How To Showcase UGC In Your Fashion Retail Store

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How To Showcase UGC In Your Fashion Retail Store. User-generated content is booming more than ever. Every day, people realize just how important it is. Marketers are ready to use this to boost their work. Now, brands and businesses have a hard time earning the trust of their users. However, User-generated content is great solution marketers have found in today’s competitive world. 


User-generated content has a lot of upsides. It boosts the authority, authenticity, credibility, and reliability of customers on your brand. Hence, every brand wants it. They see how they can use it to sell more products with better customer satisfaction.  Because of this, every brand wants a piece of it to beat their competition. 


The fashion industry is the best fit to use user-generated content. People always look for real-life inspiration to buy new products. They’re not so into professional models’ pictures. So, below we are going to tell you how to profit from user-generated content for your Fashion retail store in an innovative way. First, let us understand how UGC will help fashion brands.


What Is The UGC For Fashion Brands?


User-generated content is the type of content that is created by real people. For instance, customers, followers, or fans of the brand. It is unbiased content containing positive or negative reviews about the brand. 


Both types of UGC will help your new customers. This works because customers will feel like they have a more honest feel of the brand. It’s more authentic and it builds trust. Displaying or integrating UGC in your marketing campaign will leverage huge benefits to your brand in the form of more sales, revenue, and an increase in the profit graph of your brand. 


User-generated content is mostly shared on social media channels.


Blucactus-1-Make-amazing-customer-experienceSo, it is full of vibrant colors, interactive images, and real-experience of the users that drive increased user engagement on these social media posts. 


User-generated content is helpful in inspiring other people and encouraging them to buy the product. It will grow sales opportunities for brands and retailers. 


Hence, you should capitalize on the user-generated content for your fashion brand. You can do this by collecting and showcasing the user-generated content through your marketing touchpoints. It will give you more sales opportunities and better customer-brand relationships. 


How To Showcase User-Generated Content In Fashion Retail Stores?


Blucactus - how to showcase user generated content in fashion retail storesYou might have already embedded user-generated content on your website. But, you must know there are many ways to leverage this magical content for better marketing. 


Displaying user-generated content on the Digital Signage screen can be a lucrative idea. It’s great to boost the in-store marketing of your Fashion Retail Store. 


Showcasing your brand-specific user-generated content in your retail store will help you enhance the experience of your customers. It will provide them with inspiration for UGC. That, in turn, will increase the number of sales of your brand. 


You can see various types of user-generated content ideas for digital signage screens. These will leverage your exceptional profits. 


So, here we go.


UGC Ideas To Display On Digital Signage


#1 Social Media Hashtag Posts


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Maybe you have run or are running a hashtag campaign on social media channels. Then, this is one of the best ideas to display user-generated content on your digital signage.


People like to engage with the hashtag social media posts as everyone creates unique content using the particular hashtag.


Showing user-generated content with hashtag social media posts will grab the customer’s attention. Plus, it will help you receive an increase in customers’ responses and queries. 


#2 Reviews & Ratings


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User-generated content that contains reviews and ratings of your brand product is perfect. It will boost the number of sales of your product instantly as your customers check on the screen. 


Displaying reviews and ratings of your products from the existing customers not only helps you. It also helps your customers to make informed and right decisions.


Moreover, with the help of customer reviews, your customers get better information from real people. They learn things like the feel of the clothes, color, texture, and experience of customers with your product. 



#3 Latest Fashion Trends


Blucactus - latest fashion trends - How To Show UGC In Your Fashion Store

Another way you can use digital signage for your brand is by displaying the latest fashion trends popular on social media channels.


Social media channels are the popular medium of fashion trends.


So, running social media content on digital signage will entice your customers to buy fashionable products from your retail store.  



#4 Social Media Wall

Blucactus - social media wall - How To Show UGC In Your Fashion Store



Another way to use UGC on digital signage is by collecting it from multiple social media channels and making a social wall of it.


A social media wall is eye-catching and might inspire your customers with any post of user-generated content.  



#5 YouTube Review Videos

Blucactus - youtube review videos - How To Show UGC In Your Fashion Store


Another way you can use it is to display YouTube reviews.


Many customers like to share their reviews and how to use product videos on social media.


YouTube is the channel where most people like to upload their videos. 





BluCactus - important dataNo doubt user-generated content on digital signage captivates the audience’s attention.


But, it is powerful enough to encourage your in-store customer to make a buying decision. 


Hence, leverage more sales by displaying user-generated content on digital signage screens for your fashion retail store. 


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