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How to be amazing in content writing? This is the question that every content writer and blogger has asked at least once. We all want to create the most exciting and user-relevant content for our visitors. After all, this skyrockets the interaction and user retention ratio of any website. However, content creation is easier said than done.


As usual, there is no secret recipe for success. Dedication, sincerity, and the good old trial and error approach is the way to go. Even so, here you will find some practical, easy to implement tips to get you started.


1. Nothing is boring, it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it!


When it comes to content writing, the golden rule is to take a different look at the content you’re writing about. For example, let’s say your topic is about blood donations. In this case, what’s the product you’re selling here? Blood… NO, wrong answer! It’s the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping someone in need by donating your blood. In short, you’re selling the feeling of self-worth and personal gain.


In other words, if you want to know how to be amazing in content writing, you should always look beyond the obvious. Another thing is to always take the marketeer approach, never the salesman view.

2. Take a strong position and do not be afraid to swim against the tide in content writing


Mainstream is always safe and comfortable, but it is abundantly available. Why should I land on your site and read your content if you are saying exactly what the other millions and billions of web pages are saying?! How to be amazing in content writing? Put yourself in the user’s shoes. You need to create content that is controversial and valuable at the same time to be disruptive in the crowd. This is what attracts users and what makes them keep coming back for more of that extraordinary content.


To let you in on a little secret, content writing is practically the same everywhere. It is how you coat it that makes a difference. For example, take this article that you are reading. If you search online you will find hundreds if not thousands of similar articles talking about the same stuff but presented differently. What keeps you engaged is how it is presented and prioritized.


So, present it strikingly, present it differently and don’t be afraid to experiment with shocking opinions and extreme measures.


3. How to be amazing in content writing, Never steal, borrow!


If there is a big No-No in the content writing realm it would be stealing or right of copying content. Always remember “thou shall never steal” but you can borrow. Compiling useful content is key to providing value-added services to your customers/users.


The internet is a very big place where everything is possible but to keep your content original you would need to put some effort into making it original. How to be amazing in content writing? Either by creating the content from scratch like building up your opinion or where you stand on a certain topic or draw from past experiences and writing down your wisdom of the years. Or by using the collective approach by hoarding valuable information and knowledge from fellow creators and making it into a well-made, easy to digest meal for your customers/users.


You should, at any rate, have your fingerprint present in everything you create. Differentiate yourself and be unique. In the sense that if someone reads or sees your content, they would with no hard thinking associate it with your brand or your establishment.


This is part of building an image for yourself or your establishment which is a different topic that we will be talking about in a future post (Stay tuned ??!)


4. Embrace your failures and share the downfalls


It is not all rosy and dreamy in the real world, you are going to fail, and you are going to miserably lose. Embrace that fact and capitalize on it. Turn it from a weakness into an opportunity for success and use it in your content writing.


How to be amazing in content writing? As the old saying goes “sharing is caring”, you need not to only share your success stories but your failures as well. This shows people’s perseverance and courage and would build their trust in you. It also touches this very basic human need for drama. It would also keep your reader/viewer engaged. Have them relate to the human side of the story rather than keeping them tied to the blue screen in front of them.


When sharing a failure try to build up the excitement as if you are writing a blockbuster movie. Introduce challenges and your trials to overcome those challenges than the plot twist that turned everything upside down. After that show how it all ended (preferably without a big bomb explosion or anyone dying) then summarize what you have painfully learned and what you would be doing differently in the future to avoid the mistakes you made.


5. How to be amazing in content writing? Bring out the psychiatrist in you


Have you ever wondered why do people share stuff online? This is a fundamental question if you are truly after success among the masses. How to be amazing in content writing? Let’s return to the basics, what are the key motivations for sharing something?


  • Define ourselves with others (We love to be part of groups)
  • Share valuable and entertaining content with others (thus bringing recognition to ourselves)
  • Grow and nourish relationships (Again benefiting ourselves and our internal social rewarding system)
  • Get the word out about things we care about (because defining ourselves with something that returns with a social reward)


How to be amazing in content writing? Content is also more susceptible to sharing if it generates an emotional response. Funny, moving, illuminating, inspiring or even shocking content generate more traffic and more engagement. The journal of science published a study in 2011 on the psychology of sharing which supported the above points by saying:


“The sharing of stories or information may be driven in part by arousal. When people are physiologically aroused, whether due to emotional stimuli or otherwise, the autonomic nervous is activated, which then boosts social transmission”


How to be amazing in content writing? So simply put, stories and emotionally driven content writing is key to increasing your customer engagement and sharing. We will also be talking about how to create contagious content in a future post.


At the end of the day, keep trying and experimenting and never be afraid to change and adapt based on the reactions you get from different approaches. It is all about how to get to people and how to relate to them. It is the human connection that matters after all. BluCactus can be the solution to your writing projects. ¡Contact Us! Your success is our success.


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