Google Ads for real estate: How to start creating my ad?

BluCactus - Google Ads for real estate: How to start creating my ad?

Google Ads for real estate: How to start creating my ad? The real estate sector has a lot of competition. Due to its saturation, you must manage your online presence through a paid campaign in Google Ads. However, unlike other sectors, this requires very specific actions to reach the target audience.


So, don’t be one of those companies that are competitive but have not invested enough to become visible. Ideally, potential clients know of your existence and can find you easily. But how can your company appear in the top Google results with advertising in Google Ads? In this article, we will give you several tips that you can practice now.


What is the main advantage of Google Ads for the real estate sector?


BluCactus - couple of man and woman using laptop to navigate on internetMany companies still hope to appear organically in top positions, and of course, it is an effective way to reach the target audience. However, marketing strategies must be reinforced, and real estate advertising on Google Ads is the best option. Why? Because it is a quick way to gain visibility by appearing first in terms of interest and timing.


Thanks to the internet, people can find their ideal product. But you have to stand out among many search results to be that product. Only Google Ads advertising, through its segmentation, allows you to be found by your potential clients.


Likewise, one of the main advantages of this type of advertising is that you can measure various actions based on the measurement parameters of each channel. The truth is that you can access different data to measure your campaigns’ effectiveness. This includes the number of users who click or see the campaigns. Twenty-four hours a day, you know how your campaign works and can determine if it needs modifications for optimization. Additionally, Google will send you a monthly report with the statistics of your campaigns so that you are aware of them.


What should a Google Ads campaign for real estate have?


BluCactus - google ads for business on laptopNow that we’ve piqued your interest in a Google Ads campaign for real estate, these are the elements that you should consider for its management:


The brand as a key point: You must segment your ads to position your brand in Google Ads. To do this, you can capitalize on search words, whether they refer to your brand or to the name of a project. This action helps capture the attention of the most interested users and direct qualified traffic to the landing page.


Determine who your competitors are: You should take ample time to get to know your competitors. If you have a real estate project underway, you’re aware that other projects exist in the same area. You can bid on the same keywords used by your competitors to get more visibility. Future clients are looking for a product or service in that area, and ideally, they’ll prefer your option.


BluCactus - google ads for business on laptopSet up Alpha campaigns: Search campaigns have a very clear goal: to appear exclusively to users interested in the service you offer. Now, real estate agencies must have very clear points for the execution of effective campaigns, such as  the type of property offered, the modality, and where it is located. Clarifying what you want to offer your potential client helps you create well-targeted long-tail keywords for your ads. Forget about using generic keywords, and search for at least three terms: modality, type of property, and location. It is the only way to define the user’s intention clearly.


Look for viable alternatives: You must understand the needs of the person looking for a product or service. Therefore, if you are dedicated to the real estate sector, you must ask yourself: What do users looking for real estate services need? This way, if a user is looking for a house or apartment in a specific part of the city and an upper-class area, the goal would be to appear precisely when searching for that. Also, you can determine what other areas meet the desired characteristics since it is likely that said user is interested in them. This method offers a way to spread your campaign with possible alternatives.


How does a display campaign work in Google Ads for the real estate sector?


BluCactus - happy woman holding a house model and a phoneOnce you have optimized your search words, you can look for other options if your goal is to reach a larger audience.


Display campaigns for real estate are efficient as long as the following segmentations are made to reach an important audience with effective ads:


Interests related to the real estate sector: According to each user’s behavior on the internet, their interest in a particular topic has been delineated. So, thanks to Google Ads, we can categorize people into market audiences to determine which groups have common interests. It is worth noting that real estate agencies have different audiences to explore, which is why this segmentation is essential.


BluCactus - google ads for business on laptopRemarketing for the real estate sector: This consists of creating a greater impact on users who know of the existence of your real estate agency and the properties you offer. By knowing who is interested in what you offer, you can show them your advertising again to direct them back to your website. This way, they can become familiar with your brand, know more about you, and contact you. Remember that the real estate sector works through a decision process of varying lengths. So, you must remain in the consumer’s mind to be their first option.


Issues for the real estate sector: There are pages where different topics can be presented, and when a user visits them, it is understood that they are potential clients interested in that type of content.


Do you want to create an ad in Google Ads for real estate?


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510In addition to the segmentations mentioned above, to reach potential customers, you must limit your campaigns by gender, geographic location, age, keywords, etc. It is the only way to reach the public that interests you and will generate income when hiring your services.


Would you like to make a positive impact on your potential client? At BluCactus, we can help you. We are a digital marketing agency in Mexico. Our team, which specializes in Google Ads, can create and manage the campaigns your real estate business needs. Contact us right now to be provided with personalized advice, and let’s talk about how we can strengthen your brand.


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