The difference between visible and invisible: LED signs and why you must use them

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LED signs as a marketing strategy. All of us, at some point, have seen a luminous sign that has caught our attention. We didn’t see that sign by chance. It has been part of a strategy for us to notice it.


LED signs, as their name indicates, use LED technology to promote products or services. We know them to be a way to attract attention and thus more potential customers.


LED trivia


BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - example of a led signWhen we talk about LEDs, we are referring to light-emitting diodes, better known as LED lights.


In 2000 new variants of its brand acrylic glass were developed:




One of these variants is especially suitable for back-lit LED lightboxes.


BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - example of a led sign


This is the black surface of the light-diffusing material where we mount LEDs.


Besides this, the different color varieties of PLEXIGLAS LEDs adapt.


To the same wavelengths emitted by red, yellow, green, or blue LEDs.


This way, we can use colorful LEDs to make our space shine brighter without increasing energy consumption.


BluCactus - example of a well done sign


That said, we think this is an excellent way to operate this light source.


Likewise, PLEXIGLAS LED introduces new and better light-scattering properties for backlighting than conventional acrylic glass and in compact light box constructions, such as those made possible by LEDs.


This way, we avoid the formation of unwanted HotSpots.





BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - example of a led sign

Types of LED signs



There are different types of LED signs, which depend on the use that the client wants to give them.


They adapt to the project that the client wants to undertake.




  • BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - example of a led signLetters with LED lighting: In this sign, we can see that the light from the LEDs is directed towards the front, and on this, it places the letters with a transparent material such as acrylic and translucent vinyl, to allow the passage of light.
  • LED backlight: Usually, these types of signs use non-transparent materials. Then we direct the LED light towards the wall to give a discreet lighting effect. Because of this, we widely use LED Backlight for the outdoors.
  • Lightbox: These signs are the most common and they consist of boxes made with a stainless steel frame and with internal LED lighting. However, we recommend cleaning them regularly.
  • Highlight letters: This technique consists of letters made with different types of materials to which we apply LED lighting on different surfaces such as MDF, Trovicel, acrylic, and aluminum.
  • BluCactus - example of a well done signOpenwork sign: we can work High precision openwork signs with water cut or laser cut, which offer excellent results.
  • Acrylic with LED light: These are made of transparent acrylic on a base and then we can embed them in walls.
  • 3D signs with lighting: We can create them in stainless steel to guarantee their durability and in formats ranging from letters, numbers to logos, to which we apply LED lighting.
  • Racks: These structures are made of metal or wood, which are then fitted with vinyl or printed canvas, to later be internally illuminated with LED lights.



LED signs as a marketing strategy. How can we see the digital labels?


BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - example of a led signDigital signs are in strategic places and, this way.


Companies can reach a much wider audience than with traditional flyers or brochures.


Besides, they have a clean and striking design.


Companies love to use LED displays because they leave a great impression on the viewer’s mind and they don’t break the budget destined toward marketing.




Knowing more about this strategy


BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - example of a led signThey bring profitability to any business.


If you use luminous signs with LED screens, your location will no longer be a problem, since you can program them from anywhere.


All you have to do is have a device with an Internet connection and you will achieve more efficient ads.


You can also adapt the advertising messages to your target audience.


BluCactus - example of a well done sign

This means that we can optimize the advertising impact.


Because of this, you will get more profit with the use of LED screens.


In addition, the software is very intuitive, meaning that anyone can program an LED display, even if they don’t have technical knowledge.


We often saturate ourselves with negative thoughts which lead us to stop doing some things.



BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - example of a led signThis is because we think that we’ll need a lot of knowledge to do them. The reality is that we only need to read the instructions and practice.


LED signs offer two important advantages: They save time and money, compared to printed signage, this is much more convenient for your company.


When you buy them for your business, you save the printing cost, time, and resources used to place and remove advertising.


Another important fact is that this product is resistant to rain, wind, and temperature changes. So we should not worry about the weather at all.




Advantages of LED signs


Next, we will explain the significant advantages of these signs.


BluCactus - example of a well done signAttract potential clients


If you have a small sign with dim to no lighting, it will be very hard for future clients to find your ad or business at night.


On the contrary, users will for sure notice a luminous or back-lit sign.


This way, by including them in your marketing strategy, passers-by will notice your business.


BluCactus - example of a well done sign


Thus, you will be able to expand your client portfolio.


All kinds of night establishments such as clubs, restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs, highly depend on standing out and people noticing them.


Therefore, using LED lighting on your signs is a highly effective strategy to keep your business active at night.


Don’t wait any longer and use them!



LED signs as a marketing strategy. Capture the attention of afternoon and sunrise traffic


BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - example of a led signPeople generally think that illuminated or back-lit signs are for nightly businesses but this is not necessarily true.


If you have a business that opens before nightfall, in the early morning, or during the early hours of the morning, LED signs will make the difference between having people seeing and ignoring you.


To increase its effectiveness, we recommend taking height into account.


BluCactus - example of a well done sign



Many people don’t look up when they are on the street, they just look forward and away, so the most suitable height is at the level of people’s sight.


Remember that you want your potential customers to notice you before the sun rises at its highest point!


For this reason, we recommend that you implement the above.


That way you can take advantage of any local competitor that operates during the day.


Make them remember you


BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - dentistA sign that is not illuminated will not get the same “respect” as the businesses that do have them.


A cardboard sign with printed letters is not the same as an illuminated one.


The latter inspires innovation and a lot of creativity. It’s for this reason that many hospitals use this technique of outdoor advertising.


These signs can be an instrument to make your business a memorable experience.


You not only want the clients to see you but to also remember you!


LED signs as a marketing strategy. Always make your business known, even if it’s closed


BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - example of a led signWe are close to completing the advantages of LED signs, but we could finish without first explaining this point.


Many times, when a store closes, the owners forget the signs they have outside and leave them on.


Believe it or not, this is also a way to perpetuate their effectiveness.





BluCactus - LED signs as a marketing strategy. - example of a led signWe recommend that if you can advertise yourself, even when your business is closed, do it!


LED signs are an incredible option to do so.


If you are interested in using LED signs or advertisements for your business, then it’s time to throw away that old blackboard or fluorescent cardboard and opt for a sophisticated strategy.





They are a 24-hour marketing strategy


BluCactus - example of a well done signFinally, we come to the end of this list about the advantages of LED signs and, well, it’s as simple as its name indicates.


Ideally, you can install a light sign outside your business and keep it on 24 hours a day.


This would be of great help since you could attract attention at any time.


In case you’re wondering, this doesn’t mean that you must keep the lights on during the day.


BluCactus - example of a well done signYou could have advertising in the daytime and lighting at night to attract more prospects.


It’s as we colloquially call it, “kill two birds with one stone.”


However, every business has a determining factor and we will tell you our last tip for this type of advertising.


The type of sign you choose will depend on your commercial activity and your marketing goals.


Being a highly effective type of advertising, choosing LED signs to promote your company is your best option.


Do you have a business that needs a light sign?



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