2022 Advertising Stats You Need to Know

BluCactus-2022 Advertising Stats You Need to Know

2022 Advertising Stats You Need to Know. Businesses understand how important customers are for staying afloat and expanding. Therefore, they also know that investing plenty of time, money, and effort into their marketing strategy is vital for attracting and retaining paying clients. However, coming up with an eye-catching and productive strategy is not always an easy task.


In case your company has an in-house team that handles advertising, they must stay in the loop with the latest trends in the field and use them accordingly. With that in mind, read on for some marketing statistics that will be useful for your 2022 strategy.


Content marketing statistics


Blucactus-2022 Advertising Stats You Need to Know-Content marketing statistics-Content marketing statisticsWith the rise of digital marketing, content marketing took center stage in the last couple of years. According to a 2018 report that surveyed North America, 86% of B2C marketers see content marketing as a crucial component of their overall marketing strategy. According to research from 2017, 72% of marketers believe that content marketing can boost engagement and leads.


With content that consumers can find on the internet, it’s practically endless. For example, most companies have realized that starting a blog where they can promote their products and services and work on becoming an authority in the field is of the utmost importance in this day and age. So, if your company also has a blog, you need to know that 70% of organizations use blog posts as one of their top content channels and 41% use it as a big part of their campaign.


Video content has also seen an increase in popularity, as 82.8 percent of people that regularly use the internet view videos at least once a month. Moreover, only 31% of marketers rely on video messaging in their campaigns, which you might be able to use to your advantage. Podcasts are also popular, as 71.1% of internet users listen to them every month. Lastly, 48% of nurture campaigns use webinars to connect with their audience.


Social media marketing statistics


Blucactus-2022 Advertising Stats You Need to Know-Social media marketing statisticsDue to a global pandemic and various restrictions that came with it, social media has provided businesses with ways to communicate with their audience despite closed brick-and-mortar shops. Seeing as how, in 2021, over 3.6 billion people used some social media platform, marketers can find various ways to boost the value of their company through these channels.


For instance, Facebook is still the most used social network with around 2.7 billion monthly users. While TikTok has the highest engagement rates among all platforms and is expected to have over 1.5 billion users in 2022. In terms of demographics, in 2019, Millennials were leading the pack, with 90.4% being active on social media. They were followed by 77.5% of Gen X and 48.2% of Baby Boomers. However, Gen Z is being more active and more vocal than ever before, which is something that companies have to consider and market for if they want to be successful. This is especially true in the world of influencers that encourage their followers to try out and purchase a certain business’s products or services.


Research suggests that 84% of C-suite executives and 75% of B2B buyers rely on social media to make purchasing decisions. So, it’s easy to see that these social media tactics do not work only on individuals but companies as well.


Email marketing statistics


Blucactus-2022 Advertising Stats You Need to Know-Email marketing statisticsBesides social media, email marketing also played a crucial part during the first few months of the pandemic, as it allowed companies to stay in touch with customers even when in-store shopping wasn’t an option. According to 2019 reports, every dollar invested in email marketing has an ROI of $42.


Seeing as how 90.9% of individuals that regularly use the internet send at least one email per month, emails that marketers send reach 85% of their intended audience with a 22.86% open rate and 3.71% click-through rate. Although this number might seem low, the click-through rate for emails is 50 to 100 times higher than those of Twitter and Facebook.


Finally, automation in this field is something many marketers (75%) claim they couldn’t live without.


Search marketing statistics


Blucactus-2022 Advertising Stats You Need to Know-Search marketing statisticsWhen in need of products or services, chances are that customers will turn to a search engine before asking any of their friends for advice. While there are many options to choose from, Google remains in the lead when it comes to search engines as it owns just under 92% of the global market. Bing with 2.75% and Baidu with 1.9% can’t even come close. The leading search engine processes over 40,000 search queries per second on average, which means that over three and a half billion searches get performed every day. Moreover, over 60% of searches come from mobile devices. On the other hand, every month, Bing handles 12 billion searches.


Research also shows that 92.3% of smartphone owners use their devices to perform online searches. What is more, 70% of them like to conduct research online before they purchase an item in the store. That means that you have to make sure your website is responsive and you can even design it mobile-first.


When it comes to online shopping, 36% of product searches start on Google while 49% begin on Amazon. In case a potential customer finds your company on a search engine, you want to include an online inventory on your website, as 80% of online shoppers like to check if going to the store is worth the trip. Additionally, 88% of users who look up a store on Google Maps will visit it within a week and 28% of searches that include the phrases “near me” or “nearby” result in a purchase. With that in mind, it’s easy to see how investing in quality local SEO services can be vital for your marketing campaign.


Lastly, voice searches cannot be overlooked either, as 27% of internet users worldwide use mobile voice search. Among individuals that own voice-activated speakers like Google Home and Alexa, 72% say that they use voice search every day. It is estimated that, by 2022, at least half of consumers will rely on voice search.


Customer experience statistics


Blucactus-2022 Advertising Stats You Need to Know-Customer experience statisticsIn this day and age, customers require just the right amount of personalization when it comes to brands. If your marketing team is not crafting your brand message so that it targets your prospects and customers in a way that appeals to their interests, they will simply look elsewhere. That is why understanding consumers at an individual level is imperative for success.


With that in mind, it’s important to understand that paying more is no issue for 86% of consumers if that means that they will have a better customer experience. Moreover, 52% of customers will not hesitate to switch brands if they find one that speaks to their needs better, while 38% state that they are more loyal now when compared to two years ago.


In terms of companies, more money is being spent on improving customer experience, as three out of four CX leaders say that they’ve noticed a correlation between business objectives and customer satisfaction. For example, in 2017, 47% of survey respondents planned on increasing their customer experience budget while that number rose to 74% in 2019. This directly corresponds to data that shows that about 20% of CX programs were below expectation in 2017, but 96% of organizations met or exceeded expectations in 2019.


Brand awareness statistics


Blucactus-2022 Advertising Stats You Need to Know-Brand awareness statisticsAdvertising campaigns also have the goal of raising a company’s brand awareness. Therefore, if you want to build your brand and attract the right audience, think about what values you share, as 64% of customers see aligned values as the main reason for the relationship they have with a brand. Moreover, 56% of those that find companies with the same values tend to stay loyal. The ability to resonate with an audience is crucial for a brand, while you will need five to seven interactions to have them remember you. Having a purpose and standing for something can come with great benefits. Not only will 66% of Millennials and Gen X prefer working with you, but it will also help you in the stock market.


However, despite the significance of relating to their consumers, many brands find it difficult. With that in mind, marketing teams need to use the consumer data they’ve collected and align the expected values of the target audience with that of the company. Statistics show that only six out of ten marketers believe that the brand and overall strategy of the company align. Furthermore, 35% of marketers struggle with keeping their brand relevant and managing it worldwide.


Data-driven marketing statistics


Blucactus-2022 Advertising Stats You Need to Know-Data-driven marketing statisticsTo create a brand that aligns with the company message and customers’ values, marketers need to use big data. This is a top priority at the moment as 64% of marketing leaders claim that data-driven strategies are vital for success and 40% of organizations are increasing their budgets for this purpose. Two-thirds of marketers state that decisions based on data are more effective than those based on gut instincts. Marketing strategies that are supported by data can lead to five to eight times higher ROI.


Data quality statistics


Blucactus-2022 Advertising Stats You Need to Know-Data-Data quality statisticsHowever, it also needs to be said that not all data is quality data. In the era of personalization, you need the right information to form a strategy that will cater to your target audience. Good data will also train artificial intelligence and machine learning programs and they will be more effective when placing targeted messages. Although 54% of organizations agree that quality data is vital, they also see it as the biggest challenge in data-driven marketing. Additionally, 57% of marketers will likely get incorrect results and incorrectly interpret data. Overall, 2017 statistics show that 47% of new data contains at least one critical error and only 3% of executives believe that their data quality meets the requirements.


Marketing attribution statistics


Blucactus-2022 Advertising Stats You Need to Know-Data-Marketing attribution statisticsLastly, as various aspects can be implemented into a marketing strategy, attributing specific touchpoints to purchases and ROI can be difficult for marketing teams. Seeing as how most businesses don’t have access to quantitative metrics that will show them if their marketing efforts were worth their budget, it’s only normal that 68% of them agree that having better ways of measuring the ROI is a top priority. In addition, research shows that most marketers don’t trust their modeling techniques while 57% of marketers worldwide report feeling overwhelmed by the data they receive, partly due to not having the right skill set to handle it.


If you’re looking to improve your marketing efforts in the year to come, keep these statistics in mind to achieve the best possible results and avoid detrimental mistakes.


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