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A beginner’s guide to start in the email marketing world. Today we can find a variety of communication channels, and all thanks to advances in technology. Today, the internet is the perfect medium for brands to make themselves known. They use digital marketing, and one of its best tools is email marketing.


If you don’t have experience using this tool, don’t worry. Today, we will explain how to make an email marketing campaign.


All communication methods have a certain level of effectiveness. However, internet marketing has had a good performance in recent years through email marketing. The reason is that this channel is one of those that allow more direct communication. Besides, it adds value to businesses by quickly reaching their target audience. As a result, they can also increase their sales. 


What are the advantages of email marketing?


Email is one of the oldest forms of digital communication. Because of this, it comes to reason that it would mix with marketing. Thanks to this, businesses can take advantage of its benefits:


BluCactus - email marketing worldCommunication becomes more personal.


When someone visits a web page, they establish a communication between a sender, the owner of a company, with several receivers. In this case, these would be all the visitors to this site. This interaction is more important than you can imagine. That’s why you must never forget it if you want to start using email marketing in a company.


On the other hand, the people who subscribe to an email marketing list work. The communication is one-to-one (sender to receiver), making it a more personal connection.


BluCactus - email marketing worldGreater long-term trust and interaction are created.


Due to the last point, all sent messages will create trust in the long term. As a result, you will increase your number of loyal clients. Thus, boosting your sales.


Loyal customers have a very particular characteristic, and it is that they tend to buy almost everything offered to them.


That’s why you must gain their trust for your company’s success. In fact, it’s vital.


Helps generate more traffic


When you have an extensive list of subscribers, you have the opportunity to promote your products, build rapport, and drive traffic to your website or blog.


Suppose you write a guide on your blog. In this case, your subscribers can be the first people to read it and then share it.


For this, they can use their social media. Thanks to email marketing, traffic can be faster.


You get your own database.


The visitors we have when we get traffic to our website or a blog have the control to decide whether to stay on that site or close their browser tab.


Therefore, it is likely that the user will not return and will lose a client or, sometimes, an alliance that could serve strategically for their business.


Thanks to how to make an email marketing campaign, we can have our own database to contact and send messages with the corresponding frequency.


How to learn to do email marketing?


Getting started in email marketing can be a bit difficult if you don’t know the basic requirements of this tool. Similarly, it is worth seeking the help of experts in marketing campaigns so that your action plan is the most effective.


Also, to start in email marketing, you should be guided by the following points:




BluCactus - email marketing worldThis is magical software since you can automate the entire process required by email marketing. In fact, thanks to this software we can do the following tasks:


  • Send emails.
  • Capture emails for subscriptions and convert people into subscribers.
  • Add different ways to subscribe to your website or blog.
  • Segment subscribers into other lists according to their interests.
  • Create a sequence of emails or automated messages, which can be sent to subscribers frequently.
  • Create a newsletter without difficulty.
  • Measure the performance and conversions of messages and campaigns.
  • Manage the different lists of subscribers.


It is worth noting that this “autoresponder” tool is the way to enjoy all the benefits that email marketing brings, and Mailchimp is one of the best solutions.


Mail messages


Before starting your email marketing campaign, it’s unnecessary to have all the messages written. Of course, you should still already know ​​what kind of emails you’ll write for your subscribers based on your main goal.


The best thing you can do is strike a balance between sales emails and informational emails.


Product or service to promote


In addition to knowing the importance of email marketing, it is also vital to see the content strategy of each business is very different. So, suppose your strategic plan isn’t only focused on sharing your blog posts as marketers. In that case, we recommend having products or services you can promote to your subscribers.


The products can be physical from a virtual store or information products such as e-books, applications, and courses.


Blog or website


While it is true, it is not necessary to have a website to use email marketing. However, it is vital to have a site like this, like a blog, to add different subscription forms, create capture pages, send offers or promotions to subscribers, generate traffic, and many other actions.


So if you don’t have a website, you can start by making a simple one, and for this, you will need a server and a domain. The good news is that there are very affordable prices to select the option that fits your budget.


Similarly, WordPress can be used to create a blog or web page. It is a tool with a wide variety of options to display quality content.


The main objective of the campaign


What is the purpose of your campaign? When you decide to start a campaign, you must define its objectives. Similarly, these objectives could be the promotion of a blog or the promotion to launch a new product on the market. In fact, through this objective, we can achieve a better relationship with our subscribers, and we can encourage them to fill out an account to learn more about their interests.


If you define your main objective, you will establish better communication by knowing what messages to transmit.


How to do email marketing?


BluCactus - email marketing worldTo start working on an email marketing campaign, you need to define your strategies. Similarly, each email marketing strategy has different approaches according to the objectives you have set for your business. That’s why we will present you with a list of other strategies you can use:


Content strategy


Many business owners follow different guidelines when using email marketing. Most of their strategies focus on providing free content not related to sales.


Many brands do this and leave their sales theme for your blog or other communication channels. Consequently, this strategy is likely to be positive for some while not for others.


Traditional newsletter


This model works great when we have a blog to add content frequently. To do this, subscribers must get a series of emails with helpful information accompanied by links that take them to different entries to find more information to learn.


This strategy helps generate a good relationship with subscribers, taking into account that the content must be of 100% quality. Quality content will build trust and make people know you as a true expert in your niche.


Regarding sales emails, they can be included in every 2 or 3 emails to not be so aggressive and fulfill their mission.


Sales strategy


There are email marketing plans 100% focused on sales, so the objective will be to promote products or services. Similarly, we recommend this type of strategy for those users or experts who have a good position in their niche.


Similarly, a business with authority and a good reputation can also bet on a strategy like this for its email marketing campaign.


This strategy won’t be the best option if you are just starting out. After all, subscribers prefer content that can provide information of interest instead of receiving sales messages from someone they do not know very well.


Sales strategy and content


This strategy enhances both sales and promotional messages without leaving behind the usefulness of the content since it can help increase the trust and reciprocity of subscribers.


To carry out this strategy, for every 3 sales messages, you can send a message with relevant content within that message or with a link to the blog. Businesses with a wide variety of products or e-commerce can do very well with this strategy.


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BluCactus - blog with email marketingFollow each of these points related to doing an email marketing campaign. This way, you can start ​​email marketing and get positive results. On the other hand, you must first determine certain aspects when you choose a strategy. These are your business model, needs, and objectives. This way, you will implement email marketing the right way. This way, you will  


Consequently, to start with email marketing, take note of these steps to follow:


  • Create your website or blog.
  • Establish your niche and the products or services you want to offer.
  • Make use of the autoresponder that suits your needs, like Mailchimp, for example.
  • Set your campaign goals.
  • Create and automate all your messages.
  • Implement a strategy for web traffic.
  • Measure the results of opening, conversions, and clicks on each message.
  • Carry out the necessary optimizations.


Email marketing requires a great organization to achieve the best results. This is why if you need help, BluCactus is here to help you. We are prepared to create the email marketing campaign that your business needs.


Contact Us! And we will gladly assist you. Also, you can subscribe to our weekly newsletter. 


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