How to Present a Digital Marketing Strategy to Your Manager: Step-by-Step Guide

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If you’re a marketer, then you know how much time your customers are spending online and how their behavior has changed. In fact, all your customers and your competitors are online. So, what are you waiting for? Keep reading to learn how to present a digital marketing strategy.


If you’re a marketing team leader who wants to have the finger on the pulse of the latest tactics, then you know that implementing novel ways has never been easy. After all, you’ll need investment and time. 


You may not know how to present a digital marketing strategy to your manager. If so, you’re in the right place. Read the steps below to convince your manager to adopt a new strategy.


  • Discover Your Challenge


BluCactus - discoverThe first thing should be to understand your business goals.


Then analyze how the new digital marketing pitch relates to what you’re trying to achieve. 


Did you notice a gap in leads coming through your website while you’re trying to expand your market share to the local market?


If so, your organization might have a weakness.


Once you’ve discovered the challenge, plan for a whole new digital marketing campaign. 


  • Define Your Research on Digital Marketing Opportunities


BluCactus - research on digitalNow, do a lot of research to show your manager the benefits you can get through a digital marketing plan. For this, you can start by identifying the current strengths and weaknesses of your company’s website. Afterwards, check if its functionality goes along with the challenges you noted before.


Finally, search for a key to overcome potential challenges. In this case, you can opt for an enticing career page and a quote calculator on your website.


Up to 88% of people research online before spending money.


Also, 75% of consumers never scroll to the second page. Because of this, you may like to audit your site’s technical Search engine optimization factors. Now, let’s see the factors you should take into consideration.


  • BluCactus -people working

    The URL should define a clear path so that the visitors can identify exactly where they’re on your website.

  • The title tags of all pages should be unique and within 65 characters. 
  • Media should contain alter texts.
  • Your website should pass the google speed test for both desktop and mobile.
  • Meta description of all pages should also be unique and under 160 characters.
  • Your website should be mobile-friendly.
  • All pages should include unique H1 headers at the top.


Your manager might want to identify the value of your digital marketing ideas, right? So, if you can successfully explain how the competition is using this platform successfully through a competitor analysis, then your manager might take your plan into consideration. 


How to present a digital marketing strategy with security?


BluCactus - mozFirst, use tools like Moz to show your manager the site’s traffic, rankings, links, and other stats. Then, you can show them a comparison between your company and the top competitors.


After this, you can show your manager where the opportunity is.


For example, you can show the full picture of your site including the location of visitors, the time they spend on your site, and other relevant data so that they can understand its potential.


Besides, you can also speak about the vision you have for the future.


Now convert your goals into money and propose your digital marketing strategy plan!


  • Ensure Supporting Proof


BluCactus - Digital Marketing Strategy - important dataIt’s very likely that your boss will say something like “show me some evidence that your proposal is worth its investment”, right? If this happens, you must do all you can to help them grant the investment for a digital marketing strategy. You should research some case studies of similar strategies or industries and try to highlight the trigger points. Also, include specific details like.


  • Improved website’s organic traffic by 50%
  • Received increased job application via new career page
  • Entrance to the location pages from mobile devices increased by 115%
  • Sales-qualified leads generation increased by 50%
  • Organic conversion lifted by 35%


How to present a digital marketing strategy in a convincing way. Sharing your research on what works for similar companies can help you demonstrate why a similar strategy can work well for your business. To illustrate, explain every single detail. For example, how success will look and how the website and your strategy come together to achieve that success.


  • Mollify Concerns


BluCactus - Digital Marketing Strategy - people workingYour manager may want to think ahead.


In this case, they can ask you about the cost, whether your strategy will increase the profit margin, ROI, the impact on market share, how much time to see the results, and who’ll manage what. 


All these answers vary according to your strategy and the channels you’ll be using to run your tactic.


Namely, some of the most popular digital marketing channels are-



BluCactus - Digital Marketing Strategy - PPCPay-Per-Click (PPC): PPC can spike your website’s traffic within your department’s digital marketing budget. The money will be spent according to the exposure you will get.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This channel doesn’t require paid advertisement and will decrease your cost per acquisition.


Content Marketing: Increase your leads by 68% with blogs for your business.


Your lead growth will be visible after publishing 20 or more articles on blogs, social media, or e-books. Help your business lead more conversations and beat your competitor by focusing on content marketing.


  • Feature for Measuring Results 


BluCactus - Digital Marketing Strategy - people workingThere is still work to do.


The next step is vital for your strategy.


You need to measure the outcome you’ll get from digital marketing.


Analytics have become a critical pillar for the success of digital marketing strategies and performance.  


Your strategy needs a real-time data visualization system.


The digital world is always growing. So, you need to prepare to identify opportunities for improvement. 




BluCactus - contact usHopefully, this guide has helped you learn how to present a digital marketing strategy confidently.


Although it’s hard to persuade upper management to invest in online marketing, we know you can do it.


If you have little knowledge of digital marketing strategies, consult a specialized team of digital marketers to learn how it works and ask them to help you make your digital marketing budget.




BluCactus - Digital Marketing Strategy - Martine StokerAuthor:


Martine Stoker is a digital marketing professional and Specializing in content strategy, SEO, and social media advertising.


I work with new entrepreneurs and bloggers.


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