The logo, characteristics, and it’s importance for a brand

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The logo, characteristics, and it’s importance for a brand. A logo is any symbol made up of images or letters and in certain cases by both. Its goal is to define a brand’s image and identity. However, it can also work for a company and institution, among others.


It’s a super important element of branding. After all, this will set the tone for the rest of a brand’s visual identity. Therefore, choosing a good logo is not simply important, but extremely relevant.


Before delving into why the creation of a good logo is so significant, let’s first see the types that exist:


  • Logo It’s the translation of the Greek that means word. As a result, when we talk about a logo it should be understood as a synonym of a purely typographic design.
  • Imagotype It refers to the combination of a logo with the icon.
  • Isotype Here only the icon intervenes
  • Isologo In this case, text and icon go together, which separately couldn’t be functional.

Characteristics of the logo.


Each case needs a unique and particular logo design. Because of this, there’s no magic formula that makes it work perfectly. Nonetheless, there are guidelines or elements that must be present in it to ensure its effectiveness:




A typeface that isn’t understood or cannot be appreciated even at a long or even short distance won’t work. After all, it won’t be recognized by those who observe it. As a result, users lose interest in it. That’s why, legibility is crucial when selecting the font to use.




The logo must be able to adapt to different sizes for different platforms.  For this, the designer must deliver it in different formats, and sizes.




It must look good in any material in which it is represented, an example of this: printing on decal paper and Kraft paper, labeling in acrylic, and printing on fabric, without losing its shape, color, among others.


BluCactus - logoAttractive


Another characteristic is that the logo must be attractive to the human eye, that when seeing it for the first time a person wants better appreciate, which encourages the brain to memorize it and make a positive connection with it to the point of remembering it when you stop having contact with it.




This feature refers to the fact that the design must endure over time without constant renew. If this is the case, then it means that the logo wasn’t right from the beginning. This, in turn, would result in frequent modifications that would confuse the public.




Here the rule of less is more applies, and that is that a logo must be simple among all.


In this simplicity will fall the speed and ease with which others perceive it. So, the more loaded it is, and the more elements and details intervene, the more difficult it will be to identify it, memorize it and, above all, remember it.




We know that it can be difficult at times to achieve that original design that doesn’t look like any other, especially when it comes to areas that are already busy such as food, pastries, etc.


However, the more different the logo is from that of our competitors, the more easily it will be identified and remembered.




In this case, it is said that the design must effectively communicate the essence of the brand, so the elements that are included must be in line with it, so that the logo speaks for itself and transmits to the customer the brand personality.


In other words, if the brand is dedicated to the sale of tires, a logo that includes the figure of a fish would not be the most appropriate, since it would not give the correct message.




It is necessary, before making the design, to carry out a study of your public or clients. This way, you’ll make sure the logo follows their personality. This shows professionalism, the solidity of the brand or company and an impeccable finish with the intention of favorably impacting the audience.


Difference with the slogan


In the first place, the slogan is that phrase that will complement the logo by highlighting some characteristic or virtue of the brand, or to call attention to or encourage consumption and one of its main characteristics, which has no life in itself. Itself, so it must always be accompanied by the logo.


Compared to the logo, they differ in the following aspects:




  • Contains graphic elements, mostly figures, lines, shapes, colors and fonts.
  • We can easily see it
  • It transmits identity, brand value, essence.




  • It is a phrase, reduced only to typography.
  • Furthermore, we can both see it and hear it included in a jingle.
  • Seeks to transmit and arouse emotions through the advertising phrase.


Here the important thing is to know how to use them wisely and in a simple way so that they are easy to remember as a whole and have a greater impact on the public.



Mistakes when designing a logo


As the logo is practically your letter of introduction to the world, you can have an idea of ​​its importance, but these points we will deepen it later, therefore, as we already explained what you must have a good logo, here we will talk about those mistakes to avoid achieving a correct job.


Choosing a bad font


From very basic fonts, such as choosing a Papyrus or Comic Sans or heavy their strokes, they can give you problems.


After all, the objective is to transmit the brand’s identity and perhaps this selection will do it.


BluCactus - logoHeavily loaded logo


We said before that less is more, and this is another reminder that the logo must be as simple and simple as possible, because the more elements it contains and the more loaded it is, the more difficult it will be to differentiate, appreciate and remember it.


Very abstract logo


Here it would be the opposite. A logo without a defined shape, which transmits absolutely nothing, isn’t favorable either. Because of this, simplicity should always be the goal. Avoid falling into abstractions impossible to identify.


Copies of other logos


You may think that it is a good strategy because of confusing the public and associating you with an already consolidated brand, but, in the end, it will harm you, since you will not have credibility and this undermines your reputation.


Certainly, it is impossible to compare your design among an infinite number. However, we recommend reviewing the logos of your closest and most well-known competition. This way, you’ll avoid similarities and possible problems, including legal ones.


BluCactus - logoGet carried away by fashion


In seasons or occasions, certain colors or combinations, as well as typographies that tend to impose themselves forcefully, to the point that, many end up using the same colors in different tonalities and practically the same letters.


In this way you will have different logos, but very similar to each other, coupled with the fact that, possibly these elements that are new and trendy today, tomorrow will already be “out of fashion” and your logo ends up looking outdated.


Poor choice of colors


Continuing with the color theme, this is a very, very important step, as we have already clarified that the main objective of the logo is to convey the essence of the brand and its values, therefore, a bad choice could give a totally wrong message.


It can even detract from its aesthetics, making it look unattractive.


Remember that many times the logo is the first thing one must design. From there, the rest of the branding follows. So, analyze each color, its psychological effect on digital marketing, its meaning, uses and choose the most appropriate option according to your field.


BluCactus - logoChoose a page to design the logo


Today there are many pages and programs that offer you to obtain a logo in a simple way for free.


But do you know what the consequence is? You will have the same logo as millions of others who have decided to choose the same design.


These pages, although they get you out of trouble, are available to everyone. Because of this, they are mass designs to call it one way, same as clothes manufactured the same way. 


Thus, your brand won’t have an original, defined design that stands out from the rest, not transmitting the necessary message.


Importance of the logo


BluCactus - logoWith all of the above, we have been talking about the importance of the logo for a brand or company. However, if it has not yet been clear to you, then we make a brief review.


The logo is the fundamental piece of a brand image. After all, it’s the first thing that they will see when they are shown to an audience, client, etc. In short, it’s what will identify the brand from now on.


Besides, it will be in charge of transmitting the values ​​that underpin the brand and consequently will determine part of its success.


All of the above, your logo must have the attention and importance it deserves. This is the first step on the path of digital marketing to overcome and that will define the rest of the brand’s history.


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