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How to schedule your posts on Instagram. Managing and managing social media is one of the most required skills today. Both advertising and marketing agencies take care of billing thousands of clients to create content and schedule posts. But what about these customers who are unable or unwilling to delegate their networks to others?


Working in social media is a tiring task that requires perseverance and a lot of time. However, with the help of programming tools, this can be much easier. Planning your content, publishing your post, and everything at the most appropriate time for your target audience without spending a lot of time on your cell phone isn’t an impossible task.


Today, we will talk about what are the benefits of scheduling your posts on Instagram, how to do it easily, and some extra tips so that managing social media becomes easy.


How to schedule posts on Instagram? (For company profiles)


BluCactus - posts on InstagramThe biggest benefit that an account, entrepreneur, or even a freelance community manager can get from scheduling Instagram posts is the amount of time they save. If the designs are complete, it’s a matter of less than an hour to place them all in an orderly and planned way in an application or tool. This way, you can publish on Instagram and then just keep checking that everything goes perfectly.


Besides, it’s proven that spending a lot of time on social media harms our mental and physical health. This is because it makes us more sedentary and predisposed to compare ourselves. On the other hand, it also makes us deviate from our reality to spend hours on the internet. Scheduling your content will not only help you free up a little time, but will also be beneficial for your health.


Next, we will give you some steps you must follow to schedule your publications. Ideally, you can do it with a tool or an application that connects to your account, but you can also do it with the help of Facebook business by following the following steps.


  • Convert your account into a company profile


The first step is to switch your account to the company profile version.


To do this you must go to your account profile, go to the menu at the top right of your profile, go directly to the button that says settings, and then click the account button.


Finally, just select the switch to a professional account and voilà, you already have a business account.


This facilitates many tasks such as the aspect of analytics, knowing your audience better, what are their preferred hours to interact, where they come from, behaviors, and statistics for each publication.


  • Add your Instagram profile to your social media management platform


BluCactus - posts on InstagramSome many applications and platforms have very good reviews from their users. Select the one that best matches what you are looking for with the set of functions you need for your business.


Some only allow you to mount a photograph and caption. Meanwhile, others also allow you to edit the photograph from the platform. And others are even automated and publish at the exact time that your clients or followers are most active.


Once you figure out which platform looks best for what you need, add your profile, create an account, and connect to your own Instagram account to start scheduling your first post.


  • Create your Instagram post


BluCactus - posts on InstagramNow comes the fun part of this whole process. Take funny pictures, create carousels, or even if you want you can program to post a video on your social media. Let your imagination, creativity, and the arts you make be as impressive, real, authentic, and unique as your own brand. Then write the copy of the text that goes under the photograph. Each marketing guru or expert will give you different information. While some tell you to write the minimum, others assure you that the best way to maintain a good interaction is with a long, emotional text with a touch of comedy.


Don’t listen to any of them. Dare to try and experiment to find what types of content work best for your audience. The worst thing that can happen is that a publication isn’t as successful as the next or the previous one. This doesn’t mean that your account won’t continue to grow and gain visibility.


  • Schedule your post


BluCactus - posts on InstagramReady! The simplest moment of this whole process has arrived. Now you just have to schedule your first post. Again, each application and platform are different and has different processes and systems to carry it out. However, most are very intuitive or offer you a guide to doing it easily.


  • Wait for your post to be published on Instagram


Once you schedule all the publications that the platform allows you, you just have to wait for these to be published little by little. Enjoy having free time because you don’t have to worry about social media management anymore.


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