The importance of measuring brand awareness and 10 keys to do it successfully

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How to measure Brand Awareness? To create a successful marketing campaign, you must measure brand awareness. But, how can you measure Brand Awareness? Here, you will learn 10 keys to measure brand awareness. Thanks to this, you will create the best strategies to achieve your company’s goals.


With today’s advances, companies must stand out so that users can identify them. For this, learning how to measure brand awareness is useful.


Having control of these metrics isn’t easy. Because of this, we will show the best tips to learn how to measure Brand Awareness.


Public relations, social media, brand identity are very important, but so is doing the recognition of your audience. For this, you must monitor the performance of these metrics. If you don’t do this, you won’t know if they work.


What does brand awareness mean?


BluCactus - people workingBrand awareness is vital to make people choose you over others. Thanks to this, brands can stand out from the competition, no matter if their characteristics are very similar. Sometimes it can be very hard to start using marketing for your business, but here, we’ll help you understand how to do it.


The first step is that you must understand where you are in terms of our brand awareness.


Brand awareness is the extent to which consumers are aware of your brand, product, or service.


Here, you will find out if your brand is the first that people think of when customers think of the products or services you offer. Visibility to consumers also matters. How present are you as a brand? The ideal is to redirect all your efforts to carry out business marketing. This way you will be able to achieve greater traffic on your platforms and have a greater presence in different media.


Why measure brand awareness?


BluCactus -How to measure brand awareness - computer workingOne of the main reasons why you should measure your brand awareness is to know your brand’s recognition.


Besides, customer retention, sales boost and a stable business often relates to strong brand awareness. The reason for this is very simple, people choose to work with well-known companies.


And for this, here are some statistics that show why brand awareness is important:


  • A successful brand increases customer loyalty, gives the company a better image and a trustworthy identity.
  • 89% of B2B marketers say brand awareness is the most important goal, followed by sales and lead generation.
  • 70% of brand managers believe that building an audience is better than direct sales.
  • A stable brand can help increase revenue by 23%.


How to measure Brand Awareness? 10 keys to measure your brand awareness


We’ll show some strategies that will help you measure brand awareness.


This includes the use of the Google analytics tool. This, alongside the use of branded keywords and extensive work on social media and inbound marketing. Do you want to know about these solutions? Read to find out how to measure brand awareness.


  • Observe the direct traffic in Google Analytics


BluCactus - computerMeasuring brand awareness is one key that allows you to see if your marketing efforts in the medium or long term are going in the right direction.


That’s why we recommend always starting with a little research. For this, Google Analytics allows you to know, among many other aspects, how many visitors visit your website. All you have to do is enter your domain in its browser. This is the call direct traffic.


How to measure Brand Awareness? If you notice an increase in visits to your website or blog, your brand awareness is likely increasing.


That said, we must say that the meaning of direct traffic in Google Analytics isn’t accurate. Why? Because this tool takes into account, some factors that aren’t direct traffic. Thus, you must be careful.


In many cases, you must attribute them to the referral channel and others to the organic or SEO channel. Most common situations:


  • BluCactus - people workingWhen someone saves a URL from your website or blog as a favorite and then visit it.
  • If the person accesses a page of your website using the history of previous visits
  • When the user clicks on a link that leads them to a secure page, but the site where this link is doesn’t have the SSL certificate.
  • When you access your website by clicking on a link found within an intranet
  • If a person clicks on an email with a link to your site, as long as they have the email set up on the device.
  • If they enter your website using links to JavaScript code.
  • In case someone clicks a link to a 301 redirect that doesn’t contain the referrer source parameters.


Because of this, we recommend being careful when viewing direct traffic with Google Analytics. However, we also recommend doing this to see if there’s a real increase in visits.


  • Study the impact of ‘brand keywords’ in your digital marketing


BluCactus - seoIn Internet search engines, if someone puts your brand there, they logically know it, right? What happens in web analytics and SEO when someone visits your website and uses your brand or a slight variation?


So the expression used in the search engine is known as brand keywords. By default, Google Analytics will tell you that they are visits that have come through the channel SEO (organic).


To measure brand awareness, ideally, you should seek help from SEO experts or use keyword analysis tools to boost your digital brand.


However, you should set apart your branded keywords from other visits from SEO. The reason is that branded keywords aren’t due to SEO efforts. Instead, the cause for them is a brand awareness strategy. This analysis should be part of the monitoring of your digital marketing plan.


  • Monitor brand mentions on social media


BluCactus - people workingHow often do you mention your brand on social media? You should be aware of the mentions that users make to their accounts and use them as an opportunity to interact with them.


You must take into account the trend that these mentions are taking.


Do they increase or decrease with the months? Do they come from the same people or are there new users? What about your competition?


Keep in mind that there are tools that allow you to measure your brand interactions on platforms.


Thus, making the study of these easier by using a monthly objective.


  • Develop the community that supports the brand


BluCactus -How to measure brand awareness - people workingIt’s a good idea to take advantage of the fact that users identify with brands. To be more specific with their values. Because of this, you should try to build real relationships between your clients and your company.


How to measure Brand Awareness? You should be aware that building a community is often one of the goals of a successful communication plan. But the community does not have to be only on social media but in all areas.


You must also take into account that some factors will affect it. These, in turn, don’t have anything to do with the communication branch. For example, the quality of the service from the customer experience area.


For this reason, it’s important to study all the points of contact between the brand and the potential customer and join the brand’s efforts in this regard. How to measure Brand Awareness? All these contact points should be in the communication plan.


  • Bet on collaborations and referral traffic


BluCactus -How to measure brand awareness - people workingEven if your brand its own system, it doesn’t hurt to think about working with other brands. Reputation gets spread easily. Thus, signing up to work with other companies can help you to boost the advertising effects.


Working with other brands won’t affect your business in a bad way. This, if you make sure that users value the company you will work with. A person is much more likely to follow a brand and choose your products or services if someone recommends it to them.


Even if your marketing plan is on its way, there are audiences you won’t be able to reach by creating a real commitment. But you can do it if you do it hand in hand with brands that these audiences already know and trust. That’s why collaborations between brands are also important in terms of brand awareness.


If traffic grows, it’s a sign that your brand is reaching more and more people who didn’t know about it before. However, you need to ensure that this referral traffic is coming from new users to have a good measurement.


  • If your brand is relatively well known, take advantage of the press


BluCactus -How to measure brand awareness - people workingTo know how to measure Brand Awareness, you must know that press clipping is a selection of interesting clippings.


These are about your business and are published in the press. Thanks to it, users will be able to know real information about your company. On the other hand, you should be aware that this kind of press is becoming digital. Thus, we recommend using online clippings.


Thanks to a press clipping, you know how to determine the popularity of a brand. This can be about yours or that of the competition. You can also test the effect of your marketing and improve your communication.


Remember that of course, this doesn’t make as much sense if your project is just starting. When measuring brand awareness, the press clipping should be based on certain notoriety, either of your brand in general or of situations such as the launch of products with a high impact on the consumer.


  • BluCactus - surveys

    Use surveys to find out what your customers think


Today, there are different platforms and tools you can use to ask your customers how they knew your brand or how well they know it.


Be it email, smartphone, or special survey platforms, this will allow you to understand how people see you and your products or services.


In addition to knowing them, people will remember your brand.


Thus, helping your direct efforts to improve strategies.


  • Check search volume data


BluCactus -How to measure brand awareness - people workingUse tools like Google Adwords Keyword Planner and Google Trends to check the search volume for your brand name.


Besides, with this, you can monitor it over time to see if they increase.


It can be a useful tool, but the data will not be totally useful if your business name is more generic.


Ideally, use a platform that allows you to choose a specialized name.




  • Monitor social media


BluCactus -How to measure brand awareness - people workingOne of the most specific tactics to know content trends and the topics that most people talk about is social media. They allow you to be aware of organic conversations about your brand and topics relevant to it. As a result, with this, you will know your clients’ nature.


This technique also allows you to solve the problems of surveys. Most often than not, these are filled with biased responses and badly written questions. Thus, they are very difficult to answer.


Platforms like Brandwatch are ideal because they allow you to write your own searches.


To be more specific, it allows you to solve the problems of brands with generic names. This is because they let you filter out irrelevant mentions.


  •  Use the different types of KPIs


BluCactus - kpisThe term KPI (Key Performance Indicator) stands for the indicators that allow us to measure the performance of a business or a brand. There are many ways to test the input of the brand to the results of a company. For this, you will need certain metrics or others.


Visual metrics are those that measure factors such as satisfaction, fame, trust, feelings towards the brand, among other opinions. Interaction metrics, on the other hand, point out factors such as the level of awareness of the brand. This, besides the intention of purchase and support. These are very important factors in the channels of any brand.


As for management metrics, they are those that allow you to test the quality of brand management in the company. This measures the quality of the strategic path of the brand, the internal regulations of the organization, the strength of the political protocols, or the risk to which it’s exposed.


Finally, there are financial metrics, these let you check the financial value of the brand and the financial effect related to the brand goals.


Learn about the various uses of KPIs


BluCactus -How to measure brand awareness - computer workingIts most common uses are for:


  • Inspire and guide ways of growth and/or increase of market share.
  • Business valuation.
  • Indicates the leadership of the brand.
  • Benchmarking/competitive advantage: superiority vs. competitors.
  • Bargaining power (conditions for clients, suppliers, financial institutions, employees).
  • Update about the negotiation of licenses and charges.
  • Guarantees on brands.
  • Weigh development studies (markets, uses, targets, etc.).
  • Facing globalization.
  • Inform the affairs of the brands and/or financing.
  • Advise investments, allocate resources.


There are many tools or types of KPIs that allow you to know objective data of how a brand is working. This range allows you to get a lot of information, but at the same time complicates the ability to synthesize, analyze, and draw useful conclusions. But, whatever the type of KPI chosen, these key brand indicators must be known and shared with the Management Committee. These are the ones who should check your presentation and include it in the committee’s management scorecard.


Types of KPIs and their uses


BluCactus - people workingOnce the strategy has been defined, the identity has been created and a brand activation plan has been planned, some type of management model should be proposed.


That is the management or administration of the brand, its governance methods, and, what concerns us in this post, the monitoring of its performance, for which we must define a series of KPIs.


The most common types of KPIs are the following:





BluCactus -How to measure brand awareness - computer workingActivity KPIs


With these, you can get information about a specific activity.


These can be sales, margins, gain or retention costs, the performance of marketing actions, or others.


In many cases, it isn’t enough to measure them only once.


Thus, what is useful monitoring yourself and see your evolution.



BluCactus -How to measure brand awareness - computer workingEngagement KPIs


These KPIs measure the level of bond that a brand creates with its customers, thanks to different aspects.


For example, the feelings associated with the brand and its interaction ratios.


In different digital platforms, you can study the interaction of the public with your content.


For example, the interest they show in it, the level to which they share it, and the emotions they arouse among the followers.


BluCactus - kpis

Scoping KPIs


It shows the campaign reach, either digital or in traditional advertising.


Besides, it also shows the level at which users share it or become viral.


Unlike engagement KPIs, this is a numerical indicator or track.




BluCactus -How to measure brand awareness - computer workingAcquisition or conversion KPIs


They are linked to the sales made.


For the most part, they refer to measurement tools associated with the product sales website or official pages associated with the business.








BluCactus -How to measure brand awareness - computer working

Loyalty KPIs


Loyalty KPIs are for those who have made an action many times and need the metrics to understand brand results.


In simple terms, the capacity for resilience, contribution, influence, or impact that a brand can have on its delivery, performance, or on the drivers of its business.


It’s studied, measured, and built based on the objectives that have been defined or are needed.



In conclusion


BluCactus -How to measure brand awareness - people workingHow to measure Brand Awareness?


It’s simple, you just need some help from metrics and basic marketing knowledge to start measuring brand awareness and awareness in the minds of consumers.


Finally, testing brand awareness is becoming more important each day.


You must carry out precise monitoring of your Internet presence.




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