How to promote your life coaching business: Show your clients their best self!

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How to promote your life coaching business: Show your clients their best self! How should you promote your life coaching business? Coaching businesses have many functions when it comes to motivation in daily life. A good life coach can help improve a lot of aspects of their clients’ lives. However, how can you promote a life coaching business from scratch? In this article, we will reveal several tricks to increase the number of clients utilizing your life coaching business and how to market your best skills.


There are a lot of myths and misinformation surrounding life coaches. One myth is that the function of a life coach is the same or very similar to that of a psychologist, which is false. While a psychologist deals with the emotions, feelings, and mental health of their clients, a life coach is in charge of motivating their clients to get the best out of them on an individual or professional level.


What does “coaching” mean?


Coaching consists of accompanying or training a group of people. Coaching is ultimately done to help others achieve their goals or develop specific skills. Originally, the term “coaching” was first used in sports and was later adapted for business and personal environments. There are many methods and types of coaching which vary greatly according to the philosophical school to which they subscribe.


A coach is a person who performs the coaching process. Meanwhile, the person who is being trained or guided is called a coachee.


Why do I need marketing?


Marketing is beneficial for a life coaching business because it reinforces the business’s brand to better position it in the consumer’s mind.


Marketing also allows you to better meet the needs of customers. The objective is to create a communication strategy that is based on keeping the customers you already have, alongside finding new ones to generate trust among other potential consumers.


Thus, you can position yourself competitively in the market.


  • The easiest and fastest way to market your coaching business…


Many businesses want to grow very quickly. One of the easiest and fastest ways to market your coaching business is by involving your friends, family, and those close to you. They will be willing to be the first to help you and promote your services to other people. A good example is Virginie Lemay of VLV Leadership Development Coach.


One of the best and easiest ways to promote your life coaching business is to let your loved ones know what you are doing in a specific and actionable way. To do this, you can send an email offering them discounts or special free training sessions. This will allow them to be first-hand sponsors of your services.


  • How to market your coaching business the way you want it


Something that’s very important when you’re starting to promote and market your life coaching business is to know how to express yourself best.


You should ask yourself some things like: what makes you feel the most comfortable, do you prefer to speak in front of a large audience, or do you prefer close personal conversations? 


Ask yourself these questions and then we can move on to the next steps.


  • If you don’t like to talk to large groups, Life coaching business.


If you don’t like talking often, the best strategy for you is to use social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


These platforms are perfect for keeping in contact with different people.


Additionally, they allow you to be aware of trending topics, which will help you to talk with your followers about relevant ideas. Using the trends, you can also find new followers and customers who are attracted to your content.


  • If you like to chat with a lot of people.


All you need to promote your life coaching business to success | BluCactusPeople who prefer to speak to or in front of crowds can also benefit from an online presence. Social media is essential for any business since it helps you reach large numbers of people quickly.


Either on Facebook, LinkedIn, or some other social media platform, you can create events to invite your followers. If you want to meet new potential customers, search for the events closest to your location, or join social media groups.


On social media you can research the best events that are relevant to your potential clients. Try to join a large number of groups and interact with their members. Connect with the people you think might be the perfect fit for you. Start by talking to people slowly and then ask if they know about coaching and if they want to learn more about it. Do not forget that you must be careful not to scare people away instead of attracting them. If you are too enthusiastic or too commercial, people will likely turn away from you.


  • If you like to build deeper personal relationships, Life coaching business.


All you need to promote your life coaching business to success | BluCactusNow, if you prefer to work with groups to build deeper relationships, you should make a list of all the colleagues and interested people who are in your area and offer advice to all of them.


But don’t do it as individual work, offer group counseling and guides. You can also communicate with other coaches or businesses that work with the same niche to make alliances that motivate your clients.


Additionally, offering group sessions, discounts on future sessions, or even motivating them to create an association to work as a team on certain shared problems is also a good option. You must remember to study your key type of person or target very well. As a result, it will be easier for you to understand what is happening in their lives and how you can help them.



Basic tips to promote your life coaching business


Once you understand how to communicate better, who you are as a coach, who your target is, and how you want to promote your business, you are ready to start working on strategies for marketing. Here we explain some of the best strategies to start promoting your life coaching business and stand out against the competition:


  • Talk to 30 people every day and tell them about your new business.


All you need to promote your life coaching business to success | BluCactusThis is one of the first steps that many people don’t take into account. Think for a second about all the people you have a conversation with each day. Now imagine how many more people they talk to, and so on. The important thing here is that you get involved with new people and tell them about your business. If you don’t do this, you will miss the opportunity to personally inform those who need or want to be a part of it. 


There are many different platforms to communicate and talk to 30 people every day. You can use:


  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Emails
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat
  • Phone conversations
  • Meetups


These are some of the most popular ways that you can use to reach new people and start a relevant conversation with them. The goal of this is to start letting people know what you do and that you have a coaching business.


Remember that you shouldn’t go into sales mode because people don’t respond as well to that. Try to approach people with an attitude of service. While in conversation with these people, try to offer them different information that adds value to their lives.


And don’t forget, be passionate about your job and helping others. When you are motivated by your business, you will attract clients who are more comfortable with you and your work. The best way to attract new customers and promote your business is by being yourself.


  • Add useful and valuable tips in groups and forums, Life coaching business.


All you need to promote your life coaching business to success | BluCactusMaintaining an online presence is a constant job. Creating content that is relevant to your followers or potential clients is not easy, but it is very successful in the long term.


People want to follow others on social media who add interesting and educational content to their lives. That’s why we recommend using digital platforms and joining different groups that already exist. This way you can build an online presence and reach new customers who may need your services.


A successful social media presence is not about publishing any post or image just because. The idea is to publish content that is really valuable for your clients. You shouldn’t spend a lot of time creating content. Ideally, you should work on good content for at least 30 minutes a day and then adapt your ideas to each platform.


To avoid spending too much time in different groups or forums, limit yourself to 30 minutes to an hour a day.


It is also important to note that not all groups or forums will be helpful, and you may have to constantly switch groups. In other words, you shouldn’t stay in the same place all the time. Try to add new content to different groups every two weeks or add new clients with whom you can communicate. This will give you a greater online presence which in turn leads to more clients for your life coaching business.


  • Find professionals to partner with and connect with.


All you need to promote your life coaching business to success | BluCactusWe discussed this point previously, but it is not bad to fall back on other people or businesses in your niche.


You must associate with people in the same environment. Although the competition among life coaching businesses is voracious, you can meet many other people who will help you start your business.


The best way to do this is by reaching out to someone who works with the same niche.


One way to help facilitate this is to establish a connection with local specialists, which can be chiropractors, psychotherapists, masseurs, etc. You can also communicate with other coaches in your city. Through collaboration, you can find ways to promote both businesses so that both of you receive profits.


  • Create the epic content that people are looking for.


All you need to promote your life coaching business to success | BluCactusIf you think that the blogging or podcasting market is oversaturated and that you can’t succeed in it, think twice. A very attractive way to get new clients is to start your own blog.


You can also begin your own podcast if you prefer the audiovisual aspect. With both mediums, you can create relevant, creative, and ideal content for the type of customer you want to reach. What’s important is to find a way to create content that entertains the customer, helps them with some kind of problem, and is authentic. Remember, authenticity is what will allow you to stand out from the competition.


Although it’s ideal that you publish new content and make it from scratch by yourself, it is also good to touch on topics that are already being searched by your customers. Try to keep abreast of what is happening in the world. Think about how you can link current events with the content you want to create.


As we said before, this is a strategy that takes time, but it is worth it. YouTube channels can generate huge income in the first 12 months. This is ideal because while that happens you can continue to grow your business organically. All of this is thanks to “word of mouth” advertising.


  • Start automating early, Life coaching business.


All you need to promote your life coaching business to success | BluCactusAutomating the processes in your business will save you much more time. Whether you’re publishing the content for your website or social media, or creating email marketing campaigns, the best option is to automate.


It does not matter if your business is not very big yet, you can start automating processes from the beginning. This is perfect for creating courses and content forms. These will earn you passive income without having to work hard all the time.


One of the ideas that we recommend is to create online life coaching courses that are paid. With this, you will be able to save yourself the task of recording the same material a thousand times. This is because the client will have the material available whenever they need it. This allows the client access to your lessons while only paying a fraction of what can would be paid for a piece of personalized advice.


  • Take a lot of action on the matter, Life coaching business.


All you need to promote your life coaching business to success | BluCactusIf what you want is to get clients fast and promote your life coaching business at the same time, there are two different types of action you can take:


  • Actions that bring immediate results, also known as immediate customers
  • Actions that bring long-term results (consistent clients and brand recognition).


The first way to take action in promoting your business is the simplest. Short term actions include getting clients and carrying out promotional campaigns for your business. This will bring you immediate business and you can start earning income. This point is what separates a hobby and the start of your official life coaching business.


With this method, you can secure some income and then start expanding the business. It is also important that you investigate ways to get customers organically. After this, it is best to begin using paid campaigns or ads on social media.


On the other hand, the second option focuses on building a sustainable and profitable business in the long term. For this, you must aim for an audience that you can connect to and build loyalty with the quality of your services.


In addition, you must also show yourself to your potential and future clients as an expert in the niche. Remember the importance of advertising, storytelling, and knowing your audience very well.


This will get your business to a point where you don’t have to constantly search for customers. At this point, customers will find you by searching your content on different platforms, in addition to finding it through the algorithms present in social media platforms.




  • Business cards.


This element is not for your online business, but for offline. Business cards are known to be a very simple marketing and promotional staple. On a small piece of cardboard, you can publicize a lot of what you do with your business.


On it, you can also add information about your business and how you stand out from the rest. Additionally, by having a creative design you will allow your clients to remember you more easily. As a result, they will return to use your services again.


  • Satisfied customer testimonials, Life coaching business.


Testimonials are one of the most powerful and low-cost marketing tools possible for any business.


You can make videos of your clients explaining their experience with your services.


You can also place customer testimonials in a brochure or within your website. This supports what a good coach you are and the excellent services you offer.


Try to ask for testimonials from clients who are most comfortable with you. This is because asking a new customer to give testimonials may make them uncomfortable, and they will be more likely to refuse.



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