your brand into social media:


  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube


Social media has a lot of power and can be used to connect with your preferred target. By the way, you can make use of these platforms to retain your customers through discounts, contests, or by sharing the publications of your followers. It’s also super important that you respond to followers’ comments to achieve their satisfaction, as your online reputation depends on it.


The publications that you decide to show through social networks should be simple and at the same time eye-catching. That is, they do not need to be overloaded with textual or visual content to reach your audience. Your best option will be to add your logo or the corporate colors of your brand so that all your posts have consistency.


The way you convey your brand message must be aimed at attracting your target audience, so you use all possible channels to achieve this objective.


Among the objectives of your brand is innovation


BluCactus - important dataTo maintain customer loyalty, you should always show your consumers new products, and to excite them, you must be authentic by showing the benefits of your brand.


So, as a first rule, avoid falling into imitation while innovating in many relevant areas, such as:


  • The product.
  • Communication.
  • Marketing
  • Customer service.


When customers choose a certain product, they prefer to know its origin and other important facts before making their final selection.


You must define your goals and objectives very well


BluCactus - Fashion Marketing Facts - important dataBefore implementing your strategies, you must be clear about the objectives and goals regarding your brand. Therefore, try to be as specific as possible with your objectives, and specify them in both the long term and the short term. Also, goals should be time-bound and measurable.


Only through them, will you differentiate yourself from other brands. This is why your real job is not just about being passionate, you must work hard while investing as much time as it takes to make your goals come true.


For you to be able to differentiate yourself from the competition, you must show your ideas differently. That is why you must fully understand the characteristics of your products. However, this will not be possible if you don’t understand your clients’ problems in advance. So one of your main goals or objectives should be to show originality and authenticity.


How to stand out from the competition?


BluCactus - Fashion Marketing Facts - important dataYou can find attractive niches, or offer additional services that attract the attention of consumers.


To tell the truth, fashion is made up of very striking niches and its main task is to differentiate itself from what other brands offer to have added value.


Your customers are an important part of your brand.


 Because if they don’t buy then what’s the point?  For the client, it’s important that you provide a good deal, that your brand has a great image, and of course, you must have an amazing customer service policy.


Establish a powerful roadmap for your fashion marketing campaign


BluCactus - Social Media Tips - important dataThis would be the last point to know about fashion marketing, and it is also very important for your brand. You should do a follow-up check of the plan you have had from the beginning. This way you can quickly detect if a target is not working as expected.


You are allowed to make changes to your plan, in case some goals are not really working the way you want them to. Likewise, through market analysis, you will be able to discover your successes and errors to make the pertinent corrections. From the beginning you can direct your plan to do the necessary management, however, if you don’t take into account this last point, you will have wasted your time when applying fashion marketing to your brand.


When you carry out this methodical process you can obtain reports that will allow you to see the development of the activities of your plan in the short, medium, and long term.


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BluCactus - Fashion Marketing Facts - important data

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