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Being Blucactus as an international Logo Design Company with providing privilege and innovative solutions; we know a good logo design is a core of branding and positioning.
In BluCactus, we offer a full strategy to visualize your concepts that come up with high-quality layouts and combing with creative designs.
We are aware of all cutting-edge updates on the marketing yard. So, our team will help you to get what your company genuinely needs as appropriate for the sort of your business and your audience.
That’s because creating a logo and building branding is one of our craft.

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What is a Logo Design Company?

BluCactus is an international Logo Design Company in Dallas that provides creative and innovative solutions. We know that a good logo design is the core of successful brand positioning. For that reason, we offer high-level strategies to outline your brand with original, compelling, powerful logo designs.

We keep abreast of all cutting-edge updates on the marketing field to help your enterprise influence its target audience and, thus, grow your business exponentially.

What is a Logo Design Company?

A Logo Design Company is a company specialized in creating original and visually appealing graphical elements that properly convey your business’ vision, values, and directions. That is emblems, icons, ideograms, signs or symbols that promote your brand’s recognition. Therefore,  a logo conceptualizes graphically the principles of your company. It’s a unique mark that makes it stand out from the competition.

A well-designed logo has the same importance that a good first impression has. It gives your potential clients key information about your business. It can communicate your field of work, the services you provide, and your brand’s values. Thus, we could say that a logo dresses you for success. For that reason, it is important to leave its design to a Logo Design Company. A professional design will accurately outline your company’s qualities.

What makes a professional logo design?

In BluCactus, we’re the front runners of Dallas Logo Design companies. In the first place we look for an icon reflecting your character. It’s not about professionally using Photoshop, but it’s an inherent tactic.
A good logo maybe looks cool. A professional logo conveys a great concept and sticks in your customers’ mind.

We aim to create logos that reflect the personality of your Enterprise. A professional logo design characterizes for being able to convey a concept in a creative way and make it stick in the viewer’s mind.

Creating the best logo design can boil down to 5 principles


Simplicity is the base when it comes to creating a logo. But still, merging simplicity with functionalism and uniqueness is the deal. A simple logo is easily recognized, can show up between packages of other competitors, and remains distinct.

BluCactus - Logo Design Process
BluCactus - Logo Design Company - Remarkable Designs


It’s immensely important to have a logo that keeps in the public’s mind. To have a memorable logo, you are in need to internalize your message, and then select an accurate value that is appropriate to your industry.


Timeless is a significant factor to get a business logo design. Consider it’s barely possible to change your visual identity. So, choose a logo that can stand out over time. Don’t depend on trends on your logo because it changes rapidly. Instead, think about one that always works.

BluCactus - Graphic Design Company - Timeless designs
BluCactus - Logo Design Company - Functional Design


A good logo should be valid for all sizes, be fit for all places, and be noticeable on every angle. Moreover, the logo color must come along with any background. Versatility is the key to have a professional logo design.


Sometimes, we need an unusual prospect to sound like more stylish and unbelievable. Maybe we think to get rid of traditional designs. Even, we can get it while keeping appropriateness and balance on our identity. Any logo must serve its intended purpose. That’s what matters.

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Why hiring a professional logo design company is too important?

So, designing a logo is a hard mission, although you can’t even start your business without it. Here, find 5 reasons why your company is in need of a very good logo design by the cream of the crop of Dallas Logo Design companies.

Brings a powerful first impression

As the job of any logo is to recognize you to your target audience, the first impression of your brand is fundamental.

If your company has the best one, it will arouse your customers’ curiosity to know more about you. If not, your opportunity to grow your business might shrink.

So, you have to fight to get this initial impression, and let your company introduces itself as an authority beyond your space.

Remember your logo is a communicative bridge to your public. So, think about what you want your target to know about your brand.

It’s just a new brand, or it’s really a good new brand, I need to try it.

BluCactus BluCactus - Brings a powerful first impression
BluCactus - Logo Design Company - Attracts attention

Attracts attention

Nowadays, distractions are everywhere. All companies are pouring a lot of money into advertising. The competition is fierce, and you have to last through this battle.

Here the importance of your identity shows up. Your logo design is a gate that allows people to open and find out what behind it. This gate must grab attention and be distinct once anyone glimpses it.

A Logo Design Company explains your identity

A good logo design always tells your story. Each element should land a specific notion. You must consider that when you select colors, fonts, tones, or any illustration. It all will be on any piece related to your company, such as letterheads, business cards, landing pages, and so on.

BluCactus - Logo Design Company - Explains your Identity
BluCactus - Translates your values

Translates your values

A logo is your way to interpret and highlight your values and principles. Symbols and pictures intended to be noteworthy and lasting. People usually get emotionally attached to visual languages.

Many studies have already found that the human brain processes image 60,000 times faster than text, and 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

So, there is no need to tell people many more words about your precepts and fundamentals, as long as you can translate them in your visualization.

Each ting detail in your logo design will underline your mission and values. In fact, using color depends on your industry, your perception, and your design.

For example: if your service related to technology, the best colors for you are white, blue and black. These colors help you look more modern and ingenious.

A Logo Design Company differentiates you from the Competition

If you want to open a Travel Agency, maybe the landscape is crowded with these agencies around you. But definitely, there isn’t anybody who thinks like you.

Think about what makes you unique and incredible. And this step should start with a creative logo. That’s the point.

A professional logo will help you separate from the competitive community. Eventually, when people see your logo behind your competitors, they will know this product or service is your own not anyone else.

BluCactus - Beat the competition

When do you have to redesign your logo?

Okay, if you already have a logo, and you think it’s not good enough. You still need something that expresses your spirit and personality.

It’s never too late with BluCactus Logo Design Company. Sometimes, companies can do it with the first time, which is well-done if you get it too. Other times, they thought after all time they should go for another one or maybe tweak or alter some details to follow shifts happened in the company.

But first, you have to find answers to 4 questions below to determine what you need. Redesign or just adjust?

Does your company change extend?

Over the years, your company might open new branches or may globally expand.  Or even new services have been added to your company. So, if your logo is considered a local one or is longer relevant to your new updates, you can seriously think about taking a risk and overhaul your business logo design to be a prefect one.

Do you have new competitors?

Being a number 1 in your industry could make you never redesign your identity and visual image, but if some changes have happened, such new companies become a new severe competitor. At this time you should take redesigning in your consideration. You must fight for your place to ensure that you will keep on.

If you initiate a new corporate identity, you will sound like updated and contemporary to latest addition.

Do you change your target audience?

Widening your target audience is still desirable as far as you have such a sensible strategy. But it should keep up with the following steps. Primarily, review your visual identity, does it still work?

If not, get going to have a professional new logo.

For example, polarizing young ones will cost you to amend some concepts, including the logo.

Does your mission or values evolve?

As a result of developing your industry or expanding, values and mission might need to exchange with something more applicable to embrace all these shifts.The logo also should be the first measure to flesh out your evolving.

So, after this entire brainstorm, you become surer that redesigning your logo is a must. Subsequently, you have to evaluate if your logo needs only upgrading or rebuilding. In the first case, your task is less severe than the full treatment process for your logo.

BluCactus - Vectorized Logo

What is a vector logo and why do you need it?

Any company, has a professional logo, must have it in as a vector. Typically, a vector logo is a scalable and editable image that can meet all adjustment to be larger or smaller without harming the quality of your logo design.

Technically, vector logos or graphics are made up of formulaic curves or geometric shapes which are introduced by a mathematical equation. These complex series of lines and shapes adjust to any size and remain precise, and meticulous.

Unlike the image, it is comprised of pixels. When you try to get a larger copy, the details of the image lose its quality and become blurry.

And to know if your image is a vector or not, be sure that the file format ends in AI, EPS, PDF, or SVG. So, you make any edit without back to Illustrator.

Logo Design Company vectorizes your Logo

The essence of vectorization is if you’d like to overhaul or redesign your logo design, such adding colors, or reorder some elements, it’s within reach. You can do it effortlessly.

So, when it comes with icons, logos, and typography, you should consider designing it with vectors to save your time and stay authorized to edit and resize.

You might think this information is not necessary for you as you are not a designer. Indeed, you need to know how the importance to receive your professional logo as a vector to have the ability to resize it wherever.

Blucactus knows the right way to do your professional logo as we are experienced to provide you with flexible tools. You will never need anything else after that.

BluCactus - Logo before vectorizing
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How Blucactus, Logo Design Company Dallas helps you to stand out?

Blucactus acknowledges that transparency and communication are the only way to get what we are going. We assure a high-quality service with an experienced and flexible team. Whether you are in Houston, Austin, San Antonio or in Dallas, Texas we can help you.

To have a structured digital marketing strategy now is inevitable if you intend to possess a progressive business.  We also come up with all the updated facilities to go hand in hand with each dynamic technology tactic. So, you can wholly trust us that what you need will get on time and superb standard.

Hiring BluCactus, Logo Design Company, is a great decision

Here is our Logo Design Process

Contact us

We hold sessions to listen to your demands and write down your all notes. Then we start working on your project.

BluCactus - Contact us for a personal advice
BluCactus - Logo Design Process - The design briefing

Do our research and get creative briefing

We define your brand industry to be aware of all your competitors. Giving thought to your prospects, values, your target audience, and your marketing objectives. These steps come along with a definite understanding of the market needs to go for the optimum way to implement your project.

After that, we prepare a first creative brief based on market demand and our research, then turning these requirements into your demand and attributes.

Display what done to get your approval

We make a presentation to display what we have done to get your feedback. We don’t go for anything before getting your approval or making changes if you have any notes.

In this presentation, we will offer a color scheme for each attribute, and you will have full freedom to decide which color looks better.

BluCactus - Logo Design Process - Get the approval
BluCactus - Logo Design Process - 3 Design Proposals

Start designing 3 logo proposals

After working on an analytic approach and taking into account your needs and characteristics, we embark on a new journey to go right through a new action plan. At which we carry out three logo design proposals.

Receive feedback to select one logo

After creating the set of logo designs, we contact you to select which one tends to seem shinier, savvier, and more dazzling for you.

BluCactus - Logo Design Process - Receive Feedback
BluCactus - Logo Design Process - Unlimited rounds of changes

Edit for unlimited times

We give you a complete space to request changes or tweaks to leave you satisfied enough. Our staff will step with you to draw for a logo design, which makes you proud.

Receive confirmed and send all format

Once we receive your confirmation on a logo design, we will hand over all the material you need for your corporate identity. These formats will be accessible on PNG, JPG, PDF, and AI (Adobe Illustrator) with high-quality and with the best resolution.

As we mentioned before the importance of a vector logo, our staff also will deliver you the vector version, so it comes easily to change and edit for further updates.

Besides, your professional logo will come across with color and white version, including JPG and PNG file format.

BluCactus - Logo Design Process - Sending all files by email
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Get started now with BluCactus Logo Design Company

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