How to write a blog post to get organic traffic from Google


How to write a blog post to get organic traffic from Google. Have you just started a blog but are struggling to write blog posts? Don’t worry, because you are not alone. Many newbie bloggers struggle to find blog post ideas and how to create content that converts and attracts visitors. 


However, writing a blog post should not be a difficult task, especially if you have the right resources and guidance. Of course, it takes a lot of time and effort to become a top-rated blogger. But if you get the right guidance and support, you can surely speed up your work.


So, if you are looking for a one-stop guide on how to write killer blog posts, then we have got you covered. 


In this post, we’ll take you through a step-by-step process on how you can create and publish stunning blog posts that not only attracts visitors but also converts well. We use many of these strategies and techniques and have seen a positive result thanks to them.


1. Know your audience


Blucactus-1-Know-your-audienceFirst things first, before you start writing your blog post, you need to pick a niche and find topic ideas that your readers are looking for on the internet. To deliver value to your readers, create content they want to consume. 


That’s why it is important to know and understand your audience thoroughly. Always remember that knowing your audience is a much more difficult task as compared to doing keyword research and ranking your blog post on Google. 


It is something that requires more effort from your end. The goal here is not to figure out which topics are getting more traffic but to understand what are the actual problems your audience is suffering. 


Once you get to know their problems, you just need to create content along with the solutions. If you do this regularly, you’ll surely be able to take your blog to the level of awesomeness. 



Here are the few questions that should come into your mind while researching about the audience:


  • What are my readers’ most pressing needs in the long term?
  • Which concerns do they have at the top of their mind today?
  • What are their skills and ability levels?
  • What general focus area are they concerned with?
  • What kinds of goals do they have for themselves?
  • Any unique struggles of my own that I can share and be relatable?


2. Write amazing headlines


Blucactus-2-Write-amazing-headlinesThe next tip on how to write an amazing blog post is to focus on your headlines. Having a strong headline is a marketing tool in itself. It will help you hook the readers from top to the bottom. Also, it will motivate your readers to further consume your content. 


Most of the time readers just analyze the headline and decide whether to consume your content or not. That’s why you need to focus on creating a stunning headline.


In fact, 6 out of 10 people read blog headlines before sharing any post on Facebook and social media.


So, how do you write amazing headlines?


BluCactus Social Media in Computer with Catchy Headlines

The first thing you should focus on while writing a headline is simplicity. You don’t need to create headlines like William Shakespeare, which are difficult to understand by your targeted audience. 


For example,


In this context, our headline “How to write a blog post to get organic traffic from Google” is simple, readable, and easy to understand. And most importantly it is up to the market and clearly defines the purpose of our content. 


Similarly, your headline should also be able to define the purpose of your content simply. 


3. Hook readers



Max to the max, you have one or two-sentence to hook your readers.


So, make sure that you hook your readers from the beginning of your blog post.


Just like meeting someone for the first time, a first impression with the blog is of utmost importance to get things moving. 


As you are learning about how to write a blog post, here are the few do’s and don’ts while writing an introduction.




BluCactus - important information

  • Use amazing and colorful language.
  • Use numbers and stats in your content.
  • Start with a quote.
  • Use drama and story.
  • Leverage eye-catchy headlines with bold letters.




  • Do not brag in your introduction.
  • Don’t stuff your intro with keywords.


The best way to create a stunning introduction line is by highlighting who, what, when, where, and how. This might sound quite obvious while writing a blog post, but many people still overlook this.


4. Answer questions


Blucactus-4-Answer-questionsGoogle is becoming smarter by the day. It can now easily figure out what people are searching for as well as their intent.


That’s why it is important to learn how to write a blog post today. Writing a blog post is no longer about creating content just to match the keywords and phrases. It’s more than that. 


It is all about delivering satisfying content to the users that will help them in solving their problems and queries. 


This will help you get a featured snippet or ZERO rankings. 


BluCactus - SEO-Friendly FAQ - important data

Following are the ways by which you can get a featured snippet.


  • Target more long-tail keywords in your content. 
  • Create listicle content, for example, top 10 digital marketing companies in the world, top 10 bloggers, top 20 SEO blogs to read, and so on.
  • Include tables in your content if possible.
  • Keep on building high-quality backlinks on your content. 


With these techniques, you’ll surely get a featured snippet. 


5. Tell a story


Blucactus-5-Tell-a-story - How to write a blog post to get organic traffic from GoogleWhether you agree or not, storytelling is the key to creating an amazing blog post that drives traffic. Humans are always attracted to stories. Whether it is emotional, funny, or entertaining; stories work like a charm. 


Stories provoke emotions, forge connections, and are easy for us to remember. These three reasons are more than enough to prove the fact that you should learn how to write a blog post in a format that tells a story for your readers, and inspires them to read your post till the end. 


Sharing and including stories in your content will set it apart from others on the internet. It will also encourage your readers to share the content and further improve its reach to the next level. With all that in mind, you should try including a story in your content. 


6. Make it easy to read


Blucactus-6-Make-it-easy-to-read - How to write a blog post to get organic traffic from GooglePeople hardly read word to word on the internet. Unless they are really interested in the topic, they won’t read the article completely from top to bottom. However, you can still encourage them to read the complete blog post till the end.


Wondering how?


Simple, by keeping your blog post easy to read and scannable. We have come across tons of blog posts that are written in high English language. Such content is of no use unless your audience is highly knowledgeable in English. 


Also, many people have a habit of including high English words in their content to make it look more enticing. This is where the blunder happens. You should understand that your blog posts need to be easy to read and understand. 


Your content should be so easy to read that even a 10th-grade student could easily read it. 


Blucactus - Read SEO blogs - How to write a blog post to get organic traffic from Google

Following are tips you can implement to make your content readable.


  • Use short paragraphs and sentences. 
  • Make maximum use of full stops.
  • Use easy-to-understand words. 
  • Avoid using jargon.
  • Use images in your content to make it engaging.
  • Use videos and infographics if possible.
  • Avoid showing tons of ads in your content.


Follow these tips and you’ll surely see the difference.


7. Invest in design


Blucactus-7-Invest-in-design - How to write a blog post to get organic traffic from GoogleWe have already mentioned that humans are always attracted to stunning visuals and design.


Therefore, we should focus on improving the entire look and feel of your content as well as your website. Have a proper layout, structure, design, and color combination along with the logo. 


This will not only give an appealing look to your blog but will also hook the readers. That’s because the brain processes visual information faster than compared to textual information. 


Here are the 5 tips that you need to keep in mind when it comes to designing blog posts or websites.


Blucactus-7-Invest-in-design-2 - How to write a blog post to get organic traffic from Google

  • Images


Make sure that you include tons of images and visuals in your blog post. Blog posts with images will get you more views on your content and it will also keep your readers engaged throughout the content. If you are writing a 1000+ words article, include 5-10 relevant images. 


Use tools like Canva to design amazing blog images.


  • Formating 


Format and edit your blog post before publishing it and making it live. Make sure that you have done the plagiarism check and grammar check. Keep your content and post free from grammatical errors.


  • Layout

Decide on the blog post layout well in advance. This will save you time and it will help you in creating content quickly. 


Blucactus-7-Invest-in-design-3 - How to write a blog post to get organic traffic from Google

  • Font size 


Keep your font size medium to normal. Not too big nor too small. 


  • Spacing


Make sure that you are keeping the proper spacing between words, sentences, and paragraphs. Don’t write more than 50 words in a paragraph. Also, write 10-11 words in one sentence. 


8. Be authentic


Blucactus-8-Be-authentic - How to write a blog post to get organic traffic from GoogleNo matter which type of content you create, you need to be authentic and 100% genuine. Audiences and internet users have become very smart nowadays. They could easily know whether your content is genuine or fake. Also, do not copy and paste other’s content on your website or blog. 


You’ll land yourself in the hot waters if you copy and publish other’s work. If you have taken some information from others’ blog posts, give them the necessary credits and citations. 


Also, when you are writing a review-based article, make your content authentic. Use the product yourself first and then create a review content on it. This will help you in creating more authentic content.


Also, it will help you in improving your sales and conversion ratio. 


9. Make it mobile-friendly


Blucactus-9-Make-it-mobile-friendly - How to write a blog post to get organic traffic from GoogleGoogle has already made it clear that mobile-friendliness is a ranking factor. Also, it has moved towards the mobile-first indexing approach. That’s why you should focus on optimizing your blog posts from the point of view of mobile users. 


Today, mobile internet users are increasing day after day. And it is possible that the majority of people might land on your site via mobile devices. So, to give the best experience, you need to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly and responsive. 


This will not only help you in creating the best user experience but will also improve overall SEO performance. Because Google loves mobile-friendly websites. 


Today, you’ll hardly find any non-mobile-friendly website ranking on top of Google. 


10. Focus on quality


Blucactus-10-Focus-on-quality - How to write a blog post to get organic traffic from GoogleThis last tip on this list of 10 steps on how to write a blog post is focusing on quality content. Don’t dilute the importance of quality content. One single quality content is far better than 2-3 low-quality content. 


Even we follow this technique and have seen some positive traction on our website. Try to publish at least one quality piece of content every week. Your content has to be top-notch, in-depth, and resourceful. 


Anyone who reads it must find it valuable from the top to bottom. Also, try to make it longer by around 3000+ words. That’s because content with more word count tends to perform well in search engine result pages. 


But make sure that you don’t compromise the quality of your content. Also, don’t drag your content just for the sake of making it longer. Instead, try to add value. This will take you to better places. 




Blucactus-contact-usWriting a blog post is not at all a difficult task, provided that you have good knowledge and the right information in front of you. With that in mind, you can follow this guide on how to write a blog post and get lots of organic traffic on your website.


Remember, all the tips and strategies mentioned in this post have been tried and tested by ourselves.


So, you can completely rely on them because we have seen proven results by implementing these tips. 


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