How to Find a Google Ads Expert to Manage Your PPC Campaigns?

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How to Find a Google Ads Expert to Manage Your PPC Campaigns? Google Ads are one of the most prominent places for advertising online. However, it’s crucial to do the right ad campaign optimization to have reliable results. Google has a vast audience. Thus, it’s beneficial for businesses to advertise there. Google Ads or any other PPC ads deliver you significant results as soon as you run the campaigns.


That is the reason you are looking for Google Ads experts to run successful Google ad campaigns for you. Hiring the right Google Ads expert is as important as optimizing your ad campaigns correctly.


You shouldn’t pick any Google Ads specialist out of the blue. Follow the right strategy to find a suitable PPC ads expert for your business.


Below are some tips that will help you find the perfect Google Ads agency or expert for your PPC ad campaigns.


1. Be Clear with Your Goals


BluCactus - Google Ads Expert - titleIt’s the most important tip for you when you hire a Google Ads expert. Google Ads can be used for multiple objectives like brand awareness, product/service promotions, lead generations, engagement, limited time offers promotion, etc.


When you have a vague goal for your Google Ads, an expert can manipulate you by showing you numbers that don’t make sense to you.


So, have clear goals for your Google Ads and ask for a roadmap from your expert to achieve your goals. Moreover, when you have fixed targets, you can easily track your ad campaign performance by your predefined KPIs.


So, set some goals for your Google Ads and discuss the same with your expert to analyze their strategy for your targets.


2. Know Your Google Ads Expert or Agency


BluCactus - important dataIt’s crucial to know the person or team who will work on your PPC campaigns.


It’s possible that an agency boasts its expertise based on a single person and assigns your project to other members of the agency.


Hence, when you interview an expert or agency person, you must ask about the people who will work on your PPC campaigns.


Once you have the names, you should check their profiles on LinkedIn and see whether they have ample experience to work on your project or not.


3. See If They Worked in Your Vertical Businesses


BluCactus - important dataIt would be beneficial for you if your Google Ads expert earlier worked with a business similar to yours. The experienced Google Ads expert in your niche would be more likely to create high-performing ad campaigns quickly.


It’s not like a PPC expert without any relevant experience can’t deliver you profitable results. It’s just that they have to go through the whole journey that relevant experience guy already had.


The experienced experts know the hidden challenges already and can prepare effective plans for them to keep your PPC ads performance consistently high.


So, you may consider the relevant experience when you hire a Google Ads expert.


Check Whether Your Expert is Google Certified or Not


BluCactus - important dataIt’s not a reliable filter to consider, but you may ponder it with other things we discussed and will discuss.


Google has some courses about Google Ads that provide information about Google AdWords to the marketers.


You need to pass a test to get the Google Ads certification.


Hence, you can check that your prospect Google Ads expert has Google certification or not.


So, consider the other tips with the Google Ads certification to find the right Google specialist for your business.


Go Through the Clientele


BluCactus - important dataYou don’t want to hand over your PPC campaigns and ad budget to a fresher with no experience. Hence, check whether your prospect Google Ads expert worked for some businesses or not. If he does work for some clients, learn who they are, and what are their paid ads performance. 


This way, you will find out the reliability of that specialist for your business because the results of other clients show the expert’s capabilities. You can also have some ideas of fee from their portfolio because one with big brands is obviously going to charge you more.


Moreover, you can reach those clients to have the feedback of the expert and know whether you should hire him or not.


Additionally, you can check the expert’s online reviews if they have an online presence like GMB listing or social media profiles.


Skill Set of the Expert


BluCactus - Google Ads Expert - titleGoogle Ads has numerous ad formats, and one should have expertise with all those types to meet every need of your business ad campaigns.


When you run PPC ad campaigns, you have to combine multiple ad formats to reach the maximum audience and accomplish your goals. So, you should ask your expert about his expertise in all the ad formats available. Moreover, they should also have experience with all ad formats to deliver efficient results.


Here are the latest ad formats and new features Google AdWords have, and your expert should have expertise about.


  • AdWords Shared Library
  • Product Listing Ads
  • Mobile ad
  • Ad Extensions
  • AdWords Scripts
  • Enhanced Campaigns
  • AdWords Remarketing for Search


Stay Away from Guarantees


BluCactus - Google Ads Expert - titleGuarantees sound good, but you should beware of these guarantees when you hire a Google Ads expert. No one can guarantee you successful results from the PPC campaigns. So, you shouldn’t consider the guarantees while hiring your Google Ads expert. Instead of the guarantees, you may focus on the strategy of the specialist.


When you schedule the meeting, your prospects will surely do some homework and come with a basic wireframe of your Google Ads strategy. If they have no plan for your project, and they are only boasting about their results and clients, then you may not consider them. Always prioritize the one who has studied your business and have some plan.


These are some tips that will help you find the right Google Ads expert and hire him. You may consider all these factors when you interview some PPC ad experts. I hope you are now able to find the right Google Ads expert or agency for yourself.


Wish you successful Google ad campaigns!


Author Bio for this guest post:


BluCactus - Google Ads Expert - titleJason Smith works in a Google ads management agency – Marketing for You.


He has advanced knowledge of digital marketing and social media marketing.


He provides marketing and SMM strategies to small and medium-sized businesses.


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