Why Brochure Advertising is still useful in 2021?

Blucactus - Why brochure advertisement is still useful?

Brochures are letters of introduction from a company or an event whose purpose is to provide specific information to the general public. That is why the brochure advertising is still useful. It is important to use brochures to transmit, reinforce, and guarantee a good company image or a quality brand. To achieve all this, you need to have a good graphic design and professional finish.


Why brochure Advertising is still useful? and the 10 advantages of advertising brochures


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Despite the strength of the new digital media, traditional advertising brochures remain an effective marketing tool both to take care of the corporate image and to stimulate sales. In BluCactus we know the 10 reasons why brochure advertisement is still useful:


1.- Advertising Brochures are Flexible

The advertising brochures are adapted to the needs of all types of advertisers: enterprises, companies, professionals, public institutions, associations, and more. In addition, it is possible to use them to carry out all kinds of promotional activities. For example, the commercialization of new products and even the opening of new stores. You can also use them for the announcement of special sales offers.


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2.- Manageable

One of the great advantages of advertising brochures is their small format, which makes them very manageable for the reader. In addition, they are also independent of the internet and the audience’s web habits.


3.- Multi-purpose

Advertising brochures can be distributed through multiple channels: by mail, at the point of sale, in the entrance hall of the company, at fairs, and other events. In addition, it is possible to accompany your distribution of other promotional products such as letters or catalogs.


4.- Economic

Advertising brochures are cheaper than catalogs, outdoor advertising actions, or press advertisements. That does not mean, however, that you have to neglect your design. In any case, it is easy to adapt to the corporate image of the company.


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5.- Why brochure advertising is still useful? Informational

Obviously, and due to its small format, an advertising brochure does not contain information as detailed as that which can be hosted by a website or catalog. However, its content can be used to encourage the customer to purchase. The key is to arouse the curiosity of the reader for the offer of products and services of the company and encourage them to visit your business or website.


6.- Advertising Brochures are easy and quick to produce

From the conception of the brochure to its final printing, very few weeks pass. If the company faces the launch of a new product or service, advertising brochures can become its great allies, since its production is very fast and simple.


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7.- Attractions

An advertising brochure contains, in most cases, little text and many images. It’s about informing the client in a few words about the offer of products and services of the company and encouraging him to visit.


The attractiveness of the brochures for the potential customer also increases if discount coupons or response forms are attached.


8.- Measurable

If we accompany an advertising brochure of codes to download online discount coupons or response forms, we can easily measure their effectiveness.


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9.- Why brochure advertising is still useful? Cash

Compared to other marketing instruments, advertising brochures have a high degree of efficiency, which is also achieved in a very short time. The efficiency is even greater if special offers are included, such as rebates or discounts.


10.- The Target audience for advertising brochures 

From the hand of advertising brochures, it is possible to connect with the target audience without investing too much money in targeting.


Why brochure advertising is useful? and the importance of good design for your advertising brochure


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The choice of a particular design, format, and type of printing are fundamental elements for the success of a direct marketing campaign. You should think that your advertising brochures are the support that gives physical form to the creative idea and the message you want to reach your target audience. 


The brochure is the result of a visual code and a text code. For that reason, both elements must converge properly to convey to the recipient the advantages of your product or service and encourage it to fulfill the action we want. Therefore, if you are thinking of printing advertising brochures for a marketing campaign, then we explain what are the elements that you must take into account to create a successful campaign




Why brochures are effective?

1.- The stand design

When we want to make a design from scratch for an advertising brochure, it is best to hire the services of a company specialized in this type of work. You may have a very clear idea of ​​what you want, but most likely you will not know how to translate it in print format.

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Designers usually send the design to the client so that they can give their approval and later deal with giving delivery dates for the prints. However, it may also be the customer himself who contracts the printing services on his own.


2.- Choice of format

When we want to create a marketing campaign with print advertising, the brochure is usually the most popular format. However, you should keep in mind that not all brochures are the same and that, depending on the product, the company and its specific need can choose different formats such as flyers or posters. These are also a very interesting option for campaigns in direct advertising.


3.- The colors, the message, and the text

All the elements that we include in our advertising brochures must go to their right extent, without any of them eclipsing another. In addition, it is important that the brochure be able to convey emotions and clear messages that are easy to remember and relate to the brand. Otherwise, they will become too hard to read and you can hardly reach your goals or achieve good results.


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4.- Why brochure advertising is effective? The quality of the brochures

It is very important that you choose a serious and professional printing company. That has good professionals and teams to provide the service. The quality of the printing determines the quality of your advertising brochures. Keep in mind that bad printing quality can significantly reduce the impact of your campaign. And end up breaking down all the objectives that you had previously proposed. 


Of course, it is very important that you also meet the deadlines. Since a minimum delay could lead to large losses. This is especially important on dates of higher consumption such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day. If the campaign starts several days later than we intended, we will lose many potential customers on such designated dates.


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It is useful because it is a cheap and flexible format. That can help you reach local customers in ways that digital marketing simply can’t.


In BluCactus, we know why brochure advertisement is still useful? and have the best professional brochure designs for your business. Contact us today for more information.



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