Keep your business healthy with these marketing strategies for pharmacies

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Marketing is for everyone and this includes pharmacies as they also need to sell. However, as with everyone, they also need a good marketing plan to achieve its objectives. This is vital so they can sell their meds in such a competitive market. Learn Marketing for the Pharmaceutical industry.


BluCactus - Keep your business healthy with these marketing strategies for pharmaciesSo, even if this sector works with health, this doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to increase their sales. Thus, this sector shouldn’t only focus on offering its products and services to sick people.


A lot of stores offer more than medicines. For example, rinses, soaps, brushes, bandages, among others are some of the products they offer. Not only that, but they also offer their goods to health centers, hospitals, and doctor’s offices.


Because of this, stores have to ensure that their marketing strategies revolve around health products.


The pharmaceutical area a delicate sector to deal with


BluCactus - The pharmaceutical area a delicate sector to deal withThe pharmaceutical area a delicate sector to deal withPharmaceutical marketing is one of the hardest to apply. This is due to the demanding laws and strict legislation that this sector has to obey.


So, as you can see, this is a sector that faces many obstacles. Marketing for the Pharmaceutical industry. The reason for this is due to its sales of health products. However, despite this, a lot of people have gone out of their way to openly talk about their diseases through social media or forums.


Nonetheless, what many ignore is that by doing this, they are breaking the law. So, as a result, all those that use this as a marketing strategy can get penalties. This includes influencers, users, and ever pharmaceutical companies. Thus, no one is safe and everyone should be careful when using marketing strategies for this sector.


That’s why, before creating a marketing plan for it, you must research, read, and learn about the laws, measures, or restrictions that each country has.

The physical store must look up to the task


If you have a business in this area, you must take care of these details.


This way you won’t face any setbacks or penalties. Besides, this will also allow you to show a professional and careful image. What’s more, you can also send the image that you’re up to date with the newest products in the market. But, what’s important here, is that your business complies with the regulations imposed by the requested health system.


BluCactus - The physical store must look up to the task

Another main factor that you should pay attention to is the visual aspect of your business. Remember that your pharmacy window is the first thing that your client will see.


Thus, a good showcase will grab the attention of the audience. Nowadays, people have great expectations and look for the best products or services in the market. Because of this, you must do your best to meet their needs.


For this, you should have an attractive showcase without gaps. This way, you will invite the public to go inside your store. In contrast, if the presentation of it isn’t good, then it won’t be interesting to people. As a result, it will push away customers and they won’t want to go inside just to waste their time.


It’s also important to create a good impression that lasts over time. By doing this you will keep your loyal customers by your side. This, in turn, means that they won’t look for new options and instead will remain loyal to you.


Four basic and essential elements of a pharmaceutical store


The colors:


BluCactus -the colors

The psychology of colors is something you must take into account at all times. As you might or might not know, colors have an emotional charge that can affect the client. So, depending on the color your choose, your client could feel a certain way.


Because of this, we recommend using soft color palettes. These produce a feeling of calm, relaxation, and neatness. For example, some colors that do this are blue or green. That’s why many health establishments use them.


Another way to do this is to use colors related to the seasons. Marketing for the Pharmaceutical industry. So, for example, in summer you can use warm colors like beige or white, cool blues or cool greens. In contrast, in winter you can use cold colors such as deep blue, deep green, white, or light grey.


The elements:


BluCactus -elements

Everything in your window will play an important role. Thus, it’s important that you don’t go overboard with what you place here. However, try to not leave many empty spaces. These could send the message that you have a lack of products.


Also, try to be organized and don’t put the product classifications together. Find a way to place them evenly in the space.


On the other hand, try to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. So, if you want to add more elements like prices, names, or data, keep this in mind.


The light or lighting:


BluCactus - The light or lighting:

Here, you can use white or blue light to give off the feeling of a modern and current environment. Or, if you want to give off a warm feeling, use yellow lights. This way, you will have a more familiar and cozy environment.


It doesn’t matter what shade of light you choose. However, your store must have enough light so the customer can easily see all your products.


In the same way, lighting is necessary to showcase the details and indications of your products. Remember that most health products have small letters with indications and precautions. These are very important to read and thus, you must make sure that the client has enough light to do so.


BluCactus - Cleanliness and neatness

Cleanliness and neatness:


As your business is in the health sector, being clean and neat should be your main priority.


So, your windows, counters, floor and, really, your whole store has to look so clean that it shines.


As a result, your client will feel confident and secure in their purchases and in that they are buying a good quality product.



Have good communication with clients


BluCactus - Have good communication with clientsGood communication can allow you to achieve all your goals. In the health sector, having good communication with users is vital. This is because they often have a lot of questions about certain products. As a result, they will want to know as much information as possible.


So, this means that you must be able to give them this information. This way you will able to win them over and that way get new clients. However, don’t just focus on giving them the information they need. You should also offer them solutions to their problems, special attention, and data of interest.


As you can see, customer service is something that you must take care of. Not only that, but your staff should also present a professional image and be able to answer any question your clients have. For this, you can create some protocols, provide courses, and train your employees.


You must not take this issue for granted. Thus, you must communicate with your employees and tell them what they should and shouldn’t do. This way you will avoid misunderstandings or unpleasant experiences.


Creative pharmaceutical strategies


Host an event


BluCactus - people talkingHosting events is a great strategy to grab the attention of potential clients. Not only that but, they also allow you to reach a wider audience. So, as you can see, they are perfect to advertise your pharmacy. What’s even better about this is that they also allow you to build a relationship with your clients.


Besides, organizing small events or workshops will allow you to get to know your consumer. As a result, you will know their needs and desires. This, in turn, will make it easier for you to study what are the most demanded or sought-after products in the market.


There are tons of ideas for this. For example, you can join public health campaigns, run workshops on skincare, or baby care for new mothers. You also have the option of offering informational talks and much more.


Offer free samples


Blucactus - Offer free samplesYour pharmacy can use this to grab the attention of its clients. Here, you can offer them small gifts or free samples to make them feel special. These can be personal care or beauty products like creams shampoo, and perfumes among others.


But how do you do this without losing revenue? Well, most product distributors usually give these samples to stores, ask for them. They do this because it also benefits them, if a client likes the sample is very likely that they will buy the product.


On the other hand, when your client buys something, you can add a little detail to their purchase. For example, you can put in their bag a pen or keyring with the name and logo of your store. Believe it or not, these are of great value to the customer.

Seasonal Marketing


Blucactus - Seasonal Marketing

The change of seasons makes consumers require certain specific products. This is ideal to personalize your offer and keep them.


Take advantage of the seasons of the year to launch ads or create specific content that meets the needs of customers.


Launch special offers or product combos


Let’s say it’s summer, here, you can offer a combo of summer products. For example, these can be sunscreen, bronzers, moisturizers, hair cream baths, among others.


BluCactus - Organizing webinars depending on the seasonal product

Organizing webinars depending on the seasonal product


For every season, there’s a product that shines over the others.


Thus, you can organize webinars talking about this or different products for a specific topic.





Organize campaigns for each season of the year


BluCactus - Organize campaigns for each season of the year

Seasonal campaigns can be beneficial if you want to sell a specific product.


For example, you can carry out campaigns for dietary and anti-cellulite products for the summer.


This can be very effective since users during this time of the year often want to take care of themselves.


So, for this, they look for products that can make them lose a few extra kilos. On the other hand, you can also focus on anti-mosquito products and create interesting content for the summer.


Seasonal shopping promotions


Blucactus - Seasonal shopping promotions

These are also another good option to generate more income.


You can promote products from the dermo-cosmetic area or anti-aging products in autumn and winter.


Create detailed guides and catalogs of your products


The number of products that come onto the market is uncountable. Therefore, many users don’t know how to use many of them.


A good strategy is to offer your audience detailed explanation guides. Marketing for the Pharmaceutical industry . Here, you can explain to them how to use them, data, and components, among others.


BluCactus - doctorEducating through guides can also be a strategy to publicize products of interest or arouse interest in a certain product.


This also shows that you take care of your company-client relationship, thus creating closer ties. 


These guides should also remind them of the importance of medical prevention, tips, directions on how to help a family member with a condition, and more.


And if your pharmacy offers health care or other services, you could also place it in the guides.


El sector farmacéutico también necesita marketing - mujer profesional

Another way to help them would be offering them a catalog with the existing products in stock and price. Not only that but you can segment these catalogs by product category.


For example, drugs, beauty products, personal hygiene items.


Ask yourself where can they get the information?


For this, you can take advantage of all the available formats.


For example, you can use social media, a website or blog, email, or WhatsApp.


Social media strategies


El sector farmacéutico también necesita marketing - medicinaIn today’s age, you can’t ignore social media. Many businesses take advantage of it since it offers them a cheaper alternative. Not only that, but it also allows them you reach a large audience.


Even in the pharmaceutical area, social media provides an important value and is a great opportunity to serve users interested in products. All of this without them needing to leave the comfort of their homes.


As the pharmaceutical area is a staple sector, the services of your pharmacist must be available to everyone with just one click.


This doesn’t mean that you should cover all digital platforms, but the most useful for this sector are Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


Some ideas that you can use in your social media are:


Live streaming


BluCactus - live streamLive streaming is a really useful and interesting strategy in this sector.


For this, you can do these “lives” alongside an expert from your pharmaceutical niche to touch on current or useful topics.


You can also use this tool to clarify doubts, to build a space for questions and answers, and more.


Use this tool to stay active in your platforms, show concern or interest in your followers, and maintain interaction.


Stories, Marketing for the Pharmaceutical industry 


BluCactus - marketing for the pharmacetical industry - storiesDon’t leave out any of the tools that social media offers you. Make use of stories to interact with your followers. Use all the options they give you.


You can place images using the option to choose the indicated answer.


On the other hand, using the game of right and wrong with the products you have for sale is a smart strategy to publicize what you sell.


There are no limits, you can ask what you want. You can talk about recommendations, uses of a product, precautions of some medicine, personal care, etc. These types of images work on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


BluCactus - Marketing for the Pharmaceutical industry - questionQuestions and answers


Through social media, you can use the “question” option.


Don’t miss it! Users need someone to answer their questions.


With this tool, you can respond to requests, doubts, or concerns in a reasonable time.




BluCactus - Marketing for the Pharmaceutical industry - handPolls, Marketing for the Pharmaceutical industry 


Use surveys strategically for your functionality.


You can use this option to find out which products your clientele prefers, which product can be sold more, which product they don’t like, preferences, and more.


You can also evaluate what promotions your customers want to get or what services they require from you.



BluCactus - Marketing for the Pharmaceutical industry - instagramSales site


Social media can also become an online store.


You can use Instagram to offer what you sell and make the sale through that medium.


Remember that you must inspire confidence and professionalism to achieve excellent results.


An Instagram account that has poor quality photos, without movement, doesn’t offer the information people need to buy something. Not only that, but it also doesn’t make them feel sure and secure.


ReelsBluCactus - Marketing for the Pharmaceutical industry- instagram, Marketing for the Pharmaceutical industry 


A new form of Instagram that has allowed thousands of businesses to offer their services and products in a fun and original way.


The traditional way of selling has evolved and the sales alternatives are greater when you connect in a spontaneous and fun way with the consumer.


Many of these videos are created through the TikTok platform.


BluCactus - Marketing for the Pharmaceutical industry- doctorsPharmacist Content marketing 


Potential consumers are lured with valuable content.


Remember that your publications, the descriptions of your photos, and all the digital media they handle must have valuable content, it must be useful content to the community.


This will help you positively impact the visibility of your brand.



Online strategies to attract millennials


Marketing for the Pharmaceutical industry. Digital transformation has forced us to adapt to a whole new generation. And to attract a young audience we must adjust to technology. This audience of millennials goes hand in hand with those changes that we must take into account.


But what should we do to adjust the pharmaceutical sector to modernity?


BluCactus - Marketing for the Pharmaceutical industry- multichannelUse multi-channels, Marketing for the Pharmaceutical industry


Characteristics that differentiate the new generation and millennials are the ease of socializing and the use of many communication channels.


In your marketing strategy, you must handle all possible forms of communication to reach young audiences.


We currently have instant messaging, social media, video marketing, email marketing, photographs, and podcast, among other formats.


BluCactus - Marketing for the Pharmaceutical industry- contentContent creation, Marketing for the Pharmaceutical industry


Don’t isolate your millennial audience from your content.


Without a doubt, these new potential customers will want to become part of a brand by having the opportunity to participate in it through different activities.


Provide them with valuable content and general topics to talk about. Use fresh, active, conversational, and friendly communication.


Create modern media, Marketing for the Pharmaceutical industry 


  • BluCactus - Create modern media, Marketing for the Pharmaceutical industry 

    App for your pharmacy: An excellent new and really useful investment is the development of an App that offers the public different tools according to the functions of your business.

  • Website or blog: Owning both or one of these will give your pharmaceutical store more recognition, seriousness, and professionalism.


Remember that this page must have links that redirect the user to your social media. You can also add sections with visual material, a comment section, and a product rating. Or a section where people upload their testimonial of shopping experience or when using a certain product.


BluCactus -Marketing for the Pharmaceutical industry - web pageThese tools can be used for you to offer consultations. Since many patients are beginning to use portals and apps to have consultations. Telemedicine is also joining these platforms.


This allows the client to speak with specialists about their illnesses, situations, or can solve a question without leaving their home through new channels such as video calls.


Of course, they also serve as a channel for sales, news, questions, purchase appointments, orders, etc…





BluCactus - Marketing for the Pharmaceutical industry - chatbotsUse chatbots to improve the consumer experience. They have been a star tool for some time because it helps provide quality customer service and impressive realism.


Marketing for the Pharmaceutical industry. But what are chatbots? They are systems designed to simulate human conversations.


They work 24 hours a week and everything is fully programmed for it. Besides, they are essential for cookies. Not only that, but they will also track who interacts with your brand.


This ease of use is critical to motivating the customer, and they are perfect for keeping customers who prefer text solutions to a call to customer service.


These alternatives are creating closer ties between doctors, pharmacists, and patients. Thus, generating engagement with customers. 


Don’t sell products, but experiences


BluCactus -Marketing for the Pharmaceutical industry - peopleOne way to retain a millennial customer is by offering them the experience of a lifetime.


This way they will be attracted to your pharmacy.


Think of an experience not only face-to-face but also digital.


This can be created from the sensations that you transmit through excellent customer service, through close treatment adapted to the new generation of consumers, or through a demonstration of how the product works.


BluCactus - millenialsIf you want to go further, drills are also part of an experience and even educational.


This way, you can make your audience part of everything that your ideas allow you to.


It just takes a lot of creativity on your part to provide an experience, but you will see that the results can be truly amazing.


Applying this strategy will also develop “word of mouth” and allow others to find out what is happening in your business.


As a result, others will also want to experience what is happening.


The formats, Marketing for the Pharmaceutical industry 


BluCactus - Marketing for the Pharmaceutical industry - formatsCurrently, there are formats of all styles to create advertising. Don’t get left behind! Millennials seek originality. For this, make an impact on new ideas and use everything correctly.


For example, you can use displays in your pharmacy to attract their attention with powerful messages or advice. Or, you can make eye-catching creative stands that go according to the star product for sale.


After having read all the proposals made in this post, there is no doubt that pharmaceutical marketing is an essential help.


Basic products will always be of common interest, but if you want to make yourself more visible to a wide range of potential customers, you must apply each of the recommended actions in the best possible way.


Marketing in the pharmaceutical sector serves to establish a connection with all types of customers. And in such a delicate sector, applying a good stock plan will allow you to be better positioned in the market and will prevent your business from declining. It will also improve your reputation and build trust with your clients and future clients.


BluCactus, your ally in Digital marketing


BluCactus - Marketing for the Pharmaceutical industry -cotact usBluCactus international marketing agency serves clients all over the world. Our specialty? The creation of web designs and SEO positioning in online searches. Marketing for the Pharmaceutical industry. Besides, our group of experts is dedicated to helping businesses and brands succeed in one of the most competitive sectors in the market, the digital world.


BluCactus will accompany you every step that your brand takes. This goes from the creation of the branding of your business to the creation of content. Our focus is on supporting you with the development of your website or the administration of your accounts on social media.


This online marketing agency, based in Dallas, TX, seeks to strengthen your image as a brand and take it to the next level. Don’t wait any longer to have the help of the best specialists in digital marketing and contact us through our social media or website.


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