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Influencer Marketing Agency USA

Influencer Marketing USA

BluCactus is more than a renowned marketing company — we’ll be your influencer marketing agency in the United States. We have a fully trained technical team to help achieve exactly what your brand needs. You’ll be able to capture the attention of your potential consumers through the use and support of the most prominent figures and celebrities on social media.

With our innovative service package, we intend to completely reformulate the traditional advertising strategies of the past and support all your services and products with a professional and multidisciplinary team.

Do you want to know more about our influencer services in New York, London, Paris or Milano? Here in BluCactus, we tell you everything!

BluCactus Main benefits that influencers marketing services in USA

Main Benefits that Influencer Marketing Services in USA can Bring Your Company, Brand or Product

Influencer Marketing Services

During the last decade, the rise of graphic content platforms such as Instagram, Vine and especially YouTube have displaced traditional television and radio advertising with near-total effectiveness in favor of their new business models. A specialized team is needed for the management, control and articulation of these platforms. That is exactly what we are doing in our influencer marketing agency, BluCactus.

Social Media Influencer Agency

You can gain greater visibility in your market when you use BluCactus. We give you a unique opportunity to reach the public in an original and creative way — mainly towards the millennial generation. Working with BluCactus will also also positively influence the SEO positioning or performance of your blog or website and directly influence the improvement of your online reputation and engagement performance on social media.

How Does the BluCactus Influencers Marketing Service Worldwide Work? What Can Your Team Do in Favor of Expanding My Brand?

Influencer Marketing Services

In our marketing agency of influencers, we are committed to a joint and integrated work system defined by the effectiveness and humanistic quality of its products. We make connections with the biggest stars on the internet and make them the ambassadors your brand needs. The influencers will effectively carry out your message to the general public and the global audience. To do this, we have segmented our work processes into four stages.

1. Definition of Influencer Strategy Objectives

Our work process begins with the delivery of the agency document or brief. Our team will identify your interests and needs, then define the different marketing requirements that your products need to fill.

BluCactus Global Influencer Agency Creation and launch of autonomous products

2. Selection of the Influencers Workforce Worldwide

Not all influencers in the USA and the world are produce the same high-quality content, and not all brands share the same types of objectives and frameworks. Hence, the second step of our agency of influencers in the USA is to select and prepare an entire team of influencers that fits your brand values. To do so, we  consider aspects such as the level of engagement they can achieve, their values ​​and the tone and quality of their content.

3. Implementation of the Action Plan

In this phase, we hire influencers in New York City, London, Paris, Milan, Hong Kong and Latin America through a specific and detailed agreement. They receive personalized briefings, and the proper management ensures the influencer can have the resources to realize their creative process. Also — as an essential part of this phase — KPIs get measured and campaign hashtags are created.

BluCactus Global Influencer Agency Execution of the action plan
BluCactus Global Influencer Agency Analysis of the Results

4. Analysis of the Results

Our work process concludes with writing the results report and its subsequent delivery to the final client.  A proposal details the descriptive and objective stages as well as the quantitative and qualitative results achieved through collaboration with influencers. Any online clips will also be included. This final documentation gives you an assertive overview of your company’s subsequent actions.

Other Important Influencer Service Strategies that BluCactus Can Do for You

Our team of specialists knows that establishing a lasting connection with your chosen influencer is essential. As such, our services include various tools to extend these marketing plans so you can achieve your goals.

Here’s how it works. Our excellent team of copywriters can get product reviews — or even sponsored posts — in the most specialized blogs within your industry. At the influencer marketing agency in the USA, we advise your chosen celebrity about the process of creating product reviews on their social media pages. As a result, your audience will see the product reviews and be interested.

BluCactus Also Provides Personalized Attention for All Kinds of Influencers: Instagramers, TikTokers, Bloggers, YouTubers and more!

Social Media Influencer Agency

Becoming an influencer is not an easy task. Managing your followers can be tricky — whether you have a lot of them or a little. A proper management process and professional treatment is essential — especially when you want to stay in the spotlight of worldwide media.

That is why BluCactus, the best influencer marketing agency in the USA,  has the greatest service packages for you. We can find the most effective ways to capitalize on your talent and make you and your content appealing and memorable to followers. Stay with us and you will discover much more about it!

Service Package for Influencers Worldwide: Monetization of Content, Creation of Links and Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Today, many entrepreneurs try entering the market of influencers in the USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia. However — because of the existing competition — they soon realize it’s not so easy to capture the attention of the worldwide media.

As such, our massive package of services from the agency of influencers worldwide has the following advisory plans.

Influencer Marketing Programs

This is the first strategy for professionalizing multimedia content in networks. We manage all the tools so you can have the collaboration of other influencers within your plans for cross-platform content. This — in addition to the user interaction plans we’ll create for you — will allow you provide exceptional content while also increasing your visibility online.

BluCactus Global Influencer Agency Influencer Marketing Programs

YouTube Partners Program

BluCactus can also assist you with YouTube’s different monetization plans. This type of service includes strategies that require you to be subscribed to YouTube’s Partners Program where you can monetize all your videos.

Our team will know when and where to place your advertisements in the videos of famous YouTube influencers across the world. These will increase the potential number of visits to the video as well as the potential number of subscribers.

Creation and Launch of Autonomous Products

You can use this third type of service if you want to work with influencers who have at least or more than one million subscribers on social media. If your profile has a similarly high number, this is the service for you.

Additionally, we advise you to create products that guarantee you get attention in the offline press, mainly in radio and television networks. Our agency of influencers in America will also explore the potential of getting your image on or in a vast range of products, from printed books to clothing lines. The creation and launch of autonomous products is very valuable.

BluCactus Global Influencer Agency Management of advertising contracts by exchange

Management of Advertising Contracts by Exchange

Our team also specializes in methods for public relations strategies. We can guarantee that the brands will invite you to product presentations and important events with influencers from across the world.

BluCactus Marketing Agency is Your Leading Agency in the Market of Influencers in the USA and Latin America

Influencer Marketing Agency USA

Influencer marketing is a networking phenomenon. BluCactus can help you find outstanding opportunities in the market  so you won’t have to do it by yourself.

So, what are you waiting for? When you work with us, you’ll also be able to contact and work with influencers across the world, and your brand will get the consumer attention it deserves.

BluCactus Can Help You Find Your First Contract With a Brand or Agency

Influencers in NYC, Paris, Milano, Dubai and Latin America do not pursue contracts and businesses to make a profit. Instead, the contracts and brands come looking for them. This is what our influencer marketing agency in America wants to create for you.

Nowadays, the rules of influencer marketing  have changed: brands don’t care how many followers you have — they care about the level of interaction you have with them. This includes writing or replying to comments, obtaining “likes”, tags as well as purchases and shared information. Our technical team examines these aspects and works with them in order to help you and your brand.

BluCactus provides services for influencers in the USA, and we will  advise you on all the things you need to do to attract the attention of companies.

Working with professionalism and authenticity and ensuring you make understandable, authentic ads is just the beginning. By bringing together these and other characteristics in your work ethic as an influencer, you’ll  be able to build an engaging, collaborative curriculum—one with enough intensity that other companies in the world will wish to be part of it.

Contact us now so we can help you on your journey!