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How to Create Word Clouds in PowerPoint. If you are running a business and want to engage your audience, PowerPoint word clouds are the simplest way to do it. Even if you are in the United States, you can configure your word cloud faster than you imagine. In this post, we will explain each of the steps to do it.


A PowerPoint word cloud is nothing more than a visual presentation where several words with different fonts, sizes, and colors are grouped. However, the size of each word will depend on its importance in the presentation.


What is a PowerPoint Word Cloud?


Let us start with an example. If you plan to present a concept with multiple ideas, it will make sense for the central concept to be differentiated by having a larger font size while the supporting words should be smaller. Likewise, the largest words will represent the most popular terms in your word cloud. An action that will also be relevant if we are talking about sharing data for a search engine optimization study. This is accomplished with a PowerPoint word cloud.


Word clouds in PowerPoint actually have a lot of power, although they are sometimes used just as illustrations for decoration. However, when they are used to measure the importance of words or include new terms, it brings many advantages. Furthermore, if you need to present a complex topic with the word cloud, you can create a visual illustration to bring those concepts to life. Above all, they are the best companion that you can use for a professional PowerPoint presentation.


How to Insert a Word Cloud on a Slide?


To know how to create word clouds in PowerPoint, it is essential to do it efficiently.


Likewise, you can use two methods to generate word clouds and save time:


  1. Using PowerPoint Companion Applications to use this tool within the same application.
  2. PowerPoint tools that work as an online word cloud generator can be used from anywhere. You do not need to have PowerPoint installed to use it.


Next, we will explain step by step how to create a word cloud based on the two methods mentioned:


Word Cloud With PowerPoint Add-ons


These add-ins bring new functionality to create word clouds in PowerPoint on the same platform. This way, they work within PowerPoint, saving you the need to leave the application to create designs. The good news is that in 2022 new accessories have emerged that will save us time when making our presentation.


Plugins include professional word clouds and much more. They are advantageous options for quickly creating amazing word cloud designs. Now, we will tell you where to find this plugin.


PowerPoint companion applications can be located in the “insert tabs” option. This option is located on the PowerPoint ribbon, the menu series at the top of the menu bar. Then, click on get add-ons, and look for the professional word cloud option to add.


The next step would be to open Pro Word Cloud. You just have to go to the insert tab option and click on it. Once this plugin has been installed, click on “my plugins” in the dropdown.


In Pro Word Cloud, there are a variety of style choices:


  • Sources: In this dropdown section, you can change the style of the text.
  • Colors: It dictates the color palette you can apply.
  • Design: It will depend on whether you want a horizontal layout, a vertical layout, or both.
  • Modify: This allows you to change the size or specify the number of words that will be included.


These and other options are available to create word clouds in PowerPoint naturally. Also, when adjusting your settings, you must click on “create word cloud” on the blue button at the bottom of the sidebar.


BluCactus - How to Create Word Clouds in PowerPointThe finished product becomes an image


This image can be added to your PPT presentation. In this way, being an image file, you cannot change the words individually. Therefore, if you are unsatisfied, you should adjust the settings in the sidebar using the Regenerate Word Cloud.


This image will be copied to the clipboard by default. You must press Control + V on the keyboard to be placed on your slide. Also, you can click on the image to drag it to your slide, and you can click on its borders to modify its change. Using a word cloud generator is very easy, and you can do it within the same PowerPoint application.


Word Cloud With an Online Generator


You can use an online generator if you do not have a free word cloud plugin. Tools like these can do the most tedious work for you and result in a finished word cloud. Indeed, these are some of the options you can use:


  • MonkeyLearn generator.
  • Word cloud generator.
  • Free word cloud generator.

Now, let us say we are going to make a word cloud with MonkeyLearn. The steps would be the following:


  1. First, launch MonkeyLearn from your web browser.
  2. You will see a text input box, where you can place the words that you consider most relevant. Then you can also add a text block, as the tool will automatically emphasize the standout words.
  3. Additionally, you have the option to load words directly from a text file stored on your computer. This is a useful option if you have a lot of words.
  4. Next, with this word input, click on the blue “generate cloud” button located in the lower right corner. MonkeyLearn’s tool will generate a word cloud in seconds to create your PowerPoint slides.
  5. From the top of the screen, you can adjust the various style elements like color themes and fonts. Also, you can adjust the layout of the words in real-time.
  6. Finally, when you finish your online word cloud, just click download. You will find several file format options, but downloading Cloud.png might be your best option.

The design image of your download word cloud on your computer


In this way, you can paste or import it into PowerPoint to be placed on the slide of your choice. Remember that this is a flat image file, so any adjustments you decide to make must be done in the online tool.


Need Help Creating Word Clouds in Your PowerPoint Presentation?


BluCactus - Contact us - Ken Schreck - +1 469 206 5510Now that you know how to create word clouds in PowerPoint, there should be no doubt that it is the best way to present your ideas. It is one of the best tools that you can use to capture the attention of the audience naturally. Therefore, if you have included PPT presentations in your marketing strategy, use this technique to bring your words to life.

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