How to create a Corporate Identity Manual step by step

BluCactus - How to create a Corporate Identity Manual step by step

How to create a Corporate Identity Manual step by step. Each company is a unique place with a diverse number of personalities. Every business must have certain visual differentiating elements to allow its clients to it among all the companies. So, today we will talk a little more in-depth about the identity manual, its importance, the structure, and how you should make one for your brand.


What is corporate identity?


BluCactus - How to create a Corporate Identity Manual step by stepWhen it comes to corporate identity, this is the set of aspects that make up a brand. This includes visuals, experiences, principles, values, and emotional bases. Its main goal is to create different and easily recognizable elements, in terms of brand competencies. Besides, it also aims at being easy to position in the minds of consumers.


It’s worth saying that the corporate identity of a company isn’t the same as its identity manual.


These are related to each other, yes, but an identity manual goes a little further. In fact, it’s a fundamental part of the marketing strategy that will allow you to implement in the business.


What is a corporate identity manual?


BluCactus - Cómo promociono mi blog de modaA corporate identity manual is a document that contains all the indications on the image and visual aspects of a brand. This document must be kept up to date. Besides, it must also be many communicative elements to stand out from any other. These documents tend to be used both internally and externally within the company.


More than just the instructions on the graphic element, the corporate identity must share the brand’s culture. For this, it must reflect said culture on the products, services, strategies, and campaigns. It isn’t about just a logo or some colors, is the representation of how you will communicate with your clients. All this without uttering a single word.


Identity manuals help you to have a homogeneous image of your business and how others should see it. In this blog, we will let you know everything you need to carry out a corporate identity manual. However, first, you have to understand why it’s important and all the benefits that you can get by having one.


What is a corporate identity manual for?


We have already talked a little about some benefits of incorporating a corporate identity manual into your business. However, you must know all the reasons why the success of your brand needs to have this type of document at hand. Here are some of the benefits of having a corporate identity manual:


  • You will have a much stronger brand image: having an identity manual, all the visual aspects of your brand will focus on it to create campaigns or content. A logo is not enough, all the correct ways in which it will be used and all the incorrect uses of the logo when creating campaigns or displaying the brand image must be established in the document.
  • Help your brand stay in the minds of your clients: If your business is constantly changing concerning the image, your clients will find it very hard to remember you. That’s why having a final document with all the visual aspects will force you to commit concerning the visual aspects already established.
  • Strengthen your communication in other media: If you have the opportunity to appear in other media, newsletters, or if you are making alliances with other industries, your image must be clear to everyone who sees it. By having an identity manual, you can send it to others to know its uses and misuses.
  • Avoid everything that you don’t want to associate with your brand: similar to a point that we said earlier on the blog, having an identity manual helps you to unify all the elements and maintain image consistency.

Structure of a corporate identity manual


Once you know why having an identity manual is so crucial for your business, you must also understand exactly which elements you need to incorporate into your manual. Some of them are:


BluCactus - How to create a Corporate Identity Manual step by stepIntroduction to the brand


Within the document, you must have a page where you specify the pillars of the brand that will provide the basis for all the visual elements. Among them should be the philosophy, values, personality, and tone of the organization.




A section for the logo collects all the information and specifications about the design. For example, the space between all elements, the color palette, and the allowed scales. Besides, you should also add a set of incorrect ways in which some can use the logo. This way, everyone will know how it should be used.


BluCactus - How to create a Corporate Identity Manual step by stepColor


You must say what is your color palette and what are its names. This will make it much easier for designers and content creators to use the palette without making mistakes.


Icons and other elements


This section contains the entire library of icons that the company includes in the newsletter and digital content. This is also part of the visual identity and you should have some indications on how to use it.




You must also talk about the images expected to be used and what you want your clients to feel once they see them. The values ​​and business principles must be reflected in them.




It is also important to inform your teams about the correct use of the selected typeface for your business, as well as how it is better to implement them depending on whether they will make a title, subtitle, or normal text.


How to make a corporate identity manual?


To end this blog, we will give you a short guide on how to make a corporate identity manual. Now, you can start creating this special document for yourself and reap all its benefits for your company. The steps to follow are:


  • BluCactus - How to create a Corporate Identity Manual step by stepInclude the essence and philosophy of your brand


Explain in a paragraph or a maximum of two everything that your company encompasses as a brand philosophy. In this short text, you can talk about what motivated you to start, what is your objective, mission, vision, and values. Besides, you can explain what is the added value that you have as a company.


  • Establish the uses of your logo


Place what are the best ways to use your logo. For this, you can place your logo on white, dark backgrounds and in all possible ways to use it and in the wrong ways to use it.


  • BluCactus - How to create a Corporate Identity Manual step by stepIndicate the fonts


Include the family of fonts that your business will use. Each one should have a note about whether you will use it for text, subtitles, or titles within a design or newsletter.


  • Include your brand colors


A very important factor in your corporate identity manual will be the colors of your brand. After all, this is what allows clients to easily recognize you among the competition. So, don’t forget about adding the colors that represent you as a business and include them in your manual. Once you do this, also add their use, and their main, and secondary, forms of use. Remember to also add the names of each according to Pantone.


  • Define your brand’s tone of voice


Explain the tone you will use when communicating with your clients. This must include all forms of communication if possible. For example, printed materials, and digital information such as social media or ads. On the other hand, you should also clarify the personality you will showcase when bringing new content to them.


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