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How to write a meta-description? When we write an article, we try to do it as well as possible to increase our number of visits. However, if you are here, it’s because you want to know the keys to write the perfect description.


BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - computer with important informationLikewise, whether or not you are familiar with SEO, designing an attractive Meta-description for each of your websites can make a difference and get you more visits.


We hope that when you finish reading this post; you will know how to design this important tag to have a great position on Google results.


In this article, we will tell you some practical tips and examples of how to do it.


With this, you will know how to apply some simple guidelines to create the perfect meta-descriptions.


What is a Meta-description?


BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - computer with important informationThe meta-description tag is an important factor to increase your website’s visits. It’s the information that appears in the Google results after a search. It lets the user know what they will find your site if they click.


The meta-description is the space that Google offers you to capture the user’s attention. With it, you can stand out from the rest of the results and thus, from the competition.


This label must be attractive, relevant, and comply with a set of guidelines.


Before you start to write, you need to know some basic concepts. They will help you better understand the importance of this Meta tag: SEO, copywriting, keywords, SERPs, and CTR.


Meta Tags


BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - computer with important informationMeta tags are the information that we normally use to describe a website’s content to search engines.


The Meta title and the meta-description are two fundamental Meta tags.


Don’t forget it!






SEO or Search Engine Optimization


BluCactus - people walkingSEO is the technique used to position a page in the first results of search engines, usually Google.


We can divide this technique into two:


  • SEO Off-page is those links that point to your website.
  • SEO On-page, in a nutshell, are all the elements that you can improve on your site.


The meta-description tag is inside the On-page.





BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - keywordsHow to write a meta-description?


They are those search terms that trigger the display of results and related ads.


For example, if you have a dog food store, you will want your website to appear in the results when a person searches for that term or similar ones.


In the meta-description, you must enter that keyword.


There are two types of Keyword:


BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - computer with important information

Head-tail keywords: 


Also called generic keywords.


They have a high volume of searches on the Internet.


These keywords use users to find general information on a certain topic. As a result, they have up to 1 or 2 words.


For example, an individual researching college education from a broad perspective might write head-tails such as “best majors,” “modern degrees,” or “online careers.”


Middle tail keywords


BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - computer with important informationHere, the keywords are a little more specific; we often call them semi-generic.


And since they are more precise searches, they comprise between 3 and 5 words.


Staying on the topic of college, a user could use middle-tails like “Health-related careers” or “Higher paying degrees.


As you can see, although they are not excessively specific searches, they show an interest in knowing certain aspects of a topic.


SERPs or Search Engine Results Page


BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - computer with important informationIt’s the list of results that Google offers you when you search a term. In recent years these results have evolved and there are many kinds.


They can be videos, images, or news, but the objective is the same: to appear in the top positions.


Conventional results or snippets contain 3 different basic parts:


Meta title, URL, and meta-description.



How to write a meta-description, CTR or Click-Through Rate


BluCactus - ctrIt’s the percentage of clicks that your result receives concerning the number of times it appears in the SERPs.


To get the CTR, you have to divide the clicks by the impressions and multiply it by one hundred.


You can check it in your Google Search Console account, by going to the search traffic, search analytics section.


The meta-description can improve the CTR of your result.





BluCactus -copywritingIts persuasive writing aimed at achieving a specific objective, such as subscribing to a newsletter or a sale.


You can use it to write an attractive Meta tag that invites users to click on your result.


This improves CTR and visits to the web.


As you can see, all the concepts are related to each other.




What is the difference between Meta title and meta-description?


We mentioned earlier that snippets are composed of the Meta title and the meta-description. The two tags appear in the search engine results in the following order: the Meta title first, followed by the URL, and, finally, the meta-description.


The two tags are important, although they differ by:


How to write a meta-description, The length


BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - computer with important informationThe Meta title occupies a single line and must have a maximum of 65-70 characters, while the meta-description has a maximum of 155-165, occupying up to two lines.


Google considers pixels rather than characters: for meta-descriptions, the ideal length would be between 430 and 920 pixels.


At the end of 2017, this search engine did a test allowing longer meta-descriptions, even up to 300 characters.


A few months later it returned to the original 155, although it’s always changing. You can use this tool as a character counter to check how your snippet will look and avoid surpassing the limit.


The objective


BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - computer with important informationWe can keep it short by saying that the Meta title is oriented to Google, while the meta-description is oriented to users.


Similarly, the first is an SEO ranking factor, the second is not directly.


The meta-description isn’t in itself an SEO ranking factor, but it can influence CTR, and CTR is an important factor for Google and other search engines.


Therefore, the moment this label is improved, you will be able to improve the CTR and in turn, the positioning of your website.


BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - computer with important informationIn the end, you should always think about the user when writing both tags.


So, although the description allows you more flexibility than the title, being longer and not having to choose both SEO and keywords.


How to write a meta-description? For example:


Meta title: Personal trainer in Madrid



BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - computer with important information - seo

The title of this snippet is designed for SEO, making it clear what the keywords when positioning is “personal trainer in Madrid.


However, the description allows us to tell the user what they will find on the web, inviting them to enter.


It’s in the meta-description where you have to use the weapons of copywriting to persuade the user that you are the best result, that you deserve that click above the rest.


Now that you know why having a good meta-description is important, it’s time to get down to business with some tips and examples to inspire you.


How to write a meta-description?


Now, let’s focus on you. How can you make good meta-descriptions if you haven’t written one before?


Having talked about what goal descriptions consist of, let’s see the steps that anyone can take:


BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - keywordsResearch your keywords


Start a round of keyword research to find out where your brand should go.


You will be interested in having a wide variety of words and phrases to choose from.


This is to later distribute them more effectively on all the pages of your website.



Write the central focus of each of your pages


BluCactus - focus on pagesYou must have a kind of outline of your website with all the pages that make it up.


If this isn’t the case, it’s time to create one.


If you are writing individual descriptions for your blog articles, now you can do it all in one go.


Similarly, write down the goal or central idea for each page where you need a meta-description.



How to write a meta-description, Study your competition


BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - computer with important informationThe next thing is to do a search with the keyword or phrase that you would like to use on your website.


You will see that more competitors are trying to position themselves for that same keyword.


So, you must analyze their descriptions and see what they have written.


This can be useful for getting some ideas but remember, don’t copy it.


Remember that you need to be different from the rest of the brands.


Write a draft


BluCactus - measureOnce you have your focus of action in place, with relevant words and knowledge of your competition, you should have everything you need to put the first draft in writing.


Don’t forget to write your first texts with an energetic and proactive tone that helps persuade your potential readers.


It doesn’t have to be perfect, don’t worry too much about getting it ready the first time.


Just write something that fits your goals.


How to write a meta-description, Tailored writing


BluCactus - write an eraserFinally, edit the description you have created.


Get rid of ambiguous sounding phrases and use more specific words, adjust any differences to keep the focus on your goal, increase the number of clicks.


This way you will be able to have tailored texts. Remember we talked about using around 150 characters despite the increase in the text length in engines like Google.


If you think like your customers you can create something more attractive.


Examples of meta-descriptions


BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - computer with important informationIt’s easy to think that the concepts defined above are easy to put into practice, but it’s much more difficult to apply them. This can even be harder if it’s for your website.


To help you think and give some more context, let’s look at some examples of why they are effective:


“Have your pet healthy with an annual check-up at your vet. Make your appointment today for your dog or cat! “


This message is 103 characters long and only two sentences long, making it almost perfect in length.


Each phrase sends an active message with a clear focus of attention that is based on encouraging pet owners to make an appointment for an annual check-up of their animals.


BluCactus - exampleHowever, the text is a bit generic, and an element of uniqueness such as “good” or “great” could be added.


“Switch to snow wheels for more traction in winter. Find out what makes our tires the best! “


How to write a meta-description? Here we have another example of a description with a length similar to the previous one, but for a drastically different type of business.


“Have more traction” and “winter wheels” are relevant keywords and there is clear proof of the value it brings.


Winter wheels will help you drive safer in winter and clearly, these wheels are unique in some way.


BluCactus - example“Do you get enough with your pension plan? Know the most common mistakes when investing that are undermining your profitability. “


In this example, there is a clear indication of the value of the message.


The meta-description focuses on inexperienced investors who have put money into pension plans and that need more information to have a more balanced portfolio.


This message is very clear, the words used are unique compared to other financial companies.


Why should you use a meta-description?


Meta-descriptions are used to get customers. This is because they play an important role in users’ decision to click on a result.


Next, we explain the reasons why you have to use a meta-description:


Search engine optimization


BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - search enginesAlthough there is no direct relationship between the quality of a meta-description and a good position in the search results, meta-descriptions play an essential part in search engine optimization:



  • Search engines match users who click on your page in SERPs. If many users do this, the position of your website may improve over time.


How to write a meta-description, User experience


BluCactus -How to write a meta-description - computer with important informationWhen it comes to meta-descriptions, the interests of search engines and users are very similar.


An effective meta-description leads to clicks and because of it search engines will respond with a higher ranking. So, Meta-descriptions have a great influence on CTR.


Meta-descriptions help you get customers just like ad descriptions in Google AdWords.


If the meta-description is too long or too short, search engines can display their description.


And, this is not an ideal solution to attract people to your website.


Social media


BluCactus - social mediaTo generate traffic from social media, it’s essential to use appropriate tagging, such as Open Graph for Facebook and Twitter Cards for Twitter.


The tag is used to provide certain information such as titles, descriptions, and images that should be displayed on social media.


If you get your page shared on social media, a careful selection of this information brings more visitors to it.


If tagging for social media is missing, search engines can use your meta-description as an alternative. Similarly, a good meta-description helps generate traffic from social media.


Summary of How to write a meta-description?


As you can see a meta-description is very important. It’s what we see under the link of an article or post in Google.


BluCactus - contact usThrough them, users or future clients see in advance what your content or company can offer them and see if it’s what they are looking for or not.


In today’s blog, we explained some related definitions. We also showed you some examples so that you can guide yourself when writing the meta-description yourself and told you what a snippet is and what it contains.


We recommend that if you are new to the world of Marketing you hire a specialized agency such as BluCactus. This is because they can offer you the best work possible to increase your website’s visits.


In this sense, we have experts in web development and SEO that will help you optimize your snippet to significantly increase your sales. Contact Us!


Did you like our article on what a meta-description is and why should you use it? Please let us know in the comments.


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