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The best free tools to search for keywords. When we talk about SEO we think about the optimization of your page, link building, content strategies, and many other things. However, one of the most important tactics within SEO is the use of keywords.


Having a good keyword strategy can be a task that requires a lot of research and patience. It’s all about trial and error, but it doesn’t have to be this way all the time. In the digital world, there are thousands of tools that allow us to benefit in various areas of our work and even save time to work in other areas in a much more comfortable way.


In this blog, we will show you the best free tools to make it easier for you to research the keywords that can improve your SEO strategies and use them on all your platforms.


What is a keyword?


BluCactus - important dataBefore we start, we need to talk a bit about what these keywords are.


When we refer to a keyword or keywords, we talk about a term or set of words used to search on pages like Google.


These can be used alone or as a set of terms to make sense of content or material.





Why is keyword research so important?


BluCactus - free tools to search for keywordsResearching your keywords for your business, blog, or just content for different channels can be a long and boring task. It can even get worse if you don’t know how to do it correctly. However, it’s something you must do to ensure the best positioning for your digital platforms. In other words, with keyword research, you will find it easier to stay at the top of search results.


Otherwise, you won’t be able to showcase yourself as an expert or the right choice within your field. Because of this, you must find and use the best keywords within your industry. After all, without them, you can’t create specific content for your users nor optimize the one you already have.


To keep it short, without a keyword strategy, your business will remain unknown by your target audience. Besides, you won’t be able to reach them, nor will you stand out among the competition. That’s why all businesses focus part of their time and budget to create a good keyword strategy.


Free tools to research keywords


Once you understand the importance of keywords for your business success, we can get right to business. Next, we’ll show you a list of the best apps and tools to research keywords. With them, you’ll be able to perfect your SEO strategy and achieve higher positioning, so pay attention.


  • Google Keyword Planner


BluCactus - free tools to search for keywordsThis is one of the best free tools to do research or search for your keywords, and it is one of the most recommended by those who work in the marketing area.


Keyword Planner is a Google company tool that helps you know how many monthly searches a keyword has. It does this depending on the country and the language you use with your business or your platforms. In this way, you have a great opportunity to know if these keywords are the right ones for your business.


As we mentioned at the beginning, it’s a tool that comes from the largest search engine in the world, therefore it has important and highly reliable data. Keyword Planner gives you accurate metrics and statistics of between 1,000 to 10,000 visits per month.


You can also integrate these tools with others to have a better and broader job of what you want to achieve with your content. If you’re running paid ads through Google Ads, you can use them together for better results. Here, you can do keyword searches, and also research new ones that stand out.


  • Google Trends, free tools to search for keywords


BluCactus - free tools to search for keywordsFrom the title, it can be said that it’s another tool created by Google. However, it has a slightly different goal than the original. Google Trends lets you know what the trend or popularity of a keyword is, as well as how these terms have evolved over time.


Why is this tool important?


By using Google Trends, you will be able to know if a word or a complete term has a positive reputation to add to the content of your blogs or your digital channels. In contrast, if these words don’t have a good reputation, it’s better to avoid them. Otherwise, it could give you bad results in terms of views or conversions of your website.


  • Google Search Console


BluCactus - free tools to search for keywordsGoogle offers yet another complete tool. This one has the most reliable data and figures in addition to being very easy to use.


Google Search Console, formerly known as Webmaster Tools, lets you see the keywords that your visitors look the most for. This is great because it allows you to have a fresh perspective on where your users are coming from.


Thanks to this app, you can easily see which of your keywords are working and which aren’t. In fact, it may even allow you to find out keywords you never thought about. This way, you will ensure that your website is useful for all your visitors. Once you have all this information, you will have a broad vision of what new content you can use. Thus, allowing you to get more readers or conversions.


  • Ubersuggest, free tools to search for keywords


BluCactus - important dataAnother favorite tool by marketers is Ubersuggest. This application works as a free keyword search engine to help you find terms that work as an expansion of your core keyword and help you expand into other related areas.


For example, if your business has cars as its central word, the long tails keywords could be sports cars, convertibles, family cars, racing cars, among others.


It is one of the most used tools by many businesses since it also includes a graph with the explanation of the volume of visits on mobile devices or “mobile” and those made from desktop computers in recent months. This is also crucial because it will allow you to understand the behavior of the people you want to write to and attract.


  • Keyword Shitter


BluCactus - important dataThis tool handles the same objective and functions as the past application.


Keyword Shitter is a keyword search tool focused on these long tails or long-tail keywords that allow you to reach more specific products, services, and audiences within a much more generalized market.


Applications like this are ideal for those businesses that work for a closed and quite specific niche.


From here you will have a better idea about the topics that you can address in your blog or in other communication channels.


  • Found, free tools to search for keywords


BluCactus - important dataFound is an application that has a function very similar to Ubersuggest and keywords Shitter. However, what makes it stand out and its greatest advantage, is that it allows you to find new keywords through a combination of several terms that the tool generates automatically.


A tool like found is not only ideal for reaching new markets and many more people, but it is also excellent for saving time, creating terms in a simpler way and with fewer complications.


Also, a good alternative to having much broader information on compound keywords. However, this tool doesn’t give you monthly information about the keywords you are handling. In other words, if you want to use this application, once you have the defined terms, you must go through the Google Trends or Keyword planner tools to know more clearly these figures.


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