A complete guide on guest blogging and all its wonders

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A complete guide on guest blogging and all its wonders. It’s no secret that effective guest blogging will help you these days. Guest blogging is in trend. Because of this, in this article, you will learn all the details to become an expert in this area. For starters, Guest blogging comprises writing as a guest author on someone else’s blog. This practice has become part of marketing as one of its most useful tools. Thanks to it, you can nourish your blog efficiently.


BluCactus - Guide on guest blogging - dataHowever, to take full advantage of it, you must create informative content of interest. This way you will be able to grab the attention of readers who can then become potential customers.


For many people, guest blogging is considered spam. However, as long as you do it right, you can get a lot out of it. That’s why, before trying to use this tool, you must learn everything that encompasses guest blogging. This includes how you can get backlinks so that your website is positioned positively.


First of all, you must understand through a more precise definition, what is guest blogging?


What is guest blogging?


BluCactus - Guide on guest blogging - dataThe concept of guest blogging is very simple. For you to guest blog, you must post content on another author’s blog.


Your goal when doing this is to gain a link to another domain. And in return, you can do the same on your blog.


It’s normal that when starting to use this digital marketing option, many doubts arise.


However, you should keep in mind that as long as you go through the process correctly to achieve good guest blogging, you will reap many benefits.


What benefits can you get from guest blogging?


BluCactus - Guide on guest blogging - dataNote the following points that turn into benefits when guest blogging:


  • The audience of other blog owners with expert authors will also see you as an expert.
  • You can get good traffic that goes according to your theme.
  • The backlinks obtained will come from sites with a lot of authority.


Any owner of a blog would like to have these benefits to gain greater visibility. But this isn’t all, because there are more benefits:


BluCactus - Guide on guest blogging - dataBenefits that the author will get as a guest


By publishing on a blog other than yours, you can reach a wider audience than the one you manage on your site. This is also very beneficial to gain greater visibility. However, it isn’t as easy as it seems. To achieve this, you must choose a website with the same theme as yours.


Linked to this is the link building that will be redirected to your blog.


For this, all you have to do is create links for the guest blog itself.



Benefits that the host blog will obtain


BluCactus - important data

The host blog can also see a great opportunity with guest blogging. For example, thanks to it, you can offer varied content to add value to the reader. All of this from another point of view to avoid uniformity.


But first, you must define your objectives when making a guest post:


What do you want for your blog? What don’t you want for your blog?


So, if you plan to accept guest authors on your blog, the best thing you can do is alternate those posts with your own content. On the other hand, you shouldn’t forget that your readers want to read you. However, it will always be a good option to invite an author who has experience in a certain subject.


Besides, for the guest blog to do its job efficiently, you shouldn’t saturate it. Because of this, you need an up-to-date guide to guest blogging successfully.


Steps by Step guide on Guest Blogging.


To be able to use guest blogging efficiently, you must know the steps to take to achieve it. First, you must focus on meeting each of the points that we will show you below. All of this while taking into account the visibility you want to obtain for your site.


BluCactus - important dataCreate a list of blogs that offer guest blogs


This is the first step towards the correct use of Guest blogging. Before you start guest writing on another blog, you need to do a thorough review. This way you will find out to who you can submit your content.


In this sense, you may be unable to find a blog willing to publish your articles. If this happens at the beginning, don’t give up. The good news is that you have your own blog to continue learning how to create good content.


Besides, there are strategies that you can apply to guest blogging:


BluCactus - important dataPerform an advanced search on Google 


When you do an advanced search on Google, you can get more specific results for what you want to find.


One of the best tips to use this strategy is to use the keyword that corresponds to your search.


Then you must follow this by writing formulas in quotes that lead you to sites willing to accept guest blogging.


For example, SEO “write for us”.


Place your articles on influencer blogs


BluCactus - important data

There are many famous or well-known bloggers with authority in their industry, and who also have a large audience. Many of them like to let their audience know where they are making contributions.


If you find any of these bloggers, include their blogs in your annotations, as they are surely sites that accept guest blogging. Of course, these sites may accept posts from known people only, but it costs nothing to try.


Bloggers can share their information through social media, newsletters, or other platforms. Because of this, to find out which media they use the most, you must research.


That’s why you should start your search on Google. However, you can also help yourself with Twitter, or tweets to locate pages of this type. On the Twitter platform, you could do a good search by placing SEO “post on other blogs”. This way the blogs where they collaborate will quickly appear.


Most of these blogs accept guest blogging as long as the content to be published is really interesting.


Use reverse engineering 


BluCactus - important dataStealing links from the competition is the main point of this strategy. When using link building, you have surely seen many different tools used to make a study of the links and replicate them.


If you are looking for guest blogs, you can start by doing this analysis on your competition. In this sense, you must focus on those that appear on the first two pages of the SERPs. This way, you will find out which blogs within your sector have published an interesting article. Thus, allowing you to get a link.


After this, grab your spreadsheet to add the blogs that offer guest blogging. Through this strategy, you will also have the opportunity to find which blogs do guest blogging but in a more reserved way. Remember that to convince them you must have high-quality content.


Blogs that work in this way have fewer outgoing links, so your links could be stronger.


Offer your post to whoever leaves a comment 


BluCactus - important dataAfter applying the previous strategies and having guest blogged on other sites, this strategy will be very functional. Mostly, blogs that have a large audience have a lot of comments.


That’s why, if you offer high-quality content, you will most likely receive several comments on your article. And most of the people who do, tend to place the name of the link to their website. Then, you can head over to their websites and send them an email offering to write an article for them.


If a person has commented on your article, it’s because they liked its content, right? As a result, this strategy is very successful because you will be contacting a person who has liked the way you have written your article.


Also, you should consider a suggestion. These blogs may not have the same authority as the blogs you can get by using the first few strategies. However, they are links that will be very helpful to you, because you can make a name for yourself in your niche. Not bad, right?


BluCactus - Guide on guest blogging - dataSearch for lists already made 


Although you can search the blogs yourself to avoid spam, you can also find good sites by using pre-made lists.


If you go to Google and put in your search “sites that accept guest blogging”, you can find some very interesting lists where there are likely to be blogs dedicated to the same topic.





Look for influencers who are dedicated to your sector


Believe it or not, this strategy is very effective. All you have to do is look for influencers who are dedicated to the same topic as you. Then, you can make a list of known and lesser-known influencers, along with their names, email, and their site’s link.


Once you have your list made, you can email them the correct words. For example:


BluCactus - important data

“Hello, a few days ago I arrived at (the influencer’s site), and its content has caught my attention. I would love to know if you have written more content for other blogs, or on which sites I could find other articles of your authority.”


This is an example of how you could target an influencer. Guide on guest blogging. However, you could use much more elegant language depending on the type of industry, and the site you are targeting. Please, don’t copy and paste the same message for everyone, since each influencer has their own style and their way of creating content.


There are tools that you can use to send bulk emails from your email. Gumbamail is a Chrome extension that is added to your email and allows you to see the emails sent and the operation of the subject, and if you should change it or not.


Through this strategy, you can be contacted by the influencers themselves to send them the lists where you can guest blog or where they have previously collaborated. Add those names to your list, and get to work.


BluCactus - important dataResearch the blogs you’ve placed on your list


Having your list of sites that accept guest blogging, you need to organize it so that you know which sites can give you the most potential link, and which ones have the weakest link.


All blogs are important, so you shouldn’t ignore weakly linked sites.


A link will always be worth it unless it’s spam. This is because they manage to obtain a greater presence in blogs dedicated to their niche.


How do you organize your blog list?


Separate the winners from the losers 


BluCactus - important dataOn your list should go first the most important and authoritative blogs on the web. Then, you can also add the least important ones, as you can’t ignore them either.


Guide on guest blogging. Take the following into account to find out how to choose a blog to write as a guest author:


  1. Must be a strong link profile
  2. They have to be related to your theme
  3. There is only existence of quality content
  4. They must have a real audience
  5. They can offer traffic and good links
  6. A link can be contextual
  7. Your community is acceptable on different social media platforms


You can walk through these points to find out which blogs are the most convenient for you. Each person has different tastes, so while some also take into account the less important blogs, some ignore them completely.


Take charge and let them know who you are 


BluCactus - important dataIt is common for larger blogs to have many requests for guest blogging. For this reason, it’s preferable that the blogs already know who you are and what you do before you bid.


This is a job that cannot be accomplished overnight, so you must first earn the trust of the blog owner. What should you achieve? That the owner of the blog is interested in reading your content and that your name becomes known. So, work on your brand and focus on the most powerful blogs so you don’t waste your time.


How to start? Contact the blog owners through Twitter or other social media platforms, send an email, and comment on their blogs. Guide on guest blogging. They are some tactics that can be very effective so that at least, they feel a little curious to know what your content is about.


This formula may be more effective than you might think because when you send an email offering to guest blog, it surely won’t be ignored. Much less, if the content you upload to your site is of high-quality, so they will probably accept it.


If you want your emails getting to the inboxes of relevant people, be sure to perform proper email verification. That way, you can be sure that the emails you’ve sent will be delivered to the right people which increases conversion rates without wasting resources. Also, make sure to personalize each email, and subject line to get higher open and response rates.


Find the perfect topic for guest blogging


BluCactus - important dataHave you already got your list of guest blogs ready? If so, now it’s time to look at the possible topics that you could cover.


To start, you could think of 5 titles for each blog. That is, for this strategy to work, create 5 titles for each of the blogs where you will be guest blogging.


To create good titles, you must know the audience of the blog where you will be a guest author.


If your site focuses on content marketing, having a link on a blog dedicated to SEO will be very beneficial for you. Now, if there is exclusive content on content marketing on that blog, you should write about that topic.


Why should you follow this strategy?


BluCactus - Guide on guest blogging - dataVery simple, if you don’t adapt to the theme of the blog where you will be guest blogging, the owner won’t let you publish. The content you offer must also be in tune with the interests of your audience for this tool to work effectively.


So that you choose the best topics for each blog, take into account the following points:


  • Take into account the level of knowledge of the audience: First of all, in your article, you must adapt the explanatory level according to the type of audience.
  • Search content for the blog in question: It’s the only way to know what type of content works
  • Read the other guest blog articles carefully: Analyze that type of content shared by other invited authors to get good ideas.
  • Analyze the contents of each blog: When you are a guest author, your presence must be relevant. Offer different topics than those already covered in the blog so that you can stand out from others.

BluCactus - important dataKnow the standards for guest blogging


Most of those increasing their potential on the web, have some standards for guest blogging.


Thus, here are some guidelines that you must follow when writing articles. They exist to ensure that even if the blogs are written by different people, they maintain the same appearance. This way, the audience will find it easy to read, even if they are not by the same author.


That’s why it’s so important that you adhere to the standards that each blog uses for guest blogging. Any detail that you overlook can be decisive for your blog not being approved.


The time has come to volunteer as a guest author


This step is the most anticipated by those who wish to guest blogging. This comprises sending an email to the owner of the blog where you want to use this marketing tool.


Think like the blog owner


BluCactus - Guide on guest blogging - dataIf you have a website with a lot of authority, and you have a loyal audience that knows about your content, you must do a lot of work to write interesting posts, check the emails in the inbox, respond to comments on social media, and other activities that involve owning a major website.


So if you are a webmaster, and you find an email in your inbox trying to sell you a service, what’s the first thing you would do? Send that email directly to the trash?


When you write an email to a blog owner, you must send a clear, precise, and compelling message. A good option is to have a template ready to send a concise message, and here is an example of it. All you need to do is copy and paste:


Use this template to contact a blog owner:


“Hello (name of the blog owner)


I’ve been reading the content of your blog for a long time. You may have already seen my comment on your post about (post title). Although I do not usually leave comments on blogs, I found your article very interesting and I could not help but comment. This time I am writing to you because I would like to collaborate with an article in (here is the name of the blog).


BluCactus - Use this template to contact a blog owner:

I have in mind some topics, which in my opinion may be of interest to your audience:


  1. (Title one)
  2. (Title 2)
  3. (Title 3)
  4. (Title 4)
  5. (Title 5)


I handle a lot of information about these topics, which have not been treated in depth in the sector and could be very new for the reader. If you want to know my way of writing and the quality that I can offer you with my content, here I include a link to a guest post that I recently made (you must include in this section a link to a guest post you have written for an important site).


I await your prompt reply.


Thank you, (include your name). “


BluCactus - Can this email work correctly?Can this email work correctly?


The answer is yes.




  • It is clear and very concrete.
  • It isn’t generic.
  • You are not selling hard.
  • It offers topics that the blog owner can choose from.
  • It offers you a link to show the quality of your content and your posts.


Blogs A, and Blogs B


BluCactus - Guide on guest blogging - dataThere are two types of blogs that you should keep in mind to stand out. For a better understanding, we will call them Blogs A and Blogs B.


  • Blogs A: They are the most powerful blogs in their sector, that is, the ones you get used to entering to learn and stay informed.
  • Blogs B: They are blogs that have good metrics. However, they are not as important as the A blogs. You can write for them, although it will not be as relevant as doing it in the first option (Blog A).


Good content is not created in minutes, it takes time to do so, and in both categories, there must be excellent quality articles.


What strategies can you apply to blog A?


BluCactus - Guide on guest blogging - dataIn most cases, blog posts A should be highly relevant, even better than those posted on your site. This is because these blogs have a lot of authority and a large number of followers. That’s why by having a large community, followers, and everything you need to be a potential site, your articles will perform better on this blog.


As a result, you must show that you are an expert in the field in which you are writing. The goal is to create an article that the blog owner cannot say no to. They can’t afford to have excellent quality content posted on another blog, so they will likely accept to publish your post.


Create content that, in addition to being interesting, generates engagement and is suitable to appear on websites with a lot of authority. When a website has authority, it’s because it has been in charge of publishing relevant content, and you must offer the best.


Now, if you take that quality content to post on your website without authority, you won’t get the same number of shares. That’s why you should not worry about publishing your potential content on other sites, because in the end, it will be a direct benefit for your site.


BluCactus -What happens when I post on an authority site?What happens when I post on an authority site?


  • You will get a greater number of links.
  • It’s easier for people to entwine into an authoritative site.
  • There will be more debate.


The content you post on another blog will get a lot of authority, and that will be seen by Google.


Dedicate yourself to writing the best post for a site where you will be a guest author since this blog will have a direct link to your blog.


How to write a quality guest post?


If you want to stand out from the others, do your best to create the best guest blog:


BluCactus - Guide on guest blogging - dataCreate extensive content


For some time now, Google takes into account long content and leaves shorter content on its list of less important.


Also, long content is shared more because it can provide a successful solution to readers.


For Type A blogs, we recommend writing a post with a minimum of 1500 words. Through this amount of words, you have more opportunities to satisfy the needs of the public in search of relevant information.


Edit your post when necessary 


BluCactus - Guide on guest blogging - dataIt’s important for the blog owner that you show them that you care about taking care of their site, as it will allow you to make more posts for them. Guide on guest blogging. A good idea is to edit the article to add new information or other information that is necessary to enrich it. The blog owner will note every action you take to offer more benefits to the site.


Include visuals 


Please don’t ever take Google images to contribute to a site with potential authority. The visuals should be made by yourself, for a more professional article.


BluCactus - Use internal linksUse internal links


Don’t mislead the blog owner into thinking that you are a follower of their blog, when it isn’t the case.


Use internal links to connect to their most popular and related content.


By doing this, you earn points with the blog dream and enrich your post.




What about the links?


BluCactus - Guide on guest blogging - dataA contextual link is much better than a placed link, in fact, Google gives it more value by considering them more natural. To add contextual links to your site, you must ask for permission when submitting your content. And if this is of quality and a large number of words, the owner of the blog will have no reason to refuse. For more efficiency:


  • Don’t try to link on the first guest blog If you want to frequently contribute to a blog, you can post an article without adding a link. And for the next post, you can ask the owner if they allow you to add a link.
  • Use correction to link, Guide on guest blogging You must keep your blog up to date, so you should constantly check it so that the blog owner notices your interest. You can post a guest post, and then post a related topic on your own blog. Also, after a few days, you may ask if you can link, considering that your blog article can enrich the reader’s experience. As a tip, it’s important that you don’t try to mislead the blog owner by posting a link without warning. Guide on guest blogging. If you plan to do so, remember that you are dealing with a very authoritative blog. Because of this, you can leave them with a bad impression of you. 
  • Follow up constantly When you’ve managed to guest-post on a quality blog, you should get on with the work. That is, you need to constantly track content to guest blog effectively.


How to make a successful follow-up?


BluCactus - Guide on guest blogging - dataBe guided by the following points:


Respond to comments


For the other blog’s audience is important that you solver their doubts. When you publish your first post as a guest author, you can leave your first comment thanking them for the opportunity to write on this blog.


Guide on guest blogging. And also, you can add that you are attentive to solve the reader’s doubts. This is a very effective way for the audience to be encouraged to comment.


BluCactus - Guide on guest blogging - dataPromote the Article 


After writing an authoritative blog post, you need to make sure that the entire audience on the web knows about it. For this, you can share on your social media to make it known more effectively.


Don’t forget to say thank you 


Being grateful is an important value in any area of ​​life, that’s why if an authoritative blog allows you to publish as a guest author, the best thing to do is send an email thanking them for this opportunity.


BluCactus - Guide on guest blogging - dataFind the best blogs for guest blogging


In one of the previous steps, we already explained how to find the sites where you can guest blog.


Guide on guest blogging.


Reviewing the blogs of the people who comment on your guest post is a great technique to get sites that allow you to obtain good results.




How to submit your article as a guest


BluCactus - Guide on guest blogging - dataHere are some tips that by following them will bring you many benefits when submitting your article as a guest author:


  • Submit your article in HTML format It’s the simplest way for them to copy the code to paste it into WordPress, without the need to optimize it. When it comes to images, you can use a free image bank.
  • Highlight with a good filename Don’t send a document named “guespost01.txt”. You must add an eye-catching title so the blog owner understands what your post is about.
  • Guide on guest blogging, You can use different formats of Shipping If you are submitting a tutorial or similar content, you can use an explanatory video or a downloadable PDF file. They are helpful tools to make a good guest blogging.
  • Optimize your bio For maximum success, you must make contextual links that you may have in your bio so that people who are interested in your site can easily access them. That’s why your bio must be interesting so that the reader of the other blog feels interested in going to yours.


Don’t make the following mistakes when guest blogging


BluCactus - Guide on guest blogging - dataGuide on guest blogging. If you want to guest blog, it’s important that you don’t make the following mistakes when guest blogging:


  • First mistake: not knowing about the topic If you want to show that you are an expert on your subject, you must know about what you are going to write.
  • Second mistake: Copy the content you intend to write  One of the worst sins you can commit is copying the content of others. In the first place, you will be penalized by Google, and secondly, you will have a bad reputation with the owners of the blogs where you have contributed as a guest author.
  • Third mistake: Guide on guest blogging, Not meeting the site’s standards If the blog owner gives you some directions, you must follow them. In case it doesn’t meet the established standards, your post won’t be approved for publication.
  • Fourth mistake: creating links that don’t make sense  Creating a meaningful link is essential to place them in the texts that you will present to the blog owners. A link that is not natural will give a bad image.
  • Fifth mistake: Not respecting the agreed time The blog owner will likely set a due date for the draft article. The idea is that you have it ready before the agreed date, or at least deliver it on the scheduled day so as not to give off an irresponsible image. If you want to make efficient use of guest blogging, don’t make these mistakes.


When guest blogging you must stand out from others


BluCactus - important dataYou shouldn’t ever forget this complete guide on guest blogging if you want to become the best guest author. Authoritative blog owners take many factors into account before approving. That’s why you must meet their demands to use these tools and obtain feasible benefits on the web.


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