17 Best Marketing Podcast To Listen in 2021

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17 Best Marketing Podcast To Listen in 2021. Looking for the best marketing podcast in 2021?


We have got you covered. In this blog post, we talked about the 17 best marketing podcasts that every online marketer, webmaster, blogger, and business owner must listen to. 


These podcasts range from industry topics like digital marketing, blogging, make online, and a lot more.


Even if you follow a few of these podcasts for a month or a two, then you’ll be able to scale your knowledge to the next level.


1. This Old Marketing


Blucactus - this old marketingThis Old Marketing is a top-rated content marketing podcast where Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose, the world’s best digital marketing experts, cover topics on content, blogging marketing, and a lot more.


Each episode of this show covers topics on how you can start and scale your online business with the help of marketing and advertising. 


This podcast also features interview series of the world’s best marketers like Neil Patel, John Chow, and many more.


2. Smart Passive Income


Blucactus - smar passive incomeIf you’re a blogger, you’ve must have heard the name of Pat Flynn, regardless of whether you’ve read any of his articles or tuned in to his podcast.


In the Smart Passive Income podcast, Pat Flynn uncovers his business and blogging systems, income sources, and executioner marketing tips and helps you stay on top of things. 


Past guests on the podcast have included Gary Vaynerchuk, Michael Hyatt, Tim Ferriss, and Ramit Sethi.


3. Everyone Hates Marketers


Blucactus - everyone hates marketersHosted by Louis Grenier, Everyone Hates Marketers is a no-puff, significant marketing podcast for individuals tired of poor and boring marketing strategies and tips. 


In the podcast, Grenier interviews marketers and business people who are doing marketing the right way. The podcast centers on assisting listeners with getting site visitors, more leads, more clients, and all the more long-haul benefits, by utilizing great marketing. 


Past guests on the show have included Seth Godin, Nir Eyal, Rand Fishkin, Noah Kagan, and Sujan Patel.


4. Perpetual Traffic


Blucactus - perpetual trafficPerpetual Traffic is a week-by-week podcast that is altogether centered on paid traffic strategies. Delivered by DigitalMarketer and facilitated by Ralph Burns (Tier 11) and Molly Pittman (teamtraffic.com), the podcast features state-of-the-art strategies for getting leads and sales for your business through paid traffic. 


Perpetual Traffic joins the paid traffic strategies created at DigitalMarketer with the real-life agency experience of Tier 11 and teamtraffic.com. 


On the off chance that you’d prefer to make Facebook advertising and Google Ads work for your business, there could be no more excellent podcast than Perpetual Traffic.


5. GaryVee Audio Experience


Blucactus - garyvee audio experienceThe mega-mainstream serial business visionary Gary Vaynerchuk otherwise known as Gary Vee has his own digital recording podcast where he shares tips and guidance on marketing, social media, and business. 


Gary Vee is perhaps the most dynamic marketing influencer on social media, particularly on Snapchat and Instagram, and if you end up being one of his adherents, you’d realize he doesn’t hesitate to impart his knowledge to his fans. 


If you like his tips and counsel on business ventures and marketing, tune into this web recording routinely, and you will not be disappointed.


6. Marketing Growth Podcast


Blucactus - marketing growth podcastFacilitated by Shane Barker, the Marketing Growth Podcast, recently known as Shane Barker’s Marketing Madness Podcast, centers around offering audience members actionable tips to prevail with digital marketing efforts. 


On each of his podcast series, Shane interviews prestigious digital advertisers who share development hacks, instruments, tips, and methodologies they used to prevail in their businesses. From behind-the-scenes mysteries to assets they influence, the guests talk about everything. 


Past guests of the show include Rand Fishkin, Jeff Baker, Larry Kim, Bohumil Pokstefl, Ted Rubin, and others.


7. Marketing School


Blucactus - marketing schoolNeil Patel needs no presentation in the marketing community. Besides helping to establish organizations like Kissmetrics, CrazyEgg, and QuickSprout, he additionally writes consistently at NeilPatel.com. If you’re a fan of his content, you’ll likewise discover the Marketing School Podcast engaging and helpful. 


Neil Patel co-hosts this digital broadcast with business person and marketing master Eric Siu. Each new scene contains 5-10 minutes of noteworthy marketing guidance every day. 


If you don’t have the opportunity to tune into custom-made long podcasts, this is one digital recording you ought to buy into.


8. Social Media Examiner


Blucactus - social media examinerThe Social Media Examiner (SME) digital broadcast is similarly pretty much as well known as the blog, and it’s hosted by SME’s organizer Michael Stelzner. Assuming you’re in the social media space, this is one digital recording you can’t miss as it’s effectively the #1 social media advertising webcast. 


SME offers two weekly sound podcasts to help support your social media showcasing skills and stay up with the latest consistently changing universe of social media. Each web recording is 45 minutes long, including examples of overcoming adversity and master interviews from driving social media showcasing experts. 


9. Online Marketing Made Easy


Blucactus - online marketing made easyOnline Marketing Made Easy is a top-of-the-line business podcast facilitated by online marketing master Amy Porterfield.


This podcast is custom-made for small business proprietors. 


Her podcast highlights interviews of top-rated marketers, scaled-down execution plans, and in the background privileged insights of Amy’s greatest strategies, all integrated with significant marketing tips.


10. The Tim ferriss Show


Blucactus - the tim ferriss showIn his digital recording, the best-selling creator and business person Tim Ferriss welcomes extraordinary visitors from eclectic areas (contributing, sports, business, craftsmanship, and so forth) to know about the tactics, tools, and schedules they use. This incorporates their number one books, morning schedules, practice propensities, time-usage tricks, and substantially more. 


The Tim Ferriss Show is the #1 business web recording on all of iTunes. It is additionally the primary business digital recording to pass 100,000,000 downloads, and it has been chosen as “Best of” iTunes for a very long time running. 


Past visitors on ferriss’ webcast have included Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jamie Foxx, Edward Norton, Tony Robbins, Peter Thiel, Amanda Palmer, Malcolm Gladwell, Vince Vaughn, Rick Rubin, Reid Hoffman, Jon Favreau, and many more.


11. The Science of Social Media


Blucactus - the science of social mediaBuffer’s blog is easily one of the best and top-rated social media marketing blogs on the internet, and their podcast is just as good. 


Hosted by Buffer’s social media marketing team, Buffer’s The Science of Social Media covers topics like social media marketing news, hacks, tips, and actionable guides on social media marketing. 


It also features interview series of top social media experts of the world. 



12. Marketing Scoop


Blucactus - marketing scoopAre you hunting for the best SEO marketing podcast?


If yes, then Marketing Scoop by SEMrush should be the place to be at. 


This is an SEO podcast by SEO juggernaut SEMrush where they uncover the latest SEO and digital marketing headlines that impact your business and marketing strategy. 


In each episode, they invite industry experts to share and analyze the trending and the latest SEO techniques going around. 


So, if you want to take your organic traffic to the next level, then make sure that you follow this podcast.


13. Marketing Over Coffee


Blucactus - marketing over coffeeEventHero’s VP of Marketing, John J. Divider, and Podcamp’s prime supporter, Christopher Penn have this well-known weekly digital broadcast where they cover both classic and new marketing strategies.


The show is recorded in a local coffee shop each week and distributed on Thursday mornings. 


Each show is around 20 minutes long and is loaded up with the sort of marketing tips and advice that you can just get from easy-going discussions outside the workplace.


14. The Blitz Growth Podcast


Blucactus - the blitz growth podcastHosted by Hyax originator Jack Paxton, The Blitz Growth Podcast gives a profound plunge into how brands are scaling their business with development marketing.


In the podcast show, Paxton interviews fruitful business visionaries and creators to share their mysteries.


He likewise shares his own wins and losses beginning with different software companies and marketing organizations.


15. Noah Kagan Presents


Blucactus - noah kagan presentsIf you often purchase your marketing tools at limited costs from AppSumo or use the Sumo plugin to develop your email subscriber, you’d love to know that Noah Kagan, Chief Sumo at AppSumo, and Sumo, has a podcast called “Noah Kagan Presents.” 


In his podcast, Noah shares his best methodologies to develop your business, improve usefulness, and live a more joyful and more fruitful life.




16. The Authority Hacker


Blucactus - the authority hackerThe Authority Hacker Podcast is an augmentation of the well-known Authority Hacker blog, where Gael Breton and Mark Webster talk about their experience running web organizations, authority sites, and blogs


The podcast covers all the web-based promoting tactics used by Breton and Webster to make and develop their electronic web-based companies.


They likewise share the advertising tools they use to increase traffic to their sites and robotize the development of their business.


17. Copy Blogger Podcast


Blucactus - copy blogger podcastSonia Simone of Copyblogger has this weekly podcast, where she and a cast of turning experts examine the week in content marketing, copywriting, email marketing, conversion streamlining, outlook, and a lot more. 


In case you’re searching for tips and strategies to improve your content marketing and copywriting abilities, this is one podcast you shouldn’t miss.





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The podcast is the next big thing, and if you want to listen to a marketing podcast, then make sure that you follow any of these 17 podcasts. Each of these marketing podcasts is conducted by top-level experts in their respective industries. 


We are following a bunch of podcasts from this list. Every week we get to learn something new and exciting from the sessions. 


So, if you want to learn or enhance your existing marketing knowledge, then you must follow any of these podcasts. 

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