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The Best Marketing Strategies for Accountants. Digital marketing is being used in many sectors today, and it is an excellent option for accountants who want to attract new clients. Of course, it’s normal that for accountants this may not be their area of expertise, however, it is never too late to learn new mechanisms.


In today’s world, it is a great option for accounting firms to adopt marketing practices for further growth. For this, accountants must understand how marketing works to avoid any type of error. Just as it is important to be aware of the steps of the competition, you have to focus on attracting more traffic to get to potential customers.


For this reason, it is important to create strategies that allow greater success in the digital market. In fact, if you are an accountant, you can apply many strategies that will help you retain more clients and win new ones. 


How to start? It is one of the main questions for both accountants and other professionals who want to use marketing tools. If you have already been trying to grow your accounting business in this online era, now is the time to learn how to create the most appropriate strategies to achieve your goals.


What are the most effective strategies for accountants?


BluCactus - strategies for accountants - important dataIs your accounting firm going through a rough patch?


You no longer have to worry if your client portfolio has dropped because just below, we will let you know what are the most efficient marketing strategies to promote your firm or your accountant services.


One of the most important advantages is that marketing allows you to create strategies and solutions to reach people who may really be interested in your service.


These are the best strategies for accountants:


Build and strengthen your online presence


BluCactus - strategies for accountants - important dataFor digital marketing strategies to be efficient, it is important to have a good online presence.


That is why, if this step is missing, you will only waste your time and money.


So, once you apply the digital marketing activities in your firm it should be constant as changes will not be made overnight.


Your accounting firm must have a good online presence to get potential clients. For example, when a user wants to know certain information, he looks for his phone to access the internet and get clear answers. For this reason, you cannot miss the opportunity for your company to be seen by the audience that is looking for an accounting firm.


BluCactus - strategies for accountants - important dataWhat does it take to strengthen your online presence? Strategies for accountants 

  • Have a good positioning in search engines.
  • Have a website that is easy to use as well as attractive.
  • A blog that contains interesting information.
  • Employ marketing on social media, or other means such as E-mail
  • Maintain a standardized service package.
  • Employ content marketing.
  • Show reviews.



Give your audience a website where they can easily navigate


BluCactus - important dataBuilding a quality website to showcase your services as an accountant should be one of your main goals. In fact, your website will become the hub for everything you do online. When you use marketing strategies, it is because there are set clear objectives, and among them, you cannot miss attracting new customers to your website to obtain a record with their data.


Obtaining information from users who visit your website is essential for you to implement more personalized marketing strategies. All your plans that you have set to do online must be focused on getting your target audience to promote your services. And after achieving this step you can redirect them to both your content and your site.


To achieve your goals, your site must have some elements that will allow the user to make quick decisions. To do this, you must provide a strong message, and show a strong brand that is followed by a call to action. Also, you must effectively design a plan that can improve your content, and invite your website visitors to spend more time on your site this will increase the chance of being found in search engines.


BluCactus - strategies for accountants - important dataWhat elements should your website contain?


  • Eye-catching fonts that are easy to read.
  • A mobile design that is easy to use from any device.
  • Attractive and original images that are capable of representing your company.
  • A menu with which visitors can quickly search for information of interest.
  • Colors that can represent your brand and that be visually pleasing.



Optimize your website for better search engine rankings


BluCactus - strategies for accountants - important dataThrough marketing, it is possible to achieve search engine optimization, although it is important to know that it is not an easy task. Also, this area is not handled perfectly by accountants because it is not their specialty. However, once you start biting SEO into your brand, the whole process to gain greater visibility will be easier than you might imagine.


More than half of the world’s population uses the Internet, which means that you will reach a larger audience if you offer your services as an accountant through this medium. This is because within the audience there will be a small fraction interested in the services of an accountant. For this reason, you must define your audience and the profile of your potential client to know how to guide them directly to your website.


Use local SEO


BluCactus - strategies for accountants - important dataHow do you find customers near you?


Local SEO will be the best tool you can use to attract people who are in your area and use the search engine, to find information regarding accounting services.


Local SEO can be applied on each page that makes up your website, and each of these pages must have local keywords added such as:



BluCactus - strategies for accountants - important dataTo follow the keys to SEO marketing, all your keywords must be included in the following sections:


  • URL of your page.
  • The title of your page.
  • Your image in the alt text.
  • Your anchor text or hyperlinks.


If you want your website to look much more empowered, you can choose to configure your profile on Google My Business. If you do not have a profile, your business will not appear in local search results, which appear in Google’s organic listings.


So, when having your profile on Google My Business, it must show your office hours, your address accompanied by your phone number, and striking photos of your office. Also, you should put all the relevant categories on your site so that the audience can find the information about the service they are looking for.


Why is it important to provide this type of information? 


BluCactus - important dataGoogle makes a collection of all this data for the return of services that are in a certain location. That is, if, for example, a person searches for “Counter services near me” and their profile does not have the corresponding information, it will not appear in the search results.


Therefore, you must be aware of every detail of your website and verify that your company file contains the corresponding data to be located. Similarly, your name, address, and telephone number are elements that cannot be missing because Google uses them to ensure that your company operates under conditions of legitimacy.


Also, your business must appear with the same name in all places when searching. So, if the name of your company is “John Smith & Associates”, that is the name that must always appear for Google to trust your company and positively improve its ranking in the search results.


Focus on content marketing


BluCactus - important dataContent marketing is a must-have when carrying out a marketing strategy for your accounting firm.


The most obvious example of good content marketing is blogging.


In fact, blogging websites attract 55% more traffic compared to non-blogging websites.


Also, blogging tends to reach a good audience for many reasons, one of which is that you can keep your content up-to-date on your site.


BluCactus - important data However, apart from blogging, there are other forms of content that you can use as a marketing strategy:



One point you should know is that content marketing is not only focused on the direct promotion of your services. The real goal is to answer all the doubts that arise and with great conviction. If a person needs the services of an accountant, surely their questions will be focused on accounting, formal duties, costs, taxes, finances, among others.


If you want to attract potential customers it is of great importance that you provide real content that can be valuable to the user. It is the only way you can position your accounting firm with authority.


Learn how to take advantage of content marketing to avoid mistakes


BluCactus - important dataMany accounting firms tend to make mistakes because they don’t understand the importance of content marketing. Once you learn how to take advantage of this tool, you can build trust between your brand and the user to attract potential customers who are about to decide whether they need an accountant service or not.


What can you do? Free webinars are a great option where people can ask questions related to the services offered by an accountant. For prospect, these types of actions are interesting because it offers them valuable info for free.


Also, without the need to directly market your skills, you can demonstrate all your expertise to potential clients. If you want to improve the SEO of your website, content marketing will be a great ally. Therefore, the more pages your website contains, the easier it is to rank in search engines.


How to optimize your blog posts? To optimize, you must use local keywords and market your content elsewhere on your website.


BluCactus - important data

Don’t forget to do social media marketing


As we have already told you at the beginning, strengthening your online presence does not happen overnight, it’s an ever-evolving process.


However, there are other areas you can work on to see quick results. Social media is very effective to promote your accounting firm, although many still dismiss this digital marketing tool.


Similarly, from BluCactus we recommend that you use social media as a digital marketing tool so that you can reach your potential customers more easily.


The best social media platform for accountants


BluCactus - important dataWhich platform can you choose? First, you must identify the platforms that your audience uses the most. In this way, you can include them within your digital marketing strategies. One of the most important social media platforms so far is Facebook, and it is a direct source for marketing aimed to connect people and not companies. That’s why LinkedIn would probably be the best option for your accounting firm.


Now for quick regulations or instant messaging, the Twitter platform is a great idea to immediately connect with your potential customers. Besides, before choosing any social media platform you should also take into account the tastes of the clients with whom you currently work for.


When you already have several potential clients, you must maintain continuous contact to keep them committed to your firm. Also, it is more effective when you live on one platform than pretending to have a presence in all of them. Only choose the most convenient ones to meet your goals as an accountant.


Set up your profile the right way, strategies for accountants


BluCactus - strategies for accountants - important dataYour social media profiles must be well set up so that you can put effective digital marketing into practice. For this reason, your social media account must have:


  • A good description.
  • Profile picture.
  • Cover photo.
  • Link to your website.
  • Basic information about your accountant’s office.
  • Include address.
  • Include contact telephone number.


We recommend using the same profile photo in all your accounts if you have many. Consistency between your site and social media will be critical so that people can easily find you online and recognize your content.


Pick the right content to share, strategies for accountants


What kind of content to publish? Knowing the answer is essential to make good use of digital marketing in accounting firms. While it is true, online content can take several forms but it will not be suitable for all sectors, much less for social media.


Marketing experts recommend that 80% of social media posts should contain information and entertainment. For this reason, only 20% should be used as an argument to make direct sales of the services.


Apply email marketing, strategies for accountants


BluCactus - strategies for accountants - important dataEmail marketing cannot be missing from a digital marketing plan. This tool may not receive as much attention as many others at first, but you will start to notice that this option is very advantageous for its efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Through email marketing, you can build greater authority with your audience. It’s also a good way for occasional subscribers to convert into leads. Therefore, do not put this tool aside to better explain your services and make it clear that your service as an accountant is the best in your field.


The content of the email must be made up of:


  • Personalized greeting.
  • Accurate and compelling subject line.
  • Clear and concise language.
  • Short paragraphs that are divided by images.
  • Call to direct action.

Include online reviews, strategies for accountants


BluCactus - strategies for accountants - important dataThe reviews and ratings that your website has are of great importance to launch digital marketing.


Accounting firms need to show their good reputation, and what’s best of all, this strategy can be carried out for free.


To get good reviews, you need to do the following:



BluCactus, your ally in Digital marketing


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BluCactus will accompany you in every step that your brand takes. This goes from the creation of the branding of your business to the creation of content. Our focus is on supporting you with the creation of your website or the administration of your accounts on social media.


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