How to launch a new fashion product on the market?

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How to launch a new fashion product on the market? Launching fashion products, new collections, or garments can be scary for some designers. Not only for all that it implies in terms of public acceptance, but for all the promotional work it needs. That’s today, we will explain what are the strategies you can apply when launching a new product or a new garment.


BluCactus - fashion product - data1. Create your buyer persona


You must know and understand who your audience is and how to get their attention.


For this, you should create a profile of your ideal person, with all their tastes, needs, characteristics, and lifestyles that you should know.


The profile can even include the name of the client, their age, and their positive and negative qualities.


BluCactus - important data2. Create a launch plan


It seems difficult to think that businesses have to come up with a launch plan to bring a new product to market, but some companies forget to create a specific plan.


Don’t let this be you, define your objectives very well, and obtain the data as the main characteristics of said garment or collection.


On the other hand, you must specify the price of the garments, the target audience, where you will carry out the distribution, what advertising you use, and where you will make the product samples.


BluCactus - important data3. Determine your budget


What you can do in your business will depend on your budget.


Besides, it will allow you to work on understanding the impact of your strategy on your company.


For this, you must take into account how much money can you spend in each launched process. Otherwise, you may face many problems, losses, and affect your reputation as a fashion brand. So, you must define the amount of money you’ll need for each step of the launch.


BluCactus - important data4. Use adequate communication for your audience


You don’t need to cover every single traditional and digital channel.


However, you do need to choose the right ones to attract the right clients.


Because of this, you should analyze very well where you are going to work and where you hope to communicate, and know where your clients spend the most time. Attract them with your words, be persuasive, and use motivating elements so that they are intrigued by your new fashion collection.


BluCactus - fashion product - data5. Create the Teaser of your campaign


A teaser is a short video where you can make a small sample of a product or material, fashionable or not.


This is an excellent strategy to captivate and generate intrigue among your followers on social media and other communication channels.


Teasers are excellent to bring out the curiosity of a client and motivate them to wait for a runway event or a catalog sample of the garments.


6. Promote brands on TikTok


BluCactus - fashion product - dataTikTok is a platform that has taken over the world and has become one of the most popular. In fact, today, it has over 800 million active monthly users and this number only keeps rising. Some favorite topics within this platform are lifestyle and the beauty world. Because of this, if you want to promote a new collection or garment, this social media platform is what you need.


Contrary to what most people think, this platform isn’t only for teens. After all, for each day that goes by, its public is opening up to a more mature audience. That’s why many clothing brands around the world are now using TikTok as one of their marketing strategies. This is no surprise when we take into account how it allows users to see the products of these brands. Besides, it also offers a type of promotion that doesn’t put pressure on the client. In other words, it’s one of the most profitable strategies to sell because it doesn’t seem direct.


A well-made material can go viral in a matter of seconds and reach billions of people. This will allow you to create a strong and faithful community to your business willing to see everything you publish.


Take advantage of other social media platforms


BluCactus - fashion product - dataHowever, you must not leave other social media platforms aside in favor of TikTok. In fact, you must have a presence in the largest number of appropriate channels. Only in this way will you be able to reach the largest amount of people possible, to redirect them to your main channel.


This can be anything from your e-commerce, website, or email contact. Fashion product. The main goal of this is to achieve an increase in leads. Besides, depending on where people come from, you should be able to walk them through all your content, and different perspectives in other communication channels.


Another important strategy is to work on the use of tags or hashtags to include them in your captions and copies in publications. Ideally, you should create a unique label that allows you to identify with your community and your followers on any type of platform. Make this tag your identifier for this new product or fashion collection.


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