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BluCactus - Learn how to create your own brief

Learn how to create your own brief. Today, any marketing action needs many elements for its success. Because of this, knowing how to create a brief will be very useful. Its importance lies in the fact that it’s better to write ideas to then easily specify them.


That’s why making a brief is more important than you can imagine. After all, through it, you can plan, launch and develop any marketing strategy for your company. In fact, creating a brief is relevant both for digital marketing actions and others.


Besides, a brief begins to take center stage once you have an idea. This can come from a team or directly from your company’s marketing department. However, before venturing into its creation, you must first understand what a brief is. After this, you can then learn how to use this very effective tool.


What is a marketing brief?


BluCactus - important dataIn this post, we want to explain in a very clear and concise way the meaning of a brief. To begin, we can describe a brief as a written document where there must be clear and summarized ideas. That is, in this document the planning, development, and everything that makes up a marketing strategy should be summarized. Besides, this writing is used for any type of project, product, or service.


There is no limit to the number of people who can have access to a brief to obtain the information that an interlocutor wants to convey objectively. That’s why a brief is often widely used, especially by digital marketers.


So, when the client of a company needs a business plan, the best thing to do is to hire a marketing agency. Then, digital marketers will take care of taking note of all the data provided by the client to carry out a good job, and that in addition to that can satisfy their needs.


What cannot be missing in a brief


Just as an architect needs a plan to guide them and construct a building effectively, companies need a brief to bring their objectives to reality. That’s why a well-structured brief must include the following questions:


  • What would you like to do?
  • What’s your objective?
  • How?
  • When is it going to be released?
  • Why do you do a certain action?
  • How much is the cost of that action?
  • What is the ROI?


These questions are of great importance for the development of companies, so they must be answered clearly. In the same way, to make a complete brief, you must provide your product’s details. Nor can you ignore knowing the current panorama in which your company operates.


Besides, knowing the profile of your consumer will be key to offering them what they need. Followed by this, you should have outlined the objectives of your company, although it is allowed that some of them may vary over time.


Finally, it will be essential to have your goals clear, since it is the only way to work to consolidate them.


Types of briefs


Marketing is the most efficient tool to proceed with business management, and a brief should be part of your strategy. But before starting to develop this written document, it is important to know the different types of briefs:


BluCactus - important dataAdvertising brief


What is an advertising brief?


The most essential data of a campaign should be written in this type of document. That is why information related to the personality of the brand, sales proposition, communication tone, or other elements must be in it.


Once you leave the preparation of a brief in the hands of a marketing agency, the corresponding team will be in charge of making a counter-briefing or whatever is necessary to complement with other relevant data.


BluCactus - Learn how to create your own brief - DataMarketing brief 


This type of brief serves as a guide for the team in charge of your company’s marketing plan.


The marketing brief will be a document made up of key details of the marketing actions planned to be launched for the improvement of any business.




BluCactus - important data

Creative brief 


A creative brief is a pretty easy concept to explain. In short, this brief is aimed at your creative team. Meaning, those designers are in charge of creating graphics and designs requested by the client. If you have ideas of what you want for your company, share them with the team in charge of making them true. A creative brief is important because it allows you to get the necessary information. From this, it creates a summary to determine how to proceed with the objective.


Business brief 


The purpose of this type of brief is to have a summary made up of the necessary points for the business project that you just want to launch, or that you are just preparing to show in the future.


How to do a marketing brief?


BluCactus - Learn how to create your own brief - DataWe have reached the most important point of this post since through the following steps you will know what to do to prepare a brief. That is why we will leave you a small list of characteristics about briefs you must take into account.


  • The objectives, since these goals, must be related to the investment.
  • The budget you have to carry out the marketing plan.
  • Their expectations, which must be expressed to the team, will order the elaboration of the brief.
  • Know the specific characteristics of your target audience.
  • Be clear about what you want with the scope of the project.
  • Create a portfolio with materials, brochures, logos, flyers, and even an image bank should not be missing so that the marketing agency understands what you are looking for as a client.
  • Share the communication style of your preference.
  • Your objections, so that there is evidence of what you do not want in the marketing actions used for the growth of your brand.

How to do a brief?


Now, taking into account the previous points, it is possible to be prepared for the elaboration of a brief. Whether you and your team or a marketing agency create it, it is important to know that this type of document should be short and at the same time contain relevant information about your company. To do a brief:


BluCactus - Learn how to create your own brief - DataKey people


This is one of the first points to know what a brief should look like. After all, you must determine who are the people who can make this document. For this, you must add the corresponding information. A marketing agency will have enough experience to convey valuable information about your brand. Because of this, the current positioning of your company could improve.


You must choose well the equipment you will use to create an efficient plan of action. For this, you will need the following data:


  • Deep market research.
  • The exact number of employees.
  • Average ticket.
  • Annual turnover.
  • Company metrics related to social media.



BluCactus - Learn how to create your own brief - Data

To do a quality brief, your marketing team will need to organize meetings with you or the customer. Of course, these meetings will be short to ask the necessary questions and gather the important points to complete the brief.


Within the marketing team, there will be a meeting manager. They will take time to achieve the objectives and take note of all the elements of publicity or another brief.


Concentrated information 


In this phase, you must thoroughly review the document to eliminate information not relevant to the brand. It is not worth having many pages if you do not have the relevant data or information in view to build an effective marketing plan.


BluCactus - important dataSimplicity 


One of the main characteristics of a brief is simplicity.


Depending on the structure of a brief, you will be able to carry out marketing actions efficiently or not.


Therefore, use technical terms only if necessary, and in this case, there should be a brief explanation of them to facilitate the reading of this written document.



BluCactus - Learn how to create your own brief - DataUnderstanding the process 


Your participation in the development of the brief for your company is more important than you can imagine.


The team in charge not only wants your brand information but also asks if necessary and provides their suggestions. In fact, if you, together with your company’s team, will do the brief, this will be essential.


This way, there will be no wrong interpretations when making the document. And both you and the other people involved will know what you really want to transmit.


The results of a good brief


BluCactus - important dataAre all briefs the same? As you can see, all brief types focus on achieving specific objectives. So, you should use it to simplify your marketing actions simply and concretely. Consequently, the idea is to make a good brief to enjoy good results.


This is because a brief allows you to have a better organization of your company’s ideas, and it will be easier for the marketing agency to serve you as a client. Also, the team in charge can show you a quality document to await your approval.


There are many advantages of doing a briefing, so through it, you can meet your expectations because the marketing team will know the history of your business to carry out the respective actions.


If you want a quality brief, planning will be one of the essential characteristics for the definition of the project.


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