9 luxury fashion brands on TikTok

BluCactus - 9 luxury fashion brands on TikTok

9 luxury fashion brands on TikTok. Most people believe that today’s most popular social media platform is all about quirky dances and comedy. However, day by day, different brands get closer to it. Their goal? Grab the attention of the younger audience and offer unique content. For this, they create different kinds of innovative visuals.


This also includes the most important fashion brands. From casual sustainable clothing to the most luxurious, they all started to create content for TikTok. In some cases, they focus on showcasing their garments, others choose lifestyle. Some have even started to work with influencers and celebrities.


Regardless of their goals, there’s no doubt that the fashion industry keeps growing on TikTok. Because of this, today we will show you the best 9 luxury brands on this platform.


BluCactus - 9 luxury fashion brands on TikTokBalmain


The renowned Parisian fashion house was one of the first to join this platform. For this, the image of the brand, designer Oliver, created an announcement through Instagram.


They have been one of the businesses that, since their beginnings, have chosen new proposals and innovate. All for the sake of keeping in contact with their customers. This is why they just couldn’t ignore the importance of TikTok.


BluCactus - 9 luxury fashion brands on TikTokBurberry


Fashion in England has been recognized worldwide for setting trends, being daring, and not leaving class and style aside. That’s why, when we think of a luxurious English fashion house, the first thing that comes to mind is Burberry.


Every so often the British brand looks for new ways to innovate with its content for all its followers, and now that they have begun to venture into the world of TikTok they do so through choreography and viral songs that captivate all millennials and members of Generation Z.




One of the favorite brands on social media is the French fashion house led by the young designer of humble origins who with his pieces has turned everything around and has captured the attention of the most recognized stars such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, and thousands more.


Jacquemus is easily recognizable by his followers and by fashion experts for his simplicity in each piece and the impact of his shows, such as the iconic catwalk in the middle of the lavender fields. Therefore, thanks to this great visual impact, it has made it easier for him to be a success on social media, especially on Instagram and right now on TikTok with funny videos and charming looks.


BluCactus - 9 luxury fashion brands on TikTokGucci


The creative director of the Gucci brand, Alessandro Michele, managed to attract the attention of all the young users of this platform after giving a change to the look known to all and renewing the image of the brand with his extravagant designs, new stagings, and shows worthy of the big screen for each of its collections.


Being such attractive proposals on social media, enchanting TikTok members was something easier for Gucci.



BluCactus - 9 luxury fashion brands on TikTokCalvin Klein


American fashion is not far behind, because Calvin Klein is one of the brands that has attracted the most attention among TikTok users.


After all, they have made their videos and visual materials much more creative and with a new aesthetic.


In addition, among their strategies to attract attention, they have worked with influencers or celebrities of the level of Kendall Jenner or with artists like Justin Bieber.


BluCactus - 9 luxury fashion brands on TikTokRalph Lauren


Fun and entertainment don’t have to be something not aligned with class and style.


The Ralph Lauren clothing brand is the faithful proof of this, since they began to be part of TikTok they have created entertaining content that goes well with their aesthetics.




BluCactus - 9 luxury fashion brands on TikTokGuess


Last but not least, the Guess brand also ventured into this platform in order not to be left behind.


They are now working with famous television and film stars who are an icon for everyone.


Such is the case of Pamela Anderson, who was the star of one of their most popular videos.


Other brands that do not stop giving something to talk about


Even if little by the little luxury brand has taken over TikTok, there are other new ventures and casual fashion houses. These are the favorites of TikTokers. Because of this, we couldn’t put them aside. Next, I will share two of the most popular fashion brands on TikTok.


Princess Polly


Princess Polly is one of the favorite brands of influencers for having a bold and irreverent style that all girls want to have. It is a brand that stands out for its “bad girl” look from the nineties.




Thanks to its urban, carefree, and skateboarding style, Pacsun has gained a large following on TikTok.


Today, it’s a favorite among influencers.


Its spontaneous and laid-back style makes it stand out from millions of accounts across the platform.




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