How to apply for a land-use permit in the United States?


How to apply for a land-use permit in the United States? The United States has a mechanism to apply for a land-use permit that depends exclusively on each state governor’s office. This normally implies that the applicant must go to the local government entity to get the permit. A mechanism that differs in the process’s management from that of other important republics of the American continent. The governmental intention focuses mainly on allowing national and regional urban growth. This is always in consonance with the maintenance of the social and environmental security of the municipality.


BluCactus Marketing Agency, from its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, provides advertising consulting services for its clients throughout the United States. Because of its proximity and relationship with the advertising field, such services include guidance on the most appropriate formula to apply for a land-use permit. In order to meet this objective, the experts have prepared the following article, which explicitly summarizes the procedure for each entrepreneur to get the respective document in question. The intention is that each of your prospects and clients can carry out their expansive and propagandistic actions. This is always consistent with the level of legality that such actions require.


Introduction to the procedure to apply for a land-use permit within the territory of the United States of America.


Blucactus-Introduction-to-the-procedure-for-processing-a-use-permitMuch of the legal history on how to apply for a land-use permit relates directly to North American territorial expansion. More precisely, with the need that the national government has acquired regarding taking advantage of spatial resources in a safe and efficient manner.


Historically, we know that the first government entity to address the problem of land use was the Governor’s Office of the State of New York. This is dated 1916. In the century since then, each state has independently developed its own state codes based on the same system.


Currently, the process to apply for a land-use permit has a direct association with work such as construction and remodeling of real estate. Two entities, the Inspection Permit Board and the Building and Zoning Board, are in charge of authorizing these processes. By their nature, these organizations only have the capacity to issue two types of permits. The first, applicable only to civil construction. The second, on the other hand, refers to authorizing the construction of buildings associated only with the business, industrial and tertiary sectors.


The three fundamental steps to manage, acquire and apply for a land-use permit in the USA.


The U.S. government has developed a comprehensive system of elements to apply for a land-use permit. Each of the attributes of such a system makes getting a land-use permit a resource that is always accessible. With a comprehensive scope to facilitate and efficiently manage the intentions of each entrepreneur. The process normally has three fundamental stages. Each one of them considers aspects such as the application, the processing, and the assignment of the final document.


The approach of the state organizations to the entrepreneur is usually direct and mostly devoid of online intermediaries. Generally, the Inspection Permit Board is in charge of reviewing and assessing the documentation received from the applicant. Subsequently, and only after the permit session, a select team from the government agency advises the project in person. The intention is to ensure that the entrepreneur complies with the standards set by the government agency. The following three management steps comprise the basic manner in which the applicant should manage a proper land-use permit anywhere in the United States.


Phase 1: Permit Application.


Blucactus-The-three-fundamental-stages-to-manageThis first stage to apply for a land-use permit has as a common denominator the assignment of the project information to the responsible entity. For this purpose, state agencies have a printed format or form that gathers all the data fields associated with the process.


This form will reflect aspects such as the type of construction and the company responsible.


Through this information, the government will be able to measure the scope of the project and its level of relationship with other nearby entities. It is important to add that the completion of this application must be done in parallel to the payment of the cost of the process fees.


In order to get the application form, it is only available in person at the offices of the Zoning Board where it is convenient for the state. These forms adapt and qualify according to the form of the project to support. It is a general rule that all entrepreneurs must not carry out any physical construction activity during this first stage of the process to apply for a land-use permit. Under such conditions, the advancement of each of the actions of the construction plan will remain under solid parameters of illegality.


Phase 2: Waiting time.


Blucactus-The-three-fundamental-stages-to-manage-2The duration of the approval time for this type of procedure varies according to the type of project to execute. Normally, this second stage involves the different steps at a secondary level that legality imposes on every entrepreneur.


Thus, it is common to see how, in the process to apply for a land-use permit, same-day permits are possible.


Generally, and for civil constructions, the maximum period allowed is up to two weeks. With infrastructures intended to house business entities, this period doubles its value. This implies a waiting period of one month in its total maximum time.


To apply for a land-use permit also implies that the entrepreneur must be in permanent contact with the referred organization. This will allow for greater informative support regarding each stage of the case. The same applies to the extent of each of the payments the entrepreneur will have to make. Every one of these previously defined time intervals might be shorter or longer, as it is convenient. This is to the extent that the process requires revisions, additions, or modifications. In each such circumstance, the state agency will always have the duty to notify such requirements.


Phase 3: Payment of fees and approval.


Blucactus-The-three-fundamental-stages-to-manage-3 - Apply for a land-use permitThe payment of the cost is the third fundamental link to apply for a land-use permit.


Generally, it will be a resource requested by the state entity prior to or after getting the permit. At the national level, the average cost for construction and land-use permits ranges between US$1,200 and US$1,500.


Other data allow placing a minimum average value ranging from US$400 to US$2,200 as a whole. All this set of variabilities normally occurs under the complexity of the entire system of operations.


The second factor that affects the cost of permits is the area of location of the requested region. The closer a parcel of land is to large cities and urban centers, the higher the fee increases. Thus, the process to apply for a land-use permit requires a cost of US$100 for peripheral areas. At the opposite end of the cost scale are prices in excess of US$3,000. The latter range is typical for regions belonging to developed cities such as Washington, Chicago, and New York.


Other important keys to avoiding denial and process failures in obtaining land-use permits within the U.S.


Blucactus-Other-important-keys-to-avoid-denial - Apply for a land-use permitFrom the civil point of view, the bad practices of real estate construction represent a danger for every human and social system. The different problems originated on this basis have as their root the non-acceptance of the civil codes imposed by the municipality.


It is therefore the government’s intention to prevent this type of situation by ensuring compliance with the process to apply for a land-use permit. The range of problems for permit denials always relates to the negative impact that each construction has on its environment. This is the reason most permit applications receive negative responses.


The Zoning Board will respond to any application in the negative if the proposal itself poses a safety threat. This involves the potential risk of landslides, fires of various categories, water leaks, and interference with urban and pedestrian traffic. Under other conditions, the outbreak of bacteriological diseases is also prevented. Likewise, in order to apply for a land-use permit, it is important for the entrepreneur to be aware of the conditions under which the permit must be issued. The main reasons that the government itself recommends are:


Construction and/or expansion of organizational facilities:


Blucactus-Other-important-keys-to-avoid-denial-2 - Apply for a land-use permitThere are three main types of districts that fall into three main categories and are cataloged within the process to apply for a land-use permit.


These are called Housing Zones, Residential Zones, and Industrial Districts. Such distribution is used to further manage land in urban cities.


The latter implies large cities require a greater number of permits than rural areas.


Based on this, activities such as the construction of buildings for businesses and stores or the renovation of such buildings require a permit. The range of regulated renovations in urban areas extends to activities such as bathroom extensions, kitchens, storage rooms, or demolition of walls.


Management of basic services and transformation of spatial adequacy:


Blucactus-Other-important-keys-to-avoid-denial-3 - Apply for a land-use permitIn the way a company manages its interface with users, there are various reasons for permit applications.


To a greater extent, the process to apply for a land-use permit relates to aspects such as the exterior lighting of a building.


In the same line of work is the automation of various aspects of the building, such as doors, windows, and garages.


This category also includes special constructions such as balconies, privacy screens, and protective fences.


BluCactus provides legal services for land-use permitting in Dallas, New York, and throughout the United States!


Blucactus-The-agency-BluCactus-provides-legal-advisory-servicesMore than just a service, BluCactus provides you with all the mechanisms necessary for your company to develop efficiently in order to apply for a land-use permit.


It doesn’t matter if your company is in the construction stage of its first headquarters or if you need to set up branches throughout the country. With BluCactus’ services, you will have the support of a professional team that will always meet your needs.


From our headquarters in Dallas, Texas, you will be able to meet with our specialists via videoconference. Or, if required, you can attend in person at our headquarters.


The added value that characterizes all of our team’s services is the consistency of land use with your advertising promotion. The intention is to avoid for you any type of state governmental sanction. The latter is always to make sure that your brand status always coincides with the good degree of development that the municipality demands to bring to the North American public. Our consulting services include outdoor advertising to position any company. The latter is always after the process to apply for a land-use permit and the consequent expansion of your organizational entity.


Final Notes: BluCactus is your leading online advertising agency for the United States of America and the rest of the world!


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