Learn about the digital marketing agencies in the metaverse, what their functions are and how they work

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Learn about the digital marketing agencies in the metaverse, what their functions are and how they work. With the boom that the Metaverse has had in the US and the rest of the world, more and more brands and companies have decided to venture into this coveted digital medium. They aim to offer unique experiences and products to their customers and other users who create a life in the Metaverse.


For some time now, brands active in virtual reality have seen the need to implement digital marketing strategies for their launch campaigns and promotions.


Marketing agencies are also getting used to adapting campaigns already established for traditional platforms (social media, email marketing, websites, etc.) to the Metaverse.


Until now, this formula has worked well. The same agencies in charge of conventional advertising have also dared to work in the Metaverse. However, there are already marketing agencies dedicated exclusively to the Metaverse and others that have made a strategy solely for this world among their services.


Role of advertising in the Metaverse


BluCactus - Learn about the digital marketing agencies in the metaverse Ca - VirtualWe believe that campaigns aimed at promoting a product or service and the participation of brands within the Metaverse have very similar objectives.


One impacts the other. This means that brands that want to make life in the Metaverse will place their products here. They promote through advertising, using various existing strategies as well as the different virtual technologies that reality offers.


Therefore, the role of advertising is relevant whenever a brand wants to achieve an objective on a greater scale.


It is marketing strategies that will determine the success and positioning of its products.


BluCactus - Learn about the digital marketing agencies in the metaverse Ca - VirtualHowever, it is necessary to emphasize that how brands are presented in the Metaverse must be very different from conventional media. The Metaverse seeks to be participatory, collaborative, and offer a variety of experiences without being intrusive.


If users perceive the Metaverse as a purely commercial medium, impregnated with annoying advertising that frequently interrupts, they will simply become disenchanted with the platform and avoid entering it as much as possible.


For this reason, the methods of advertising in the Metaverse are not the same as those used in an online game or social media. Based on this need, some marketing agencies have decided to specialize or focus parts of their efforts.


Marketing agencies focused on the Metaverse and their functions


BluCactus - Learn about the digital marketing agencies in the metaverse Ca - VirtualMarketing agencies will now focus part of their services, time, efforts, and personnel solely on the Metaverse. They will help each brand they work with offer new experiences and diverge from the advertising we are used to.


People in the Metaverse, immersed in an alternate world, can spend hours in total disconnect from reality. Therefore, agencies will be tasked with helping brands establish a non-intrusive presence. Instead, advertising techniques will function as a support or alternative to promote the activities carried out there.


Traditional advertising practice will be left behind in the Metaverse. Agencies that will dedicate themselves exclusively to the Metaverse must be clear about their approaches and should avoid treating the Metaverse as a traditional advertising space.


Metaverse dual system


BluCactus - Learn about the digital marketing agencies in the metaverse Ca - VirtualThere is talk of a gaming Metaverse as well as a decentralized one.


When it comes to gaming, brands and advertising have coexisted practically since its inception. Users accept it. However, in the second, priority will be given to the user and ensuring that their participation in the Metaverse is as satisfactory as possible. This will encourage agencies, brands, and users to be creative and earn profits based on their efforts. Users will be rewarded by brands for their achievements in this world.


Experts predict that, for the moment, the Metaverse will maintain a hybrid system where both options coexist. More long-term results will determine if there is a preferred way for brands to have a successful presence.


Advertising options available to brands in the Metaverse


BluCactus - Learn about the digital marketing agencies in the metaverse Ca - VirtualAdvertising in the Metaverse allows brands to get noticed and earn profits through virtual purchases that users make.


In addition, it generates experiences within this reality.


To do this, a marketing agency will focus and advise on the following products or strategies:




Non-fungible tokens are encrypted digital assets, not capable of being exchanged under typical conditions. NFTs can be represented by anything from a rendered piece of art, a tweet, or anything else. They are commonly traded in virtual realities.


BluCactus - Virtual marketingTrademarks in virtual mode


To suit life, many brands have modified their products and services to adapt their use to this digital world.


We can find clothing, accessories, music, events, and more that is uniquely digital and can only be consumed in the Metaverse.


From this type of product, brands receive income. In some cases, even higher than what they could earn from traditional products that we commonly know.


BluCactus - Virtual marketingOut-of-home advertising


This type of advertising includes billboards that we see on the street, cars, public transport, benches, etc.


It is also possible to find this type of advertising.


On some platforms, we can find real estate developments.


The presence of streets and vehicles, among other elements typical of a city, is also ordinary and necessary. This is the ideal environment to place this type of advertising without being invasive.


Future of advertising in the Metaverse


For the next few months, and moving into2023, advertising could focus primarily on these assumptions:


BluCactus - Virtual marketingVirtual shops


As we mentioned before, when it comes to the products available within the Metaverse, brands, and designers, among others, are dedicated to designing, making, and creating products solely marketed in this world. This implies a profit for both the brand and for the medium through which they are being shown.




On social media platforms and in other digital media, we can keep track of interactions, visits, calls, queries, and any other activity that allows us to see if the desired results are being achieved from the digital marketing strategies we use.


Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510Being able to do this in the Metaverse is one of the priorities of marketing agencies. The dilemma they face surrounds how to achieve this with a complete vision and finished videos.


As the Metaverse continues to grow, the interest of brands and companies will also increase. Advertising will have a prominent space in the Metaverse.


To this extent, agencies will play a crucial role. The success of campaigns incorporated into this enticing virtual reality will depend on these digital marketing agencies.


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