The wonders of inbound marketing for the success of finance businesses

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All you need to know about Inbound Marketing for finance. The field of finance is famous for its resistance to change. However, many businesses in this sector now use digital marketing campaigns instead of traditional marketing. This was a huge challenge for many companies, but it was one with many benefits. Because of this, in this blog, we will explain all you need to know about the inbound or marketing funnels for finances. This way, you will know how they can benefit from digital marketing.


What is inbound marketing?


BluCactus - inboundInbound marketing is a technique that aims to contact or walk alongside a user throughout the purchase process.


All of this in a non-intrusive way until the final transaction. In short, it aims at contacting those users who are in the middle of the buying process of a product.


From that moment, the organization walks along with the buyer through every purchase phase.


Thus, building a strong loyal bond with them.




BluCactus - computer with important informationSome of the advantages of inbound marketing are:



  • The registrations (leads) increase.


  • They increase the traffic that the web page receives.




History of inbound marketing


BluCactus - Inbound Marketing for finance - example of inbound marketingEven if the origin of this technique is not certain, we can still say that its arrival took the world of marketing by storm. One of the theories behind its origin goes back to 2006. This was the year where we first knew about this term. In the same sense, its creators were Brian Hallingan and Dharmesh Shah, founders of Hubspot.


They were the ones who gave a name to the new forms of consumer behavior. For this, they began to work and study how to better understand them. Thanks to them we know that the goal of inbound is to grab the attention of potential customers through interesting and relevant content.


As a result, you can motivate them to find your channel. To achieve this, you can use different communication platforms. For example, blogs, websites, social media, search engines, email marketing, among others.


Habits have radically changed


BluCactus - profesional people workingSince the creation of the internet, the change in consumer behavior has been huge.


That’s why here we show you some of the main changes in recent years:


  • After the arrival of search engines, customers no longer had to go to physical stores to see the products. All thanks to the fact that everything was in one place without leaving home.
  • Since the 1990s, product purchase processes have been done entirely online. Only the last process of product delivery is where there can be closer contact with the brand.
  • Technology offers much more immediate feedback from buyers.
  • Your company can ship to all parts of the world and thus be known by customers in all countries.

Importance of inbound marketing for finance


BluCactus - Inbound Marketing for finance - example of inbound marketingBy using all the marketing and sales actions, inbound marketing allows your business to make revenue predictions.


This way, your company will be prepared for the future of your products.


Thus, allowing you to plan the growth of your brand in a very tangible and real way.


Besides, having the help of inbound marketing will help you increase your sales opportunities.


For this, it will increase your website traffic and collect data from your clients. Inbound Marketing for finance. With this, you will be able to fully know your return on investment and what type of clients you’re facing.


How does inbound marketing work?


BluCactus - Inbound Marketing for finance - example of inbound marketingOnce you integrate both the marketing and sales departments, you will be able to grab the attention of potential clients.


Inbound Marketing for finance. Take into account that this isn’t the same as investing time and money in finding that possible client.


Here, we will explain the 4 steps that correspond to the purchase process of a potential buyer are.






  • BluCactus - Inbound Marketing for finance - example of inbound marketingAttract prospectsAt this point, you must create content with added value for the client. This way, you will have a greater number of views and traffic on your website. Thus, increasing your organic traffic, which is what positions you in the top positions of search engines.
  • Generate leads. Here, the traffic of your pages will be converted into a record of a database. This can be easily used to increase your chances of buying and selling. The best strategy is to offer relevant content in exchange for their data. For example, email, name, and country in which they live.
  • Convert them into customers. In this process, the clients who have the best chances of being potential buyers are chosen and they are tracked to increase sales.
  • Build loyaltyOnce the purchase is complete, you must keep in contact with customers. Let them know about new products or important content.

How incorporating Inbound Marketing benefits your strategy.


BluCactus - computer with important informationInbound marketing is a technique that unites all digital tools to:


  • Position yourself as an opinion leader in your industry.


  • Make your website the best against the competition.


Here is when blogs, videos, social media, websites, landing pages, calls to action, and emails come into play.


Inbound Marketing for finance. By this, we don’t mean that you must create empty content just to send something.


BluCactus - Inbound Marketing for finance - example of inbound marketingThis content should be aimed at your target customers. It cannot be intrusive or spam, as this would cause the opposite response to what you want to achieve.


What’s important here is to understand that your inbound marketing strategy has to be measurable and scalable.


Only in this way will you be able to study work efforts. Besides, this must also be realistic.


Thus, focus only on your target audience and don’t try to involve everyone.


If you want your content to be successful, remember to address a group of selected people. Then, follow them through a CRM. Don’t forget, inbound helps build long-term, deeper, and lasting relationships.


Inbound for finance companies


BluCactus - computer with important informationWhen it comes to financial services, lead generation takes more time compared to other industries.


Inbound Marketing for finance. This is because, in this field, certain obstacles exist.


Some of them are already implied for purchase.


Besides, there’s also a long process of investigation by the institutions to approve any kind of transaction.


Nonetheless, there are many ways in which inbound marketing can help your business, these are:



  • BluCactus - computer with important informationThe strategy is the foundationWhat’s important here is to create a general strategy. This must include the objectives you want to achieve or key performance indicators. This way, everyone will know where they are going from the beginning. Thus, ensuring that the work is organized and on the same page.


  • Buyer Persona Development. You must know very well who you are addressing, who is the client that best fits your business, what their wishes and needs are. But not only that, it’s important to know where they live, what their professional ambitions are, and why do they need you. From here, you can grab their attention with your content.


  • BluCactus - Inbound Marketing for finance - example of inbound marketingLong format contentIt is well known that people when looking for content about something that interests them, want all the details. Inbound Marketing for finance. That’s why as part of your strategy, we recommend offering long content. It does not matter if the contents are videos, posts on social media, or blog entries. Try different formats or platforms, anything goes in inbound marketing.


  • Email marketingLean on the data of your finance business to easily get closer to your clients. Send them emails and place your new financial plans or the services that you already have and may be interested in. You can even promote or develop special campaigns to offer extra plans or support in another area and thus attract your client.


Implement your Inbound Marketing strategy


BluCactus - Inbound Marketing for finance - example of inbound marketingInbound marketing is a comprehensive process that uses the so-called buyer journey that includes the following three steps:


  • DiscoveryThis is the stage where the prospective client discovers that they have a need or desire. After this, they will begin to look for different options to satisfy them. Here, you must make your offers known in the market to be your only advisor.


  • Consideration Once the client chooses their options to meet their need, the comparison process starts.


  • DecisionFinally, the customer has made a decision and is going to buy the product. However, you can’t stop checking on them. For this, you must continue to provide useful content and offers.


BluCactus - computer with important informationPillars to start, Inbound Marketing for finance


In the Inbound methodology there are four essential pillars:


  • Use buyers as a way to research your target, identify their buying behaviors and create buyer profiles.
  • Employing the Buyer’s Journey that is based on discovery, consideration, and decision.
  • Create quality content to grab the attention of your customers. For this, you must create content that is relevant, entertaining, educational, and attractive. In this case, you can use any form of content, from blogs to videos to e-books. What’s important here is to be creative.
  • Take advantage of and distribute the content on the different online platforms to get better results.

BluCactus, your ally in Digital marketing


BluCactus - computer with important informationBluCactus international marketing agency serves clients all over the world.


Our specialty? The creation of web designs and SEO positioning in online searches.


Besides, our group of experts is dedicated to helping businesses and brands succeed in one of the most competitive sectors in the market, the digital world.


BluCactus will accompany you every step that your brand takes. This goes from the creation of the branding of your business to the creation of content.


BluCactus - Inbound Marketing for finance - contactOur focus is on supporting you with the development of your website or the administration of your accounts on social media.


This online marketing agency, based in Dallas, TX, seeks to strengthen your image as a brand and take it to the next level.


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