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How much does a digital menu cost for restaurants in the US? In general, we often think that the only way to get a gastronomic software service is by paying a high price. However, we have to remember some factors when we want to know the price of a digital menu for restaurants.


BluCactus - How much does a digital menu cost? - ipad for foodOn the other hand, digital agencies have started to expand their plans to offer this service. Their aim is to become more accessible to the public.


Among these plans, renting has become the most popular option among a wide variety of businesses. Some of them are the sectors of gastronomy, tourism, and hotels.


Because of this, establishments such as bars, cafes, and restaurants can now have this software. However, this wasn’t always the case. In fact, the small economic sector used to be only one able to use this service.


On the other hand, this software and its price include a lot of factors that depend on customer needs. In this article, we will point out the different elements that make up the cost of this service.


The reason for this is that here at the BluCactus agency we are immersed in this area. Thus, we must answer what is the price of a digital menu for restaurants.


Main data about the technology renting market in the US:


How much does a digital menu cost for a restaurant through a rental contract?


BluCactus - main dataIn today’s world, the option of renting is something that many marketing agencies are offering. Besides, many sectors already use this system.


Some of them are the IT and automotive sectors. This system consists of the creation of a leasing contract.


Thus, in this contract, the employer will be able to receive all the equipment they require.


In the US, rental contracts usually last between 12 and 60 months. Likewise, the rental of this software service for restaurants has a fixed market share that must be paid monthly.


BluCactus - main dataHowever, the gastronomic sector integrated this service into their businesses early on. This is due to the need to offer a better and more efficient sales experience.


On the other hand, the technical aspects that establish the net value of the collection fee depend on two factors.


These factors are the type of software and the complete hardware system of the service you want to contract.


Likewise, American leasing companies usually categorize their service plans into three levels. These are basic, medium, and advanced.


Thus, we now know that depending on the size of the company the price could be affected. This can help you to know how much does a digital menu for restaurants in the US exactly costs.


What options does the expiration date of a leasing contract offer?


National digital providers main benefits


BluCactus - How much does a digital menu cost? - person using his ipad for workA common aspect of every rental contract is the inclusion of a deadline.


This deadline establishes when the contract must end.


How much does a digital menu cost? However, the provider can also offer another option to manage this software beyond the fixed date.


Through this alternative, the manager can see the price of the digital restaurant menu.


This is possible if they buy the complete menu system. For this to happen, the manager has to first test the performance and effectiveness of this service.


BluCactus - rentingThus, this purchase allows them to be the owner of the software and hardware. The reason for this is that they will be buying the whole system.


In fact, if needed, the contract can be extended.


Likewise, the renewal of it doesn’t include the equipment or the optimization of processes in the digital database.


Thus, you need to consider the customer’s needs and the type of contract.


This will let you know how much the digital menu costs.


Additional assistance, training, and maintenance services determine the price of a digital menu for a restaurant


Besides all these characteristics we mentioned before, you should know that rental contracts in the US can vary. Because of this, the price of this software can be affected by additional services. These additional services can be benefits that the customer could include in their contracts.


BluCactus - How much does a digital menu cost? - ipad for foodHow much does a digital menu cost? For example, one of these services could be 24-hour technical support. This can offer help or assistance in case some part of the equipment breaks down or malfunctions.


This way, the restaurant will be able to continue offering excellent customer service despite any setbacks that could occur. Likewise, some companies offer a guarantee of up to 6 years for their products.


On the other hand, some companies can also offer custom maintenance services.


These work through the use of phone assistance and training services. The latter involves educating the company’s staff on the use of digital tools for this software.


So, you must add the price of these services to the base price of $50 per month of this software. This will allow you to know how much this digital menu for restaurants in the USA costs.


How much does a digital menu cost? Get to know the new BluCactus digital menu


All the gastronomic software services that adapt to your needs


BluCactus - How much does a digital menu cost? - person using her ipad for workHere, at BluCactus, we have experts in programming with over two decades of experience in the market. Besides, our software’s prices can adapt to your budget and interests.


This product is more accessible through the use of a monthly charge with a basic rate of $50. The BluCactus team can also offer you technical advice on how to use multimedia tools. This way, we make the use and management of this tool easier for you.


How much does a digital menu cost? We also provide a wide variety of automated tools in our software.


For example, each contract in our digital menu includes elements like regular maintenance. We also offer you the latest updates. Thus, you will be able to focus on what’s important, which is your restaurant’s business performance.


Additionally, you should add an extra $20 for the payment of each waiter who operates the software. This will let you know how much a digital menu costs for a restaurant with BluCactus services.


What other relevant benefits does BluCactus digital restaurant menu software provide for customer service in my restaurant?


BluCactus - How much does a digital menu cost? - ipad for foodOur software offers an intuitive and informative layout that allows your customers to easily choose their food. This system sorts the different dishes that your business has into different categories.


Some of these can be, salads, drinks, desserts, among others. Thus, people like these features better because they make their lives easier. Because of them, they can easily look for their favorite dishes and then order them without any problems.


How much does a digital menu cost? Now, when we talk about the management of these software devices, BluCactus will train your staff. We can guarantee that you that our software is fully compatible with different models of tables.


Likewise, we can also offer you our maintenance services which in turn can create backup copies of the software. This will guarantee the safety of the information related to the commercial performance of your restaurant. Remember that this also has an additional cost, so you must add it to the package of your digital menu. This will let you know how much this service costs.


Final notes: BluCactus is your ideal provider of business management software nationwide


BluCactus - How much does a digital menu cost? - person using her ipad for workToday, the restaurant software market is advancing at an incredibly fast pace.


Because of this, any food establishment that doesn’t have this type of software will fall behind in the market.


This is why BluCactus aims at keeping your business in tune with the needs of your clientele.


We want to do more than just letting you know how much a digital restaurant menu costs.


BluCactus - contact usWe want to show you our quality service plans.


With them, you can reinvent your business in ways you never imagined before.


For more information on how much a digital menu for restaurant costs, we invite you to contact us to receive all the benefits of having a high-quality service.


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Summary of How much does a digital menu cost?

ItemRent per month
Basic rate$50 USD
Additional per waiter$20 USD
Support and maintenance$20 USD


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