21 Tips to Build Backlinks In 2021

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21 tips on How to build more backlinks in 2021. Do you want to learn how to build backlinks in 2021?


You might have read tons of guides on how to build backlinks, especially do-follow ones. But we’re sure they don’t spill the beans on how to take link-building to the next level.


No matter how many changes Google makes in its algorithm, link-building will always remain a top-ranking factor. Reason why SEO & Business invest huge sums of money to buy high da backlinks to keep up with the competition. Still, your link-building campaign is restricted to blog commenting and directory submissions which are never going to give you results, especially in 2021.




If you want to increase your website’s authority and improve your rankings on Google, you need to make high-quality backlinks on a regular basis. In other words, you need to level up your link-building campaign. 


That’s why we have come up with a guide on how to create high-quality backlinks in 2021. Here, you’ll come across 21 surefire tips that will take your website’s link-building efforts to the next level.


So, without further ado, let’s begin. 


1. Create great content


Blucactus - Make Backlinks In 2021 - Create great contentNatural and editorial links are some of the best kinds of links one can get. Want to know how to build such a link? Publish great content to attract links naturally. 


Great content is a type of content that stays unique and evergreen for a long-time. Such content is different from regular news articles, posts on trending topics, and generic blog posts.


Such content not only ranks well on Google but also tends to attract a lot of quality backlinks. So, to keep it short, it’s link-worthy content.


An example of great content can be Moz’s Beginners Guide To SEO. This content is difficult to outrank because it has attracted a lot of quality backlinks from the time it was published.


So, as you can see, your goal should be to create this kind of content.


Here are some tips for creating great content:


  1. Find keywords with high search volume and low difficulty.
  2. Create a blog with around 2000+ words.
  3. Launch your content.
  4. Keep updating the content regularly.


2. Analyze your competitor’s links


Blucactus - Make Backlinks In 2021 - Analize your competitors linksIf your evergreen content fails to generate tons of quality links, what will you do? Well, without quality backlinks, you can still rank on page 1 of Google. However, you won’t be getting to the top 3 rankings. Remember, this is where a large number of clicks and traffic go.


This is where competitor links come into the picture.


You can analyze your competitor’s backlinks and steal them or replicate your competitor’s link-building strategy. Yes, this technique works and most bloggers and SEO experts follow it. You can easily do this with the help of competitor analysis and blogger outreach.


Here’s how to do it:


  • First, you need to analyze the content ranking on the top 3 spots of Google for your targeted keywords. For this, you can use tools link SEMrush or Ahrefs for getting accurate data.
  • After analyzing the content, you need to create 10X better content than those on the top 3 spots of Google for your targeted keywords.
  • After publishing your content, you can check for your competitor’s link pointing to the top 3 rankings pages. Check each link one by one to find some opportunity over there. Then, you can reach out to the websites that have given links to your competitors.


Send them an email and tell them that you have created a better post than your competition. After this, ask them if they would like to link your content too?


Yes, this is a long and difficult process, but it will give you results.


3. Links via infographic submission


Blucactus - Make Backlinks In 2021 - Links via infographic submissionThe next top-rated link-building technique is infographic submission. Infographics aren’t only popular on social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest, but they can also help you in link-building. In fact, research shows that websites that publish infographics have seen a 12% growth in organic traffic. 


So, do you want to learn how you can make links via infographics?


Just like images, articles, and PDF submission sites, infographic submission sites get tons of high DA PA.


You just need to create a stunning infographic and submit it to these websites. If your infographics get accepted, you’ll get a do-follow link as well as tons of referral traffic from them. 


4. Guest posting


Blucactus - Guest postingNext in this list of link-building techniques is guest posting. A lot of people might be thinking that guest posting is dead and not relevant in 2021. However, this is not the case. Guest posting is still alive and well as it’s one of the most popular link-building techniques. 


But what is guest posting? This is the process in which you can contribute an article on another high DA PA website in your niche and get a link in return. 


In fact, we at BluCactus are personally using the guest posting technique for link-building. With this technique, we have seen a spike in our link-building efforts and rankings as well.


Use these keywords modifiers to find the best guest posting opportunities:


  • “[keyword]” + “guest article opportunities”
  • “[keyword]” + “guest post opportunities”
  • “[keyword]” + “guest blog opportunity”
  • “[keyword]” + “guest post by”


5. Do a reverse image search


Blucactus - Make Backlinks In 2021 - Do a reserve image searchThe next surefire technique to build backlinks in 2021 is by doing a reverse image search. If you have a tremendous amount of visual content on your sites like images, infographics, and vectors then there is a high possibility that someone might have used your content without giving you credit.


If so, you can take this opportunity and reach out to those people and ask them for a credit or link back to your content.


Just obey the following steps to get backlinks from the reverse image search technique;


  • Find out all the URLs that have important images and visual assets on your site.
  • Create a list of all those URLs in an excel sheet.
  • Now do an image search for every URL and look for the websites using your images without giving credit.
  • Reach out to those webmasters via email and ask them to link or give credit for using your image.


6. Interactive content


Blucactus - Interactive contentIf you seriously want to take your link-building efforts to the next level, you should start creating interactive content.


After all, this is a type of content that generates and creates a lot of buzz on the internet. 


Such type of content includes memes, quizzes, puzzles, infographics, educative content, and a lot more. Now, if you want to know about interactive content in detail, follow BuzzFeed’s blog. They are exceptionally good when it comes to creating interactive content.


Yes, you won’t be getting any traffic by creating such content, but you’ll surely get a plethora of backlinks. In our opinion, Quizzes are one of the most popular interactive content since it attracts a lot of links. 


7. Start a podcast


Blucactus - Start your podcastHow about starting your own podcast in 2021?


Podcasts are growing at a very awesome rate. In the USA, 49% of people aged 12 to 34 listen to a podcast at least once every month. This proves that podcast is going to be the next big thing.


Apart from increasing your reach, brand awareness, and authority, podcasts will also help you in link-building. Having your own podcast will give you more autonomy over your content.


You’ll also get an opportunity to create an audio version for it which is great from the overall SEO point of view.


With the help of free apps like Anchor, you can easily start your own podcast and build backlinks via description in the podcast. 


8. Producthunt


Blucactus - ProducthuntProduct Hunt is a website where you can discover content about technology, new products, product reviews, and tools in your niche. Our marketing team is personally using Producthunt to discover SEO tools and software.


Apart from this, it’s also a great place to share and discuss things you like. In short, you can use it as a forum and ask your doubts and query on the platform. 


To get a backlink from ProductHunt, you just need to create an account and submit your website link in the profile section. This will be a do-follow link that will then lead to a positive impact on your rankings.


9. Start YouTube channel


Blucactus - Make Backlinks In 2021 - Start Youtube channelAs the attention span of humans decreases, demand for video content increases day after day. Because of this, it makes sense to have a YouTube channel in 2021, especially if you are running an online business.


Today, 86% of all businesses are using video marketing for promotion and advertisement.


Having a YouTube channel will not only help you reach a large audience but will also help you build backlinks.


You can either create a backlink from your channel profile page or within the description of each video. So, even if YouTube offers no-follow links, you can use these links to help you boost your referral traffic.


10. Use startup directories


Blucactus - Use startup directoriesNo, we are not talking about general business directories which are of no use in 2021. We are talking about startup directories where you can submit your website as a startup and get a link back from there.


Startup directories are non-spammy and have a very high DA PA than normal business directories. 


The most popular startup directory is https://betalist.com/. This is a free startup directory. However, if you want to speed up your listing process, you need to pay a small fee. 


The submission process of BetaList is quite complicated. Even if your startup does not get listed on this website, there are tons of other startup directories you can use. 


11. Profile links


Blucactus - Make Backlinks In 2021 - Profile linksProfile links still work like a charm in 2021.


A lot of SEO experts and bloggers think that profile links don’t add any value. However, they are wrong. Profile link will help you increase the domain authority of your website. This way, if your site has good authority, you can rank your keywords with almost no SEO efforts.


Another great thing about profile links is that they are very simple and easy to make. All you need to do is reach out to a blogger, write a guest post or start a podcast to create profile links.


One can easily make a profile link by creating accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter and link back to your site with a profile section. 


12.  Blog aggregator link


Blucactus - Blog aggregator linkThis is our favorite technique for building backlinks in 2021. There are several blog aggregators sites like AllTop, Blogarama, and BlogEngage.


On these websites, you can submit your blog posts and build backlinks.


In fact, you can also create and submit new blog posts on these websites and get contextual backlinks. This way, you’ll get maximum link juice. 


Remember, these aggregator websites also get a huge amount of traffic. So, you can also drive quality visitors to your site by publishing your content on them. 


13. Content syndication


Blucactus - Content syndicationNext in this list of how to build backlinks in 2021 is the content syndication technique. Websites like Medium, LinkedIn, and Growthacker can be used for syndicating your content. 


Although these sites offer a no-follow link, they are not completely useless. By syndicating our content on these websites, we have personally seen a growth in our rankings as well as referral traffic on our site.


Content syndication will also help you reach out to new audiences. So, if you can create new and unique content on these platforms that would be great. If not, then you can also submit your old content.


14. Be active on forums


Blucactus - Make Backlinks In 2021 - Be active on forumsThere are tons of forums available on different categories and niches. In them, you can look for a forum related to your niche and start participating in healthy discussions. On forums, people are looking for answers and solutions for their queries or doubts.


Suppose you are a part of an SEO forum where some people are asking about some amazing link-building techniques.


In this case, if you have content created on this topic, you can share it and help the concerned person.


By sharing relevant links on forums, you can build backlinks in 2021.


15. Link exchange


Blucactus - Link exchangeDo you think link exchange is a spammy technique? Do you think Google will penalize your website if you get involved in a link exchange?


If so, then let us tell you that you’re wrong. Link exchange isn’t negative nor is it a black hat SEO technique. In fact, it can help you improve the rankings of your website and content, provided that you use this technique wisely. 


To get the maximum benefit from this technique, you need to keep these things in mind. You can also opt for professional link building services.


  • Get involved in link exchange only with websites relevant to your niche.
  • Don’t get excessive links from one single domain.
  • Get links from high DA and high traffic websites.


16. Use Crunchbase


Blucactus - Make Backlinks In 2021 - Use CrunchbaseIf you seriously want to build backlinks in 2021, you should create a Crunchbase account. This is a community website where millions of people go to get the latest information related to their industry.


You can easily create a Crunchbase account with Gmail and submit the link to your website while completing your profile. 


What’s so great about CrunchBase, is that it has a DA of 85+ and offers a do-follow link.


As a result, getting a single link from such a highly authoritative website will take your website’s ranking to the next level.


17. Use HARO


Blucactus - Use HARO HARO or Help a reporter out is a platform that helps journalists in getting a news source and content ideas on various topics.


It connects journalists and bloggers so that both parties can help each other.


Bloggers can provide relevant newsworthy content to the journalist and in return, journalists can give them a link or a credit. 


So, you can sign up on HARO as a blogger and help a journalist who is looking for some information related to your niche. 


18. Scoopit backlinks

Blucactus - Scoopit backlinks


Scoopit is a top-rated social book marketing site with DA of 80+ and monthly traffic of more than 1 million.


Because of this, getting a link from this website can easily take your SEO efforts to the next level.


Besides, on Scoopit, you can submit your existing links, photos, images, or even videos. 


You can also create new content like blog posts and get a contextual no-follow link. 


19. Give testimonials


Blucactus - Give testimonialsYou can also try leaving a positive testimonial on a website of your choice. All companies love to show off positive customer reviews.


 You can take this opportunity and leave a testimonial on the website of a product you’ve been using. After this, you can try to ask for a link in return. 


Make sure that your testimonial is genuine. For this, it shouldn’t look like you’re doing this solely for link-building. 


Make your testimonial look natural and comprehensive. 


20. Create long-form content

Blucactus - Create long form content


If you are still creating 500 words blog posts, stop now and start creating long-form content.


Several research and studies have indicated that long-form content ranks better on Google.


Apart from better rankings, long-form content will also help you get more links, shares, and engagement. 




21. Blogger outreach


Blogger outreach

Last in this list of how to build backlinks is blogger outreach. This is one of the most underrated techniques for making links. But if you use it wisely, you will take your link-building campaign to a new level. For this, you can make a list of bloggers in your niche and create content around it.


For example;


If you run a digital marketing blog, you can create a list of the 50 best digital marketing experts to follow. In this list, you can also mention some bloggers in the digital marketing space. Later, you can reach them to tell them you mentioned them in your new blog post.


Ask them if they could link back to your content or share it in their network. 


Blucactus - Contact usConclusion:


Link-building is one of the most crucial parts of off-page SEO. That’s why your goal should be to create high-quality links for your content or website. With the help of these 21 techniques, you will be able to easily do so.


These are tried and tested techniques and will take your link-building efforts to the level of awesomeness. 


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