How to increase visitors to your website?

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Hoo, you know this deep sigh when we just finished a big project. This time it’s your website. You finally created your interface. You´re now thinking about how to increase visitors to your website. All you feel is a combination of excitement, enthusiasm, and maybe anticipation.

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Alright, you start streaming your content. Check the analysis, again and again; no one has clicked through on your link.


No one left has left a comment on social media channels and brought any reactions.


Don’t be frustrated, take a deep breath. We´re here, and we are going to tell you some simple tips you can apply to increase visitors to your website without paying unnecessary amounts of money.


How to increase visitors to your website in simple and free steps


We picked up the best strategies which we have already used, as well as many others who want their websites to be a hit.


One, Create great content


BluCactus - How to increase visitors to your website? - personGrabbing readers’ attention from the get-go is one of the biggest challenges. Therefore,  If you passed this successfully, your likelihood to gain more visitors will increase. How you lead your topic should be the most compelling part. Besides, make it precise and relevant to the idea you discuss.


Short lines are desirable. Avoid long blocks to be more readable and understandable. Paragraphs may continue 3 or 4 sentences at most. Furthermore, to ensure your words are authoritative enough to hook your readers is by reading what you wrote out loud. You may discover better expressions or something that needs editing.


Telling a story has a magical impact, especially when it comes to a personal experience. People love to know more about you to trust you. Tell them about your last vacation and make a connection between it and your expertise. Tell them about the latest book you read and the valuable information you extracted from it.


Two, optimize your website content


BluCactus - How to increase visitors to your website? - seoImagine you have an awesome event. Let’s say it’s a concert. You brought a cool white shirt with a decent pair of sneakers. You look fashionable and stylish but it definitely does not apply to the concert at all.


Like your event, when you produce creative content, make sure it’s adequate to the search engine´s approach. So, learn more about positioning SEO services and how to make Google sees your article as a good one. Certainly, you should have already defined your goals, your audience, and which solutions you will provide to your customers before launching your website.


But you need to remind yourself about these highlights every time you are going to write an article or a blog post. Although. When you start publishing content on your website or blog posts, you need to check your current status. Use Google Analytics, which is a free tool, for discovering the performance of your website.


When your performance is poor but you´re confident that the content is good enough. That’s when you should consider further tactics that I am going to explain. In any event, you have to check your diagram numbers to fix the damage or follow your breakthrough.


So, if you need to know how to increase visitors to your website by organic clicks, you should optimize your content to be friendly to both the search engine and your niche.


Three, Use long-tail keyword


BluCactus - How to increase visitors to your website? - searchAssume that you´re heading out; you need a coffee to be able to keep going with your day as smoothly as possible. However, you know absolutely zero about what there is in this area. What do you write in the Google search bar? Coffee or the best coffee shop in Dallas?


Coffee is a short keyword and the best coffee shop in Dallas is a long-tail keyword. If you compared the results in each case, you would find the best coffee shop in Dallas is more useful and you would get what you need further.


So, using a long-tail keyword is not only about using the same words people rely on to reach your coffee shop but is also about keeping yourself standing out over the competition.


Most importantly, a long-tail keyword boosts your SEO positioning efforts by telling Google that your content is more valuable and worth ranking.


Four, Take advantages of social media capabilities


BluCactus - How to increase visitors to your website? - manSo, how to increase visitors to a website? you need to track your visitors. What this means is to know where your potential customers are. And today, social media a wider community in which you should enhance your appearance.


However, you couldn’t post your article on all social media channels and thought your content could have gone viral. You have to know how to post in the right way.


Each social media site has a different nature and attracts different types of audiences. Yeah, you may have an account in most of the platforms, but surely you spend more time on one of them. Instagram, for example, is going to be the most dominant social media platform. And a lot of updates have recently implied on it.


But firstly, you should make sure your company account turns to a business account to enjoy all the benefits. For example; it enables you to access your analytics and adding an option to contact via email or mobile phone. Also, don’t forget to add your website link in your bio which is another way to increase visitors to your website. For LinkedIn, you can republish your article here to span users there.


Eventually, set up your post schedule based on peak hours over your target region in order to know how to increase visitors to your website. Sometimes, you posted really great content and you didn’t get any impressions or engagements that’s because you might haven’t published your content at the right time.


Five, Share your articles on relevant Facebook groups


BluCactus - cellphoneHere is the harsh reality; driving organic traffic by Facebook Pages has recently dropped in the last few years. You surely have noticed that posts from business pages didn’t show up as much as we used to. And it was the policy of Facebook supporting users to see more posts from your friends or groups or only pages in which you are interested.


Wherever you don’t have enough budget to manage a campaign, Groups are your path to hit again. Search for relevant groups and start publishing your content there but remember to read the group rules in order to avoid being removed from it.


Also, start interacting with members in comments. If anyone asks about a topic you recently created a blog post about it, don’t hesitate to provide him with your link. To learn ways of increasing visitors to your website, you need to try all legitimate means and find out what the best option is for you.


Six, How to increase visitors to your website? Think about guest blog


BluCactus peopleYou created a content masterpiece and shared it through social media channels, but you still don’t know how to increase visitors to your website. Your website is still struggling and you need an instant alternative to make your statistics go up.


Hence, a guest post emerges as a valid answer. You may have heard before that this post is not an influential approach maybe you might have even heard it’s a waste of time. But all you need to know is how to increase visitors to your website in a positive way.


First: search for authoritative websites that have large fans and its articles are sharable. Often, these sites have a section called “join us, write to us,” and so on. Such as Entrepreneur, and Huffington Post.


Second: choose which piece of content you should republish it. Make sure that your article is appropriate to the writing style and the tone of the guest website. And don’t worry about republishing.


Third: send your published copy or original one to the guest site. You can also contact the site owners via emails if they are authors. In the end, mention in your email how your article tends to add value to their website. Pay attention that your notable purpose for using guest posts is how to increase visitors to your website.


So, share your post affiliated with the original copy link on your website. If you choose to publish a new post on the guest site, then you can refer to any article you wrote before as a source. Accordingly, write a reliable bio about yourself and put your blog or website link which is will help you to increase visitors to your website.


How to increase visitors to your website?, Conclusion

BluCactus - How to increase visitors to your website? - conclusion


Directing traffic to your website is a whole process. You should do your best to optimize your content, your social media accounts, and start watching the results.


It’s your turn to try it by yourself and find out which strategy you should consider and the other you should skip. Now tell me, do you know how to increase visitors to your website?


Which one tip will you experience first? If you have any questions to improve your website performance, please contact us now. We are here to help your business.


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