How much does a Logo Design Cost?

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A logo is the first face your customers will see regarding your brand’s identity. How much does a logo design cost? It’s so necessary to take care of all components to get a brilliant one. Successful business owners spend a lot of money to get a vibrant logo because they know that it’s worth it. But if you still ask yourself how much a logo design costs, and why you see significant differences between the ranges of logo design prices then…

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In this article we will discuss:


How much does a logo design cost?

How can you get a professional logo?

  • Free logo maker
  • Unprofessional Freelance services
  • Professional Freelance designer
  • Small design studio
  • Marketing Agency

What should you do if you can’t afford logo design?


So, How much does a logo design cost?


It depends on many requirements you should answer first before asking this question. It’s about the size of your business, the planning strategy you want to take, and the values you want to focus on it. But first of all, let’s talk about ways to get your logo.


How can you get a professional logo and how much does a logo design cost?


BluCactus - Computer with logo maker app in a circleFree logo maker

You might ask yourself now, why I am going to spend money to create a logo, whereas multiple tools could enable me to get a free one (Canva, Adobe, etc)


All you have to do is click through one of these sites select from a variety of logo templates, make limited edits to your design and download your logo.


Yeah, just like that, and in a few minutes, you have a logo. But, is it a logo?


Why shouldn’t you use Free Logo Maker?

  • It’s not original

If anything should be in a logo, it must be originality and uniqueness. Uniqueness is not about being catchy and memorable. It also is about being itself. Even though there are limited options to change some elements, the logo is not yours.

  • Lack of creativity

Your space for creativity couldn’t find its way because you are restricted with the designs offered on the platform. Dragging and dropping will be your approach to adjust a logo when it comes to your creative needs. So, creativity will be nearly absent here.

  • How much does a logo design cost? No copyrights

Copyright is the most crucial issue you could find yourself involved in when another company has already used it under a trademark. And that’s when violation copyright lawsuits will be raised against you, definitely making you waste time and money.


In Texas and over the United States, obtaining a trademark is a matter you should consider after creating your logo design. You have to go for legal registration to be sure that no one will copy it.


The logo maker doesn’t allow you to know if any company has used this design before or not. Therefore, you need an expert to go for both trademark and copyright issues without getting in trouble.

  • Logo Can be used by another company

Perhaps, you will go through all the recommended measures to ensure that the logo design is not owned by another company. But what if a company copies the logo after you have exploited it!


The company may not even know that it’s yours. So, an expert, who is going to check your trademark and copyright, couldn’t do anything in the case of an offshore company tends to use the same design.

  • Not have a professional look

Usually, logos created by a generator site implies that they are not a personalized image. They look like each other. You feel that they are lacking something. Everyone needs to be exceptional, hence why Logo maker never enables you to be like this, exceptional. Simply put, they are not professional.

  • Lack of unique fonts

Among other things, you can’t change the format fonts in the logo. Fonts are one of the main elements in your visual image. Providing your logo with customized fonts will add uniqueness to your identity. With logo generator programs, it is difficult to find the correct fonts.

  • Not a customized logo

A good logo couldn’t be a good one without adjusting it to your industry. Your values, principles, and message should glow through your logo design. And that wouldn’t happen by using preformatted online templates. You certainly need some efforts to leave an impact and drive people into your brand.

Freelance services

  BluCactus - Freelance working in a computer inside a circle

You open your LinkedIn account, post a job opportunity to hire a freelance designer, Or maybe, you can search for designers on hiring websites such as UpWork and Fiverr.


Or you publish a simple question “How much does a logo design cost?” to pick up persons with a low rate.


Okay, it’s understandable. but is the logo cost worth being with a company that continuously give you results you are not happy with or simply put, is it worth going through the hassle in the efforts of your pursuit?

Why shouldn’t you do that?

  • Lack of quality

Low price usually means low quality. A low-quality logo means you will never reach the optimal niche, and you might struggle to secure your place between your competitors.


We cant generalize it as a base but if you to go ahead and give an answer to the question “how much does a logo design cost?” the cost is 20USD, so for this price don’t expect to have a good logo.

  • Lack of performance and scalability

Dealing with a non-experienced freelance service, may it be a website or a designer, it´s a risk. Especially, if you rethink about amending anything in the logo, you might not be able to keep in touch with a designer again or might find it difficult to get your updated logo on time. They don’t have the experience to adapt your industry.


Cheap services in the majority of cases represent non-secure. We mentioned above the importance of getting legal registration for your logo, and this time it’s about guaranteeing that a non-professional freelance designer never uses your logo for other companies. Yeah, it’s related to the credibility and honesty of a hiring person, but you should be safe and avoid these actions.

  • BluCactus - Professional freelance designerA professional Freelance designer

Having a small business never conflicts with coming up with a professional logo design. Even if you when you achieve starting your enterprise, spending money on your visual identity is noteworthy. And then what will matter to you is not “how much does a logo design cost”, but, is what I want to transmit represented on my visual image?


But if you seem serious about your logo design, you ought to be selective when bringing a logo designer. Start searching for a skillful designer and the best way to ensure you get the excellent service is to communicate directly with a designer.


The logo cost tends to depend on years of experience, the age of the designer, and his previous projects. The beginner designer could cost you from 150- 1000 USD to create an original logo. If you have a larger budget, you can hire a more experienced designer. That would cost you anywhere from 1000 USD to more than 5,000 USD.


Accordingly, if you see that your project needs more work and a border team, your budget could widen to more than 15,000 USD.

  • Small design studio

BluCactus - Small design studio in a circle

You are looking forward to a team with a slightly low-cost logo design. You can think about a small business studio to create your distinct logo, and it’s supposed to provide you with experienced designers to discuss your project, and finally get the best version of your identity.


Logo cost could vary from 6,000 USD to 20,000 USD.


In Dallas, Austin, or even Houston, you can find many small design studios that can create your visual identity with an affordable cost logo design.

  • BluCactus - Building of a marketing agency in a circleMarketing Agency

The range of logo cost differs from one marketing agency to another. Logo cost relies on the size of this agency; the number of designers that will work on your logo and the scale of fame of this agency.


Logo cost can start from 5,000 USD to 40,000 USD. And that huge gap between prices comes from the level of a hiring team. For instance, if you prefer to bring a director, consultant, and specialist alongside designers, logo cost surely will be higher.


Besides, when you are going to invest in a market agency, you don’t only get a logo. The professional agency will create a coherent study about your industry, your competitors, the best way to express your message, and the short way to attract your potential customers. You never throw your money away when your logo cost tends to be expensive. Instead, it seems to be a long-term investment.


So, what should you do if you can’t afford logo design cost? How much does a logo design cost?


BluCactus, No money for a logo design cost in a circleNow,  if you’re more lenient towards the idea that the marketing agency is the best option for your starting company, then the logo should be original and professional. You need to have it become one of the compelling factors to drive traffic toward your site, and increase followers. Your brand deserves to be contiguous.

The issue is you don’t have money to afford the logo cost. My single answer to you is, save that money! Your identity is not something you can sacrifice or surrender because your budget couldn’t come up with logo cost. It’s crucial. Don’t even consider creating a Facebook page without having a good logo.


If you need to launch your project and a marketing campaign as soon as possible you can, you have an alternative solution. Build your strategy, mission, vision, values, and message, and then pass them to your freelance designer. You can follow his progress step by step.


The idea is that you shouldn’t transfer all duties to your designer as he works as an individual. Instead, allocate a few hours to help him and illustrate all that he needs to accomplish your objective.


Tell him that you are welcome to any questions. We know you are not free. But, trust me, by building a friendly relationship with your designer, you ensure your project is going in the right direction. Consequentiality, your designer will transfer all your notes and views through your logo.


Quick figures could trigger you:


How much does a logo design cost for giant companies?

  • Coca‑Cola spent 0 dollars to create its logo and it kept its original copy however the cost of redesigning Pepsi’s logo was 1 million dollars in 2008!
  • The logo cost of either Google and Microsoft was 0 dollars too. The in-house designer created it and they didn’t cost any extra fees.
  • The most expensive logo design ever is Symantec Brand & Acquisition which costs 1,280,000,000 USD.
  • Twitter paid only 15 USD for its bird logo and the dominant social media platform got it from iStockphoto.

4 Simple tips to get a successful logo design with an affordable price


Before hiring a marketing company or a designer, there are some tips you should consider before paying any money.


BluCactus - head thinking about the logo design cost in a circleBelieve in the importance of a logo


Before you spend a lot of money, you have to understand the importance of obtaining an outstanding logo. As if you believe in the core of your identity. you won’t search for answers to questions like “how much does a logo design cost?”


For more explanation, how would you be decent and elegant when you are going to an interview for a leading company?


Like your fashionable look, your logo is going to be your company’s look. Think about which look you like to be seen by your customers. Would you prefer it to be just a look or to let your clients ponder on your brand?


BluCactus - Man sitting having an idea and meditatingHow much does a logo design cost? Understand your brand identity


All companies want to have a personal and custom logo. Nevertheless, they can’t do it as long as they cant define their personality.


Before hiring a designer to get your identity, before even thinking about the logo cost, you have to sit, meditate, deliberate. Bring your pen and conjure all the ideas about your business. Start writing your business purpose, the values you add to the market, and the best description of your brand.


BluCactus - mind working with design tools in a circleSearch for inspiration


No one on earth could be productive without studying what their ancestors have done, and searching for his way to create a new thing. Sometimes you can imitate the original copy by adding your personal touch. Even innovative logos couldn’t come out of the blue.


You should ask your designer to hold a brainstorm session. When you work together, you will get the best results. This session is not available only if you consider a marketing company to execute your logo. The logo cost is going to be pricey, but these rounds lead to having a perfect solution for your brand.


BluCactus - Competitors studiesStudy well your competitors


Don’t ask about the logo cost before you check your competitors. Abstractly, studying the existing market, discovering what works with the audience are significant steps. You also should understand what the audience ignores.


Additionally, Your brand must have a competitive edge to draw your potential customers over all these distractions.


When you know all these cases, you can save your money and time. And then your marketing campaign will be on the right track.


How much does a logo design cost? Conclusion


However I called these steps as “simple”, it needs experience, more time, and such a successful crew to do it well. Logo cost could be zero and could be a million. Although, think about your brand, your identity, and your personality.


So, the point is not “how much does a logo design cost?”, it’s about the appearance you’d like to introduce yourself to the public with. Do they cost zero or a million? Don’t have a million? Okay, no worries. Contact us, here in BluCactus we will find a package that suits your budget.


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