How to prevent your emails from going to the spam folder?

BluCactus - How to prevent your emails from reaching the spam folder?

How to prevent your emails from going to the spam folder? As time goes by, email marketing has become very relevant to carry out advertising campaigns. In fact, many companies have opted for this marketing tool, obtaining great results. However, a big problem is that many of these emails are spam. Because of this, it’s essential to know how to prevent your emails from going to spam.


The truth is that doing an email marketing campaign takes time, especially if you want to perfect your newsletter. That’s why it’s so annoying when your emails end up in the spam folder. Therefore, you must know what you’re doing to end up there. In short, what’s in your emails makes them reach the spam folder.


What is spam, and what causes it?


BluCactus - How to prevent your emails from reaching the spam folder?Knowing what causes your emails to arrive in the spam box can go a long way in solving this problem. That’s why today we’ll show you some ideas to avoid falling into this spam folder. Thus, allowing you to achieve all your objectives by using this medium.


Now, if we talk about what spam means, we must first have to understand its meaning. When we mention the word “spam”, we mean those messages we get without asking for them. Many brands (and shady individuals) send these massively for advertising purposes.


The most common way to send this type of message is through email. Although they can also be present on social media and instant messaging services.


Similarly, we can refer to fraudulent emails by mentioning the word spam. In general, these types of malicious messages contain scams. Their goal is usually to obtain the recipient’s private information, such as their personal data, bank account password, etc.


Why are emails going to the spam folder?


Following on from the previous point, there are a few reasons your emails land directly in the spam folder.

Why are emails going to spam?


In the world of email marketing, this question is more common than you can imagine.


That’s why we must answer it before moving on.


So, let’s see the reasons why your emails may be arriving in the spam folder:


  • Can’t get past spam filters. Some emails don’t manage to pass through the anti-spam filters created by the ISPs (Internet Service Providers). These filters are responsible for evaluating how high the quality of incoming emails is. They work as an algorithm made up of different elements to determine which messages can reach the inbox.
  • Each ISP has its own restriction criteria. Which makes it difficult for emails to reach your inbox as each ISP has its own level of restriction. That’s why in some cases, an email can reach the inbox without any problem, while others can be illegal and will arrive in the spam folder.
  • Certain email providers mark the email as illegal. This is very common, as many emails arrive in the spam folder without being spam. After all, many providers like Outlook, Yahoo, and Gmail mark them as spam. This is either because the IP has a bad reputation, there is little interaction from the recipients, or other factors.

What to do to prevent your emails from going to spam?


To carry out an email marketing campaign, you need to know how to prevent your emails from going to spam. Therefore, take note of all the tips that we will give below so that your emails pass the spam filters of the ISPs successfully:


Use an email address with your own domain


When using a generic email account like Gmail or another free provider, it’s common for your emails to be marked as spam. In other words, these types of accounts are convenient to use as personal mail and not for a company.


For example, imagine being contacted through a store with a generic email like “”. To tell the truth, an email like this can seem very suspicious, especially for ISP filters. So, we recommend creating your own domain address to convey professionalism and confidence to all your subscribers.


Besides, with your own domain address, you will avoid falling into spam.


Have quality contact lists


BluCactus - How to prevent your emails from reaching the spam folder?Since this is a very useful advice post, we want to give you a very important one. For any reason, “NEVER” buy an email list, as this is considered illegal, and you would be attacking yourself.


Regardless of how useful your digital advertising may be, some people will often unsubscribe. They can also stop using their email, and your emails remain unopened, negatively affecting their deliverability.


That’s why you should focus on having quality contact lists. Forget the number and start removing inactive email addresses from your lists. This way, you can see your open rate grow and your emails land in your contacts’ inboxes.


Maintain your IP reputation


BluCactus - How to prevent your emails from reaching the spam folder?This point is very interesting if you want to know how to get emails to the inbox.


Using a shared IP is normal when you don’t have a large volume of shipments. And when this happens, certain controls must be in place to guarantee the reputation of the said IP addresses so that your emails reach your contacts’ inbox. For this, in a marketing agency, you will be able to find experts who know how to make an email not become Gmail spam. Thus, maintaining the reputation of your IP through the related programs.


In addition to a shared IP, dedicated IPs are also available. This IP needs good practices to achieve a good reputation and gain the trust of email providers.


One of our best recommendations using the double-opt-in (opt-in process). This way, you can be sure that your new subscribers are really interested in receiving your messages.


As good news, most email providers allow you to track your IP reputation, so you can catch any anomalies early. Therefore, tools like Talos Intelligence or Sender Score can greatly help.


Don’t use URL shorteners


URL shorteners are often widely used within the marketing area. However, in certain cases, they can have their disadvantages.


Shortened URLs for an email marketing campaign trigger many red flags because they’re used by spammers when they want to hide the real destination page of a link.


Besides, it’s important to note that this can also happen with the sending of emails made up of images only. This is a practice frequently used by spammers to hide information. That’s why the abuse of images will only make the message unreadable by ISPs and considered spam.


How to prevent your emails from going to spam?

Work to regain the interest of your contacts


This is a common reason your emails end up in the spam folder. In some cases, your readers won’t be interested in your content, and when that happens, they delete the emails without opening them or cruelly mark them as spam.


Of course, this is an action that discourages anyone, and you will surely wonder why this can happen. When a user doesn’t care about your emails, it may be because they aren’t being relevant, because the frequency of sending them isn’t the most appropriate, or because their language is very commercial.


Similarly, not including a link to unsubscribe can be another reason for this to happen. So, to prevent your emails from going to spam, give visibility to the link to unsubscribe. This can be of great help so that your subscribers don’t resort to the practice of spamming.


Be careful with misleading words


In the world of email marketing, there are words that you should avoid. This way, the email platform won’t mistake you for a spammer. Words like “lottery” or “urgent” are very striking because they encourage users to open deceptive emails that aren’t what they promise.


These types of emails are usually spam, and when this happens, unfortunately, it won’t exist for that user.


Do you want us to prevent your emails from going to spam?


These are often the elementary practices to know how to prevent my emails from going to spam. However, when hiring the services of a marketing agency, professionals in email marketing campaigns will use other tools so that this doesn’t happen at any time.


For example, at BluCactus, we prevent your messages from going to the spam tray in the following way:


  • We validate email addresses from your database.
  • Using the best authentication tools.
  • We update your DNS settings. (DKIM, SPF, and DMARC)
  • Managing and controlling your email reputation.
  • We optimize the sending of emails.
  • We guarantee the optimization of the HTML structure of the emails.


Through our service, we also manage all the statistics corresponding to an email marketing campaign for better performance. If you’re already tired of your emails getting into the spam folder, contact us, and we will gladly help you. Also, you can subscribe to our weekly newsletter. 


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