How to take advantage of Lean Marketing?

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How to take advantage of Lean Marketing? The digital age has brought many benefits to companies that make a profit through the internet. But at the same time, we must stay in tune with the newest technological advances. This way, we make sure to stay ahead of the competition. So, from now on, you must focus on only carrying out effective strategies such as lean marketing for your company. By doing this, your marketing plan will reach a level of success you were not even thinking of.


You can easily apply lean marketing in your company alongside lean manufacturing. After all, they both go hand in hand. However, to carry them out, you must understand their meaning. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, don’t worry. Today, we will clear all your doubts.


What is lean manufacturing?


BluCactus - image sizes for social media - bannerThis is a method focused on the improvement of the work organization model of a company. In other words, with it, you will be able to take advantage of the benefits and won’t longer depend on expendable resources.


To achieve the objectives of your company through lean manufacturing, you must follow the next principles:


  • Thoroughly analyze the production process.
  • Eliminate those activities that don’t add any value.
  • Synthesize all activities.
  • Eliminate dead times.
  • Avoid using materials that aren’t necessary.
  • Focus on the end product or service.
  • Carry out an optimization of the product portfolio.
  • Do not put aside the technological investment.


As you can see, these are the key principles of lean manufacturing. Depending on how you use each of them, you can get amazing benefits in your company. In the same way, in another blog, we’ll go more in-depth about how you can apply this method. This way, you’ll be able to improve the quality of your company and increase your sales.


For now, this time we will talk about lean marketing and how you can take advantage of it.


What is lean marketing?


BluCactus - image sizes for social media - bannerLean marketing is a marketing strategy with which the promotion of brands or products can be carried out positively. That is, through this strategy, you can adapt the advertising messages according to the objectives of your company.


Like lean manufacturing, lean marketing is a strategy that can be shaped at the convenience of a particular company. In fact, it is a good communication channel for the promotion of products and services at a low cost.


However, before carrying out a marketing strategy in your company, you must first determine what will be the best plan to succeed. Don’t forget that the marketing world is very wide and covers many sectors. Because of this, you must find the plan that best suits your needs.


How to make lean marketing work?


BluCactus - image sizes for social media - bannerAs you already know, lean marketing is a great opportunity to share campaigns with many benefits for your company. However, before applying lean marketing in your company, you should take into account the following details:


  • This is a methodology handled by trial and error. In addition to this, the work must be quick so the effectiveness of the actions increases and there is a reduction in costs.
  • Lean marketing is carried out in real-time, so advertising messages must be adapted to current events.
  • This type of marketing is also analytical, so you need to know which strategies are working for your company and which are not. This way you can implement new actions and eliminate those that are only wasting your time.

How to apply lean marketing for your company?


BluCactus - Lean Marketing - important dataWe have reached the most interesting point of this blog, as we will let you know how you can take advantage of lean marketing. For this, it will be essential that you use as a guide some techniques that will allow you to use this marketing strategy effectively:


Social media


This is something we have always talked about in our blog, and that’s the importance of social media for businesses. After all, no one can deny the advertising opportunities it offers or the ability to reach so-called potential clients. That’s why we recommend looking for a person who is exclusively in charge of social media strategies.


On the other hand, this person must focus on this activity in real-time to achieve the best results in each objective. Dedicating yourself fully to social media will make a difference with your competition, and you will not regret that investment.


BluCactus - Lean Marketing - important dataThe client


The customer is very important to your brand, so you must use the best methods to approach them. For this, you must offer the highest quality, both in your content and in the information related to your products or services.


The goal is to have a channel or platform to get the attention of users. For this reason, you must spend enough time on this task or else you will not succeed.


What is the key? Take advantage of your website to include a blog with interesting topics for your audience. After all, this is one of the best channels you will have to offer quality content.


BluCactus - Lean Marketing - important dataSegmentation


One of the best benefits of segmentation is that it allows you to study your potential customers’ information.


This way, you will be able to define what your target is, and what strategies you should use to send a message that reaches the audience that should listen to it.


Similarly, segmentation will help you strengthen your commitment to your customers. This means that improving it will bring you many benefits.


BluCactus - image sizes for social media - bannerMetrics


Metrics in marketing will let you know how far or how close you are to your business goals. That’s why you must review those variables that guide you towards the fulfillment of your strategies.


On the other hand, you must establish metrics and monitor them through efficient tools such as Google Analytics. By doing this, you will be able to realize if any problem arises in your objectives and then solve it on time.


These are the details that you must take care of to take advantage of lean marketing and all its benefits.


Advantages of lean marketing


BluCactus - Lean Marketing - important dataAs we have explained in this blog, lean marketing helps to optimize marketing strategies in real-time, and without the need to invest a large budget. Next, we’ll show you all the benefits that you can enjoy with lean marketing.


Reduce costs


If a company carried out a set of strategies for its campaign and they didn’t work, they must stop them. That’s why, to not waste your investment, you must figure out the exact time to stop it.


Through lean marketing, the campaigns will be carried out in real-time, and this will lead to an optimization of your investment.


BluCactus - Lean Marketing - important dataProvides agility 


Lean marketing is very advantageous since it allows you to solve those actions that don’t work in real-time. This way, you won’t waste your budget on an ROI that is not beneficial.


Deliver profit quickly 


This could be one of the best marketing strategies of lean marketing since it focuses on conversion. That’s why, even if branding offers many benefits, this option will allow you to quickly overcome your competition.


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BluCactus - image sizes for social media - bannerCompanies must apply their marketing strategies efficiently.


In fact, it must be as difficult as possible to stop any form of competition from copying it.


That’s why your company can have considerable growth by implementing lean marketing.


At BluCactus we can help you implement this methodology in your company, to reach your target audience and increase sales. You just have to contact us and we will assist you.


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