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The jingle in your digital marketing strategy. In advertising, there are several options that we can use when promoting our brand. All this to empower and make it more visible or more recognizable. In this case, a jingle is a perfect way to remain in your audience’s minds.


Remember that song you heard as a child about a toy? Or the one about a store you’ve never been into? Yeah, that’s a jingle and a successful one at that. These melodies have the goal to remain in our heads for as long as possible. All so that we can associate them with a product, service or brand.


What is the jingle?


The jingle is a short musical theme composed of music and lyrics or only music. It’s easy to remember and is composed for advertising purposes.


They are used, as already mentioned, to conduct advertisements.


Most often than not, these mention the brand or the slogan to reinforce the marketing strategy.


This is called auditory branding.


7 Characteristics of a Good Jingle


Have musical quality


The inclination for a type of melody, notes, is subjective. After all, our choice will depend on our taste.


But, what is to take care of is the quality of the product. For example, the music nor the voices should sound out of tune.


A good melody is recognizable, but a bad one or one of poor quality is even faster to perceive. Because of this, you should hire a professional in both music and advertising. They will guide you and help you choose the best option for you and your brand.


Make it easy to remember.


Complicated lyrics that don’t rhyme or smooth rhythms that don’t stand out won’t be the best options. Instead, a catchy melody with moving, happy, current rhythms is the way.


Of course, an important aspect is that the selected melody is consistent with the brand and its values.


An excellent option, and one that has proven to be successful, is the use of well-known song melodies. This way, people will be able to quickly identify and remember it.


An example would be taking a charming song, which is top plays and super catchy and pressing them with the jingle. It will surely be a hit.


That identifies the brand.


BluCactus - jingleIn this aspect, you have to be very careful. After all, it’s useless to have an excellent melody and lyrics and impeccable sound quality without a clear message. In other words, you must make sure it represents the brand.


The objective of the jingle is to sell through music, to have the ability to introduce an idea from a short, simple and effective melody.


If people do not identify what you sell or what you want to sell at the end of the piece because it will not have served much.


Other points to cover are the information within the jingle, be it a phone number, email, user on social media, address, among others, and thus take advantage of and make a call to action through this data.


You can also repeatedly mention the brand name in the jingle without boring or saturating the listener.


That manages to persuade and convince


BluCactus - jingleHere a logical work intervenes between a coherent letter and the melody. Thus, there must also be a connection between the brand and the music to be used since this must go hand in hand with the type of item or product or service that will be advertised.


As we mentioned before, it would not be very convincing to put a children’s tune in a life insurance ad because it would not be possible to connect what we hear with the message’s true meaning.


This issue of connection should not be taken lightly. After all, like other types of advertising, here we must also segment our audience and know who the jingle will be aimed at. So if our target audience is young, between 18-25 years old, we can hardly choose a melody that evokes times such as the 80-the 90s. Otherwise, they will not identify with it and may not pay attention to it.


That arouses feelings


This is a marketing strategy that is usually aimed at success since it works.


Like the saying that past times were better, many feel comfort and comfort when evoking memories of other times and especially if it is through music.


Therefore, if it is in your possibilities, you can include some piece, melody or sound that clicks in the mind and heart of the listener.


BluCactus - jingleTake care of the technical details.


The tone of voice, the quality of the sounds, and the speed of the melody are aspects to take care of so that the quality is really good.


Choosing timeless sounds or tunes will also help the jingle to last over time without having to do a periodic renewal and not those “fashionable” sounds that will possibly give you success at the moment.


Still, after a few months, it could become obsolete.


BluCactus - jingleMake it original


Of course, it is what we want when deciding to create a jingle.


We don’t want our song to look like another.


Less so if it’s from the competition, so we must try to have the right people in charge of making these mixes as well as possible and giving you an unprecedented and authentic result.


Jingle types


BluCactus - emailPolitical jingle


In the case of politics, there is no talk of advertising as such but of propaganda.


A political jingle has the same function as advertising, publicizing a product or brand. The difference is that the object normally changes to a person who would be the candidate here. It should revolve around their ideas or project for the community or the public.


The music must go along with locution. In these cases, it’s extremely important to transmit a clear message about a person or ideology by way of promotion.


Advertising jingle


This is the most popular type of jingle as it’s used to promote and advertise a brand, good or service. It contains specific details such as melody, tone of voice, etc. It will depend on the product and its target audience.


Identifier jingle.


This is a melody usually accompanied by narration. We can often hear them between one segment and another in a radio or television program to advertise a product.


The goal is not to sell or insert itself into the listener’s memory, just to serve as a bridge between one party and another.


Despite not being as useful at an advertising level, its use is just as frequently used.


Importance of the jingle in advertising


The importance of using a jingle in your advertising strategy is to transmit a clear message in a musical, pleasant and entertaining way. All so that it stays in the listener’s mind alongside the product or brand advertising. This is the power that music has.


A jingle isn’t something you should take lightly since its success will depend on its quality. So, if you can, hire professionals in the area who can create a successful product for your brand.


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