How to collect data for your email marketing strategy?

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How to collect data for your email marketing strategy? When using email marketing, you must have a well-segmented and structured database. Especially if the objective is to publicize and increase the sales of your business. That’s why today we want to explain how you can collect data from a company for email marketing.


Besides, if you are starting from scratch, the first thing you should do is follow the objectives of your brand. In fact, there is no problem if you start with 100 contacts to promote your brand on the web. After all, you will keep growing. So, you must take care of your contact list and get to know all your clients. This way, you’ll be able to determine what type of information you can send in your emails.


What is a database for a mass mailing?


Before starting with email marketing databases, you must know that this is an email list with people subscribed to your newsletter.


Once you have this data you can communicate more easily and directly with each of your customers. Similarly, consider the fact that if they make the decision to provide your data, it is because they are interested in both your products and your services. Therefore, you must strive not to disappoint them.


At the same time, all that information that is being stored in the database will also depend on the niche that it manages. So, if you have a marketing course page, the ideal is to know the level of knowledge of your users to offer the right content for each profile.


For this type of digital strategies, you must know the email of your lead. This information is mandatory, and the more information you have, the more beneficial it is for you since you will be able to create and send better quality content.


Why shouldn’t you buy a mailing list?


Email marketing is more advantageous than you can imagine, since being a direct means of communication, you can connect with your users through better organization. On the other hand, you will be able to boost your sales, strengthen your existing database and build trust to better relate to your target audience. However, this will only happen if you use email marketing correctly.


For example, when buying a mailing list, in addition to making a considerable expense, your email marketing campaign will be at risk. It is likely that many people open your emails to see the content you have sent, but when they realize that they have not subscribed to your page, it will be sent to the spam folder. In this way, you will lose the effort, time and money you have invested.


So, if you had considered buying a database, we will explain to you the reasons why you should get this idea out of your head:


  • Your reputation will suffer, as no one trusts an email from a brand you don’t know yet in your inbox. In this way, the user will most likely send your email to the spam folder. Thus, creating what we know as invasive marketing.
  • It will become spam because the user hasn’t chosen to get the information you are submitting. Likewise, when you buy a database many of the users won’t be up-to-date, or don’t exist, which will automatically turn your mail into spam.
  • This is an illegal practice, in fact, in many countries there are laws for electronic commerce and advertising, where they establish that a person must give their authorization to receive emails.

How should we get a database for email marketing?


BluCactus - email marketing strategyCollecting company data for email marketing is not a difficult task. However, once created you must maintain it to reap its benefits. The following elements cannot be missing from this strategy:


  • Add subscription forms on your website, as it is the best way to increase your database.
  • Use the pop-ups with subscription forms towards your newsletter.
  • Create guidelines that can be developed through social media to get the right users who make up your database.
  • Add landing pages that can be promoted through your social media for the subscription of your newsletters.
  • Make the invitation to your social media followers creative, that is, include discounts or contests that encourage them to subscribe to your contact list.
  • Focus on offering exclusive content, so that your users can recommend your brand and stay with the same interest as at the beginning.
  • Also, you can promote the database in your physical store by asking your customers to subscribe to your list.
  • In the case of carrying out an event or participating in a fair, take advantage of the opportunity to create your database.

How can you segment a database?


Now, for the segmentation of your database, we recommend that you have the help of marketing experts, to efficiently manage email marketing tools.


Your database must be optimized so that your business can be made known by reaching the target audience. Therefore, here we will leave you some advice regarding the elements that you should segment:


  • Groups of new subscribers Once subscribers provide their data, it’s important that you give them an incentive. To do this, welcome and a gift that in this case could be a coupon, a discount, etc.
  • Inactive users Did you know that some users can become inactive? You just have to create a strategy together with your marketing team to attract them again.
  • Purchase history You must also segment your purchase history. After all, by having the data of your users you must do everything possible to make them return.
  • Open rate Through the opening rate you can segment your users according to the relationship you have with their emails.
  • User interests Each of your users has different interests in your business. That’s why you can segment them into lists to send them content they like.
  • Anniversaries and birthdays When you list birthdays and anniversaries, you can make your followers feel special by having a congratulatory gift. Besides, by feeling pampered they will want to keep being subscribers. Thus, adding more value to your brand.
  • Shopping If your business has a variety of products for sale, you can segment users through their purchases. All while also finding out what they most expect from your business.

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As you can see, having a well-structured and segmented database will allow you to carry out better actions through your email marketing campaign.


Like influencer marketing, email marketing allows for effective strategies for any business.


That’s why, regardless of your niche, if you want to collect data for email marketing, at BluCactus we can help you by offering our professional service.


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