Top New Marketing Ideas for Family Law Firms in 2024

BluCactus - Top New Marketing Ideas for Family Law Firms in 2023

Top New Marketing Ideas for Family Law Firms in 2024. The world of family law is fast-paced and competitive. If you want to succeed, it is crucial to have an effective marketing plan.


In today’s world, there are so many different marketing techniques to choose from, so it is easy to feel overwhelmed. But, there is no need to feel that way. Marketing may have changed, but the necessity for family law firms has not. With limited time and resources, it may be difficult to decide on the most effective strategies to reach your target audience, but being proactive and flexible is the first step to success. This article will discuss some of the newest-trending marketing strategies for family law firms in 2024.


One thing to note, however, is that in the digital landscape, there are a few new rules that every marketing plan must adhere to: 


  1. People want fresh information.
  2. They want it in the most convenient way possible.


Even family law firms must adhere to these two rules. People may not have the time nor the patience for information that isn’t readily available, they want their information quick and easy. Even now, you may be speeding through this paragraph to get to the key marketing ideas.




BluCactus - lawyer using laptop with a straight faceBlogging is an excellent way to showcase knowledge and expertise. It can also help connect attorneys with potential clients. If your website has little to no information, then you might be missing out on possible SEO capabilities (for more information on SEO, click here).


Having a blog, and keeping it updated, also gives clients space to view your firm from a comfortable distance. It removes the need for clients to call (and take up your precious time) to ask basic, preliminary questions. Answering these questions with as much transparency as possible will build trust and rapport with future clients. 


Granted, it does take time and commitment to keep a blog active. Not every firm has the resources available to start and maintain a blog. We understand that some lawyers are busy lawyering. But, consider this– are there a few questions that your firm consistently receives from new clients? And, do you have the know-how to effectively answer it without a consultation? 


If you can, then you should. Transparency in the legal field goes a long way. People not only want their information quick and easy, but they also want attorneys they can trust.


Video Marketing


BluCactus - video playing in tabletThe digital world is one that is set in motion. 


When I mentioned before that people don’t have the attention span to read through certain information, I meant it. Although some people will read through information that is the most relevant to them– some people may not want to read through information at all. Now, in 2024, video marketing is dominating the digital landscape, and shows no indication of stopping.


Creating informative and engaging videos is an excellent medium to use to reach these clients. If you don’t have the time to blog, then creating videos is another way to answer simple questions for future clients.


With videos, you can also showcase your firm’s legal expertise; as well as discuss legal processes, your firm’s details, and give general advice. You can then share these videos on your company website and social media platforms, as well as YouTube. 


You could even host a live webinar if you have the following for it. This way people could get to talk with you and ask general questions in real-time, without the issue of time and location.




BluCactus - microphone for podcast shows - Family Law FirmsPodcasting is another upcoming and creative marketing idea.


While podcasting does not necessarily reach all audiences, it does give your firm the chance to expand its professional reputation. With podcasting, you can dive deeper into family law policy and practice. Discussing topics such as the psychological effects of divorce on children, effective parenting plans, state child support policies, etc. All the while maintaining a small budget (again this strategy mostly requires time).


Podcasting has shown tremendous growth over the years, and while it is not as effective as traditional marketing (because some people just want to immediately start their legal process) it is a great way to build rapport among your peers. Consider even having guest speakers or previous clients join your podcast.


Personalized Email Campaigns


BluCactus - icon of an email - email marketing services in the usaEmail marketing remains a cost-effective and relevant way to reach new clients. Whereas the previous strategies I mentioned are for clients actively searching you out— customized emails can be a first-move strategy to bring clients to you.


Some people won’t feel compelled to seek out a family law attorney unless it is directly presented to them. So, email advertising may be just enough of a push for them to reach out.


If your firm has limited or no experience in personalized campaigns, it may be worth hiring a professional digital marketing business. If done right— email marketing can have a huge return. 


BluCactus offers this service. To learn more, please click here.


Community Partnerships


BluCactus - friendship - group of hands together - Family Law FirmsIn China, they have a term called Guanxi, which is directly translated as, “closed system.” Referring to an individual’s business relationships through personal relationships.


The idea of it is simple— learn to network. 


A firm should be more than paperwork and closed cases. It should be a part of the community. Guanxi is the practice of getting to know people (outside of business-related settings) before beginning business with them. One way you can do this is through community partnerships.


Examples of community partnerships are:


  • Working with local organizations (maybe doing pro bono work)
  • Attending local events (possibly volunteering for them as well)
  • Donating to community programs
  • Joining mentorship programs


There is no shortage of opportunities to be a part of your community. This can be a great way to enhance your firm’s reputation (beyond legal representation) and build a strong presence with them. It is also an effective way to lead to referrals and word-of-mouth advertising. 


Contributing to your community will benefit your firm in the long run.




Ken Schreck BluCactus +1 469 206 5510In short– there are a multitude of marketing strategies to decide on. There is also the question between traditional marketing (i.e., newspaper ads, billboards, posters, etc.) and digital marketing. 


Note: Over 65% of law firms are now spending most of their marketing budget on digital marketing. It has been reported that the majority of firms spend close to 50% of their budget on digital marketing, and 40% spend close to 70%-100% on digital marketing (according to 


Deciding on effective marketing strategies depends largely on your firm’s ability and resources. Some firms may find well-tested, traditional marketing methods to be more effective for their target audience; while other firms may find newer and more innovative marketing ideas to bring in more clients. Again, it depends on a series of factors relating to ability and purpose. 


If you need help marketing your firm, BluCactus is able to provide both traditional and digital marketing services. For more information, please click here

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