How to grow sales during the holidays?

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How to grow sales during the holidays? Every holiday implies a new opportunity for celebration. However, it also gives brands the chance to carry out an advertising campaign or create a new offer. That’s why, today, we will show you some of the best tips and strategies to create your own tactics. This way, you’ll be able to increase your sales numbers during the most important holidays.


Tips for holidays


  • BluCactus - important dataFirst, you must define the holidays you want your campaigns to focus on. After this, it will be easier for you to know what are products or services you’re going to offer your clients.
  • Understand and get to know your target public to find out which holidays suit them best.
  • You must also define your advertising campaign’s budget. For this, you must figure out what you will need to carry out your advertising strategies and their costs.
  • Work on the packaging and delivery of your products or services. Remember that it’s very important how you present yourself and approach your clients. Impressions are everything


Strategies to grow your sales during the holidays


Once you understand what’s the best you can do to work on your strategies, you’ll be able to easily create4 an effective strategy. This will help you increase your sales during holidays and festive days, regardless of whether they’re international or not. Today, you will find out how these strategies can help you come up with great ideas and interesting content. All you have to do is start to plan them!


Without more to say, let’s go for it!


  • Improve the consumer experience


BluCactus - important dataNo matter if you have a physical or online store, you must work on your client’s shopping experience during the holidays. For this, you must make the whole process easier and fluid. For example, you can offer good customer service to help and guide your clients through it. On the other hand, you must also have an optimized website for all those who know you online.


There’s no better time to offer discounts or themed promotions than a holiday. Something fundamental for this is to have an idea of ​​what your star products are for these holidays.


This way, you can create a greater stock or availability of items in your store. If it is a service, it works in the same way, try to have enough time capacity to offer all customers quality service.


  • Make sure the customer returns


BluCactus - important dataThis may be a simple strategy, but many businesses do not consider it among their marketing tactics to increase sales. If what you want the most is for a customer to become loyal to your brand and buy a product or service again, you can offer them a discount coupon for their next purchase.


Another great strategy that many businesses use is the use of referrals to get discounts or promotions. “Invite a friend and we will give you both a 20% discount” these are some of the statements we see in advertisements of this type.


That is why, if you want to adopt this type of strategy to a holiday, you can take into account those related to celebrations as a whole. For example, if International Dog Day is approaching, you can run a promotion in your pet store. So, if two friends buy something for their dogs, both will have a 10% discount on their total bill. Don’t forget to use social media to attract customers and attract attention.


  • Organize an event to attract people


BluCactus - grow sales - dataAs we mentioned in the previous point, promotion is essential. There is no use having the best offer if you can’t get people to know about it. That is why an event to celebrate a holiday is always an excellent option. Some time ago a party would be held with a large budget in terms of logistics, premises, decoration among other elements. However, since the pandemic we have learned to create wonderful events without the need to leave home, allowing us to save event costs.


During these special days, you can carry out an event or some type of special activity for your clients. In this case, you can give all those who attend surprise coupons or send them offers to their emails.


One tip, it is best that you collect their data and use that for future promotional strategies and advertising campaigns.


  • Get information from your customers


BluCactus - grow sales - dataYour consumer’s behavior, both on the internet and in your physical store, will help you understand them more.


Then, with their data, you’ll be able to figure out how to easily grab their attention.


Review who your target audiences are, what are their dislikes and what are their topics of the greatest interest.


Once you know this information, it will be much easier to have a clear idea of ​​which dates are most important to them and which others are fun and work as a good excuse for an advertising campaign.


  • Focus on the attitude of your employees


BluCactus - grow sales - dataCustomer service is key to the success of a store. It does not matter if your business has a physical location or if it’s managed through social media, with a good attitude on the part of your employees it will be much easier to work on valuable aspects with your clients.


If your team isn’t committed to keeping up the best service standards, you may need to find another team. In this case, you must find a group of talents willing to work on every aspect. This way, you will ensure your brand’s good image and thus, increase your sales.


During holidays, the attitude of your customers must be maintained. In general, these dates are known to have a high demand for orders or sales, that’s why you must train your team members with basic training on what their attitudes and reactions should be in the face of different situations. Above all things, they must maintain a positive attitude towards customers.


Our best advice to increase your sales during the holidays is to find new ways to stand out from the competition. For this, try looking for those unique and special festive days to enhance them.


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