How much do sales increase with digital marketing?

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How much do sales increase with digital marketing? Today, we spend a large part of our time connected to the Internet. Our main consumption is in social media. As a result, it has become the best option for companies and businesses to apply digital marketing strategies and advertising.


The results have been positive and fruitful. After all, this option is one of the most requested when carrying out a marketing scheme for a company.


But how much does digital marketing increase sales?


How can digital marketing improve sales?


BluCactus - sales increasePreviously, advertising campaigns carried out their dissemination through radio, cinema, television, written press, billboards, flyers, murals, etc.


With the Internet, advertising diversified, expanding to digital media. Due to this, it became the perfect place to carry out different strategies. All because of the number of people and companies that use it. 


So, the main reason marketing improves sales is because of people’s interaction. Through it, brands and companies can get more clients. In other words, digital marketing allows us to expand our contact list. Thus, reaching many audiences than with traditional media.


More people can be reached through the Internet and various media than ever before.


BluCactus - sales increaseFor example, a campaign broadcast in the cinema or newspaper might not be effective. After all, not everyone attends the cinema or regularly buys the press. Because of this, not everyone was able to get the message.


In contrast, the Internet is almost a daily ritual for most people. No matter the time, we need to stay connected and constantly surfing.


Now, these are some reasons why digital marketing improves sales:


  • It’s accessible Large and small companies can use digital marketing strategies to increase their visibility, attract customers and increase sales.
  • It’s profitable Companies dedicated to digital marketing usually develop plans adapting to the company, its particular needs, and its budget. Many work with individual strategies, exploiting a particular area according to the client’s requirements. Unless a broader and more complete package is chosen, this implies a reduced cost. So the costs will depend on what is requested.
  • Help build reputation To the extent that you provide, they will offer you. This is about being true to your vision and mission and, above all, about fulfilling what you profess. This applies both to the product or service you offer. The speed in answering a message, how you do it, the promptness and facilities at the time of completing the business, and of course, the quality of the product will determine customer satisfaction. From this satisfaction, you will build a long or short-term relationship. It all depends on the success of the negotiation.
  • Increase trust in your brand A happy and satisfied customer is a customer who will recommend you. The more recommendations you have, the greater your company’s trust. As a result, your reputation, contacts, and sales will increase.
  • Is adaptable You can quickly launch digital marketing content on different platforms with different formats. For example, cell phones, where we spend a large part of our time. This is the most attractive means of reaching people, capturing the attention of prospects, or closing sales.

Main digital marketing strategies


Before launching a digital marketing plan, you must entirely focus on the goals you want to achieve.


Not establishing them will cause us difficulties. After all, we may not apply the best tools for our business, causing us not to see favorable results.


Another aspect that you should consider is the creation and optimization of a web page.


Your web page must offer the necessary tools to those who enter. They should quickly get to know your product, what you offer, and the dynamics. The goal is to do business in the simplest, easiest, and friendliest way.


Next, let’s talk about the strategies that work best in the world of digital marketing.


Strategies that add value


Here we focus on creating valuable content. That content that people look for when they have a problem or need is the one we should pay close attention to since it is the one that will position us at the time of a search. By writing articles for blogs, social media, videos, pages, and others, we create content to help the client solve a possible problem. And to the extent that we manage to be helpful, we will also be the best purchase option.


With this strategy, we seek to have visibility and increase search traffic on our company’s website. If they don’t know us, that navigation takes the person to our site because we offer what they need. In this way, your company (web page) will position itself in the search engines, appearing among the first options and, consequently, the main one when clicking.




The implementation of software and automated actions, besides saving time, will give offer more accurate results when monitoring statistics about the behavior of your website or social media.


Many companies incorporate follow-up on potential clients that can be captured to attract them or an already established client to maintain their loyalty.


Therefore, an example would be programming automatic messages on Instagram to welcome a new follower, making your products, services, contact known.


Another way is email marketing, where potential customers receive advertising emails to get their attention.


BluCactus - sales increaseOnline advertising


It’s one of the main tools of digital marketing which has diversified with video format and the foray into social media, web pages, and the most popular today, online games.


It bets on repetitive promotion to hook the person to visit the website or social media profile and get to know the brand.


Usually, the platforms with the most significant number of users are chosen, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google.


Online advertising is vital because the more ads are generated, the more visibility will be promoted. Of course, many more people will know us, increasing the chances of coming to make a sale.




It’s responsible for monitoring and collecting statistics on how the digital marketing strategy works. This way, you can see its results and correct or change the technique used if needed.




This strategy is responsible for selecting the people who are considered to be our clients.


For this, we consider gender, age, race, geographic location to target those who could really make sales.


With segmentation, you avoid dispersion and wasting your campaigns on audiences that aren’t going to take them into account.


Marketing plan


We have already discussed this point previously.


A marketing plan is one that a person or company is going to elaborate focused on your product, service, and business needs so that your sales increase and your reputation and trust rise.


The client’s experience


With the application of digital marketing strategies, the goal isn’t only to increase your business’s income. It’s also about being faithful to the company’s values and from there being able to offer a positive and satisfactory experience to the client.




BluCactus - sales increaseOne of the goals you want to achieve is to create long-lasting relationships with customers. Closing a sale is very positive, but that client falling in love and wanting to stay for a long time is simply exceptional.


This should be the north to aim for and thus generate a base for solid and profitable growth over time. In conclusion, well-studied and applied digital marketing will increase sales because it is the strategy that currently has the strength and ability to make you visible.


This is given that all the maneuvers to be put into practice are done through the Internet and digital media, which lead by far in attention, participation, and active interaction in today’s society.


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