12 tips to improve your social media marketing efforts: Get the most out of your social media!

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12 Incredible Tips to Improve Your Social Media Marketing Effort. A recent analysis by Backlinko shows that social media has a global userbase of 49%. As a result, this makes it the right platform for businesses to grow and generate leads. The benefits are endless with this marketing channel if you use the right method. Thus, social media marketing trends to help you maximize profit and help boost your business. However, most small businesses have little or no knowledge on how to use it effectively to maximize profit.


Because of this, in this post, you will find invaluable information to help you improve your social media marketing efforts. As a result, you will be able to take your brand to a higher level.


Here are 12 tips to improve your social media marketing efforts.


  • Establish Goals


BluCactus -social media marketing efforts - important informationA clearly defined objective is crucial in social media marketing.


Because of this, writing your goals would be the best first step to take.


Besides, your goals should align with all your marketing efforts.


Here’s a pro-tip for setting goals:


  • Set deadlines
  • Be specific
  • Ensure your goal is measurable


  • Know your audience


BluCactus - dataThe knowledge of your audience is paramount in determining the type of content you will create for them. For instance, if you understand your audience and their needs, only then will you be able to create content that resonates with them.


Once you know your audience, figure out the best way to solve their problems.


For example, you can find out the social network they use the most and their demography. This will help to double your marketing efforts with social media marketing.


Here’s how to understand your target audience:


  • Know their demography
  • Be part of any conversation on forums with your target audience
  • Survey your audience to better understand their problems
  • Respond to comment and questions on your entire social media platform
  • Reply to all their comments on your blog and other blogs in your niche with a link back to your blog


  • BluCactus - dataChoose the right platform for your business


To achieve your marketing goal, you won’t need to be on all social media platforms.


Just pick the right ones your audience prefers. As a result, this will give you a marketing edge.


For example, if your audiences are professional, the right channel to connect with them will be LinkedIn.



  • Set up a content calendar


BluCactus - dataMake a good content plan for posting on the channel you choose.


This includes writing your post and scheduling it for posting.


For this, you can get the help of a professional content writer to perfect the work for you.


Whichever method works for you, stick to it. But the focus is to write timely and well-crafted content.


In short, content that resonates with your audience. On the other hand, a content calendar is a useful tool for this.


  • Craft your content per each social media network


BluCactus - dataThis is the part some business owners don’t understand; they share the same content across all platforms. This method is wrong because each platform has a different purpose. Once there is a twist in any channel, your content won’t be effective.


Here is the unique purpose of each social media network:


  • LinkedIn: professional channel for B2B audience and those who are serious about their business.
  • Facebook: Facebook is more general like everyone is on this network.
  • Twitter: Twitter is more of a microblogging platform.
  • Instagram: Instagram is perfect for visuals.


Before posting on any channel, make sure you post the right content to the right channel. Thus, don’t be generic while posting.


For example, while making a post, don’t share the same Facebook post on Instagram and Twitter as this won’t resonate with the audience. This is because the three platforms have different purposes.


Always make sure your post addresses your audience and their needs differently on each platform. In other words, write the same message but adapt it for each platform.


  • Use the art of storytelling


BluCactus -social media marketing efforts - important informationHumans are emotional beings and connect to stories easily.


Remember, your targeted audiences are humans, not robots.


Always use the art of storytelling when creating content for your audience.


Storytelling doesn’t mean the traditional method.


In this sense, storytelling can be short, concise, and emotional and address the customers’ needs. This will help to generate more leads.


  • Add video content to your social media marketing Concept


BluCactus -social media marketing efforts - important informationVideo marketing is important in digital marketing, especially in social media.


There are different ways to incorporate video content in your social media marketing strategy.


This includes creating and presenting video content on the following social media platforms: YouTube, blog, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, etc.


This not only allows you to connect with your audience but also tell your story in visual form, which is the best format for telling a story.


  • Study your audience and know their needs


BluCactus -social media marketing efforts - important informationTo connect with your customers, know their age bracket, the type of content they like, their demography, and the best time to publish your content for them.


So, before posting, ask yourself the following questions:


Who are my audiences? Where do they live? What kind of content do they like? How often should I post per day? Etc.


There is no right or wrong answer to these questions, but as a social media expert, conduct research and figure out the right method to follow using the statistics of your previous post.


All of this will help you to strengthen your social media marketing efforts.


  • BluCactus -social media marketing efforts - important information

    Reduce the number of hashtags


Hashtags are effective for promoting social media posts as they help to relate your post with other posts in the same niche.


But using too many hashtags annoys people.


Thus, reducing your engagement rate. So, to be on the safe side, use 2 or 3 hashtags per post.




  •  Use Infographics content


BluCactus -social media marketing efforts - important informationInfographics should be a priority for marketers.


A study by Wyzowl shows that we remember 80% of what we see and 20% of what we read.


You can employ the service of an expert to do it.


On the other hand, you can also use some tools like Canva to craft mind-blowing graphics to wow your readers.





  •  Always promote your content


BluCactus -social media marketing efforts - important informationYou can have exceptional content, but if people don’t see it, you won’t get the desired result.


Because of this, you need to always promote your content.


This promotion approach includes:



Never overlook the importance of promotion because it will have a major impact on your business.


  •  Always follow the current social media trends


BluCactus -social media marketing efforts - important informationSocial media is dynamic, and that is the reason you have to follow trends.


Always stay ahead of your competitors.


Always be on the lookout for current features, study and implement them into your marketing efforts.






Final thought


Social media marketing is vital for business growth.


If you do it wrong, it will hurt your business.


These social media marketing tips will give you a marketing advantage over your competition.


However, if you feel like you can’t execute it properly, employ the service of a social media consultant to perfect it for you.


Remember; always make your audience your priority.





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Calistus Anikwe is a digital marketing expert and SEO Content writer. Driven by a passion for digital marketing, he helps brands and businesses tell stories that resonate with customers.


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