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U.S Honey Labeling Requirements. More than a food product, honey in the United States is part of its gastronomic, cultural, and social culture. In such a market, honey labeling requirements aim to deliver informatively consistent products. Fully identifiable by the target consumer and always highlighting the quality of the brand or company that produces them. This industry is currently in a remarkable position in the world honey market. It provides an excellent launch port for new brands, beekeeping, and artisanal companies. Or for the innovation of proposals by companies consolidated in space and time.


For any of these cases, the BluCactus marketing agency can provide the labeling product that you require. We have a comprehensive care system for the main cities of the country. All this is from our central office located in Dallas, Texas. As the main example of all this, we offer you the following specialized text. It summarizes the main United States honey labeling requirements that your product must meet.


Which US state produces the most honey? Which US state has the best honey?


BluCactus - U.S Honey Labeling Requirements - HoneyNorth Dakota is the most prominent region regarding the quality of honey produced. Multiple recent statistical sources place it in first place nationally with an amount greater than 38 million pounds per year. This statistical measure was achieved by said region in 2018 and is maintained to date. Generally, the United States leads the global honey import market with 141 million dollars per year. Such a significant trade volume has allowed the management of honey labeling requirements to become extensive and efficient.


On the other hand, denying the quality of North American honey products is not impossible. Thus, the country ranks 21st in the world in terms of its export rate. The measure recorded for 2020 was 25.9 million dollars obtained from natural honey. During this process of global expansion, honey labeling requirements must pursue the objective of guaranteeing quality information for all consumers. The latter, regardless of nationality, demographic segment, and type of use will be given to the product in question.


What is required on a honey label? What is FDA-labeled honey?


BluCactus - U.S Honey Labeling Requirements - HoneyThe FDA and the USDA jointly establish honey labeling requirements in the United States. Also known as the US Department of Agriculture. Both organisms are in charge of administering the presentation of the visible information in the containers or packages. Likewise, they supervise the adequate commercialization and importation of the same within the North American territory. Similarly, a set of state and local regulations must also be followed.


Essentially, the variation of honey labeling requirements from one state to another considers diverse aspects. In these cases, the entrepreneur must consult the competent local administration to design labels for his product. For example, states such as Florida can be cited where nutritional labeling is mandatory. Other states like New York require only new containers for product marketing. Washington, for its part, requires the obligatory declaration of the degree of quality of honey. All these features described above must be interpreted and adapted from the following standard patterns:


BluCactus - U.S Honey Labeling Requirements - HoneyCommon name:


The common name must be prominently displayed on the label as a mandatory requirement.


Specifically, this refers to Honey’s name, expressed in clear and legible typography.


The only variant for this type of honey labeling requirement occurs when the product is a floral derivative.


Hence the name of the flower is appended to the common declaration.


BluCactus - Sweet foodNet weight:


The net weight must be located at the bottom of the label. Said declaration must be expressed in double metric units. This is in both pounds/ounces and grams. Typography should be easy to read. When calculating mass, use the proportional conversion method of 1 ounce per 28.34 grams.




Due to its organic properties, honey labeling requirements omit the declaration of ingredients for this product. However, the exception to the rule occurs when the honey product is combined or added with other natural elements. A fact that a list of ingredients must necessarily accompany. In such a case, additives, flavorings, and added spices should be mentioned. The typeface used must be equal to one-sixteenth of an inch.


BluCactus - U.S Honey Labeling Requirements - HoneyCountry of origin:


This requirement is required as mandatory in the FDA regulations due to the high import level that the United States holds. To begin with, it is absolutely required that the language in which the country’s name is presented is English. The latter regardless of the language of the manufacturer or importer.


Honey labeling requirements only require the declaration of the country of origin only when the product is imported. Otherwise, this aspect will be limited to the regional identification of the produced state. Likewise, the information on the label will be easily identifiable due to its adaptation to state laws according to its degree of production and level of purity.


BluCactus - U.S Honey Labeling Requirements - HoneyContact information:


This requirement is also demanded on the front face of the honey label. Here, the information must be presented directly under the direct expression of the name of the manufacturer accompanied by his signature line.


Essentially, the latter corresponds to the data set made up of the complete address of the manufacturer, the packer, and the distributor in general. The main corporate phone number should also not be excluded from these honey labeling requirements.


On the other hand, the typography is delimited by a height corresponding to one-sixteenth of an inch.


Other crucial additional honey labeling requirements: What are the coloration and product quality criteria defined within the United States, and how are they defined?


Within the labeling system of this product in the North American nation, the declaration of color is required as mandatory data. They represent the luminous degree or translucent property of the organic product itself. Essentially, the USDA has established seven color categories. They must be declared according to the type of honey produced and the treatment received during its manufacture. Its appearance must be together with the trade name and the corresponding generic name according to the following expressions:


BluCactus - U.S Honey Labeling Requirements - HoneyWhite water:

Extra White:


Extra Light Amber:


Dark Amber:


The same government entity establishes four levels for the quality signal for its part. Such levels or categories are set by the letters A, B, C, and D. According to the USDA comparison chart. These categories are evaluated between 90 and 70 quality points from the industrial point of view. All these data mentioned above must be exposed compulsorily and complementary to the main honey labeling requirements.


Additional information on the labeling and production of honey according to state variations in the United States.


BluCactus - Sweet foodAfter verification and design of labels according to honey labeling requirements, state verification should be considered. Each of the fifty US states has its own mandatory requirements for how it must be packaged or labeled. You must check and be fully aware of them to avoid falling into violations and penalties by the consumer. Despite the wide variety of regulations, two main sanction constants are established at a comparative level in each of them.


On the one hand, there is the degree. It is common in multiple states to avoid marketing honey if it is not considered pure honey. Therefore, it is considered fake honey, and it is illegal to use images alluding to the hive and bees on the product’s packaging. Likewise, honey must be declared as an ingredient when the product combines it with other organic elements. State-specific honey labeling requirements also consider homemade honey an essential categorical factor. Only that produced independently is considered as such, and in states such as Alaska, it is mandatory to include the address and contact of the product.


How do I print a honey label in the United States?


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