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Every day that passes, companies are even more sure that marketing is the key to their success. This is because it allows them to achieve the positioning of their business or brand. Thus, without it, many products wouldn’t be able to stay in the minds of consumers. Learn the 15 Marketing Strategies for Commercial Banking.


BluCactus - professional personSo, what is marketing? It’s the set of techniques and studies that aim to improve, as its name implies, the marketing of a product. This is perfect for the world of finances since it also needs to have plans and strategies. These, in turn, will allow it to improve the personalization of their services.


Not only that, but this is also responsible for the study and positioning of banks. For this, it focuses on many things related to its presence in the market. In short, it’s in charge of:


  • The image of the entities
  • Establishing prices
  • Design of the distribution channels
  • Advertising/Promotion of products and services


Thus, if a bank wants to achieve its goals, it must carry out a marketing strategy to promote its services. What’s more, this branch is vital to meet the needs of every client. So, with it, you can also offer financial products and services according to their demands.


As you can see, financial marketing plays an important role in the market segmentation process. This is essential to understand what you have to do to sell your product.


Why is marketing necessary?


BluCactus - computerWithout marketing, no business could survive. This is because it’s necessary to study the commercial management of companies.


Only in this way, you will be able to satisfy the needs and desires of consumers. For this, you must also aim at attracting, keeping, and maintaining their loyalty.


In the same way, without marketing, it isn’t possible to know the consumer or their needs.


So, as a result, marketing becomes the connection between the consumer and the company. This then allows you to know how, when, and where they demand the product or service.


What should you achieve with marketing strategies?


BluCactus - professional personWith these marketing strategies you can achieve different actions:


  • Capture customer data and information.


  • Segment audiences and connect with new, larger audiences.


  • Build loyalty with old customers.


  • Increase market share.


  • Create greater trust in customers.


  • Generate products with a low perception of risk.

Financial marketing that excites the customer


BluCactus - 15 Marketing Strategies for Commercial Banking - technological deviceRemember that customers are not just numbers. They are a group of experiences and needs that you need to satisfy. In short, they are a handful of experiences and also some needs.


That is why getting an emotion out of them is so hard for financial marketing. Not only that, but society has been losing their trust in banks. Thus, this is yet another challenge for them.


So, that’s why you need to know how your consumers feel about banking. Once you know this, you will be able to create financial marketing strategies. Remember to work on strategies that support positive emotions and that reduce negative ones. This will help you to put your marketing plan into motion.


Objectives of financial marketing, 15 Marketing Strategies for Commercial Banking 


BluCactus - 15 Marketing Strategies for Commercial Banking - technological deviceEven if marketing objectives depend on the company and its strategic plans, the main goal is to get new customers.


Next, we find the need to position itself in the competitive financial market.


Besides, this also helps with the positioning of banks and their images.


That isn’t all! As it also establishes prices and the design of distribution channels.



Banking Marketing Strategies to Sell More


There are many businesses and brand owners who find themselves lost when it comes to the creation of successful financial marketing strategies.


That is why we will list some of the best strategies for the banking industry. All of them will allow you to understand the minds of your clients and thus, reach success.


Optimization of user experience


BluCactus - 15 Marketing Strategies for Commercial Banking - technological deviceThanks to the rise of new technologies for the past few years, people became experts in the digital world. Now, everyone has in the palm of their hands different sources of information. 


This, in turn, allows them to spend more time comparing different products. This then leads to their tastes being more demanding. Here, is where we the importance of bringing the company’s digital transformation to its entirety. This means that every customer contact with the brand must be perfect. And for this, the user experience is vital.


The biggest mistake you could make is to ignore the use of social media. Remember that they are your cover letter for the whole world. Thus, you must maintain a certain coherence between the different channels of your brand. All of this alongside syncing all user data to the different points of interaction.


Analysis of customer behavior


BluCactus - 15 Marketing Strategies for Commercial Banking - technological device

Big data is here to stay, there’s no doubt about it. As a result, analyzing user behavior data is becoming more and more important for companies.


All thanks to its ability to adapt to the new needs of its customers. Besides, the data generated by consumer activity can help in many things.


For example, in the creation of targeted offers, targeted content, and an experience that delivers true consumer value.


So, only when we can understand the customer, are we able to better help them.


Inbound marketing


BluCactus - 15 Marketing Strategies for Commercial Banking - technological device

This is a favorite within the world of marketing. Its goal is to establish long-lasting trusting relationships with clients.


When it comes to the financial world, this is a major benefit.


It’s a fact that a lot of people today don’t trust these companies for many reasons.


The main one would be that they handle a lot of private and personal information.


Inbound Marketing vs. the competition


One of the biggest hardships in this sector is its large amount of competition. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, the competition is always harsh. You could be in Switzerland, Germany, the United States, Spain, France, or the United Kingdom, it will all be the same. 15 Marketing Strategies for Commercial Banking.


BluCactus - 15 Marketing Strategies for Commercial Banking - technological device

So, as you can see, it’s no brainer to think that inbound marketing is important for the financial sector. Besides, remember that today it’s not enough for a bank to show itself as the best. It doesn’t matter whether it offers the lowest interest rates or the highest profits. All customers want is social responsibility and humanization.


For this, inbound marketing uses tools to create a bond of trust with customers. its goal is to show itself to clients in the easiest and most humane way possible. Not only that, but it also seeks to offer the best content. To do this, it must contain relevant and entertaining information.


In this sense, one of the main ways to achieve this by doing storytelling through advertising spots. For this, you must tell a story that gets any kind of emotion out of your client. This way your bank will be able to reach out to people in a more humane way.


All of these aims that humanizing the brand and to let customers know that their problems are important to the bank. Only in this way, you will be able to overcome that cold and impersonal image. Thus, earning the trust of your users.


Mobile-first approach

BluCactus - 15 Marketing Strategies for Commercial Banking - technological device

Not long ago, people used to visit websites or platforms from their computers. However, that is no longer the case thanks to the new generation of cellphones.


Now, companies must create easy-to-use mobile apps or platforms for their services. Thus, if they fail to adapt to this new age, they are likely to lose many clients.


The goal of this is to make the customer feel comfortable when interacting with the brand.


Not only that but knowing that the service is effective and regular makes people trust the brand. Thus, this is can be your main advantage as it allows you to better help them.


Branding for the banking sector


BluCactus - 15 Marketing Strategies for Commercial Banking - technological deviceBranding makes up the personality of any brand and how the public sees it. Without it, it’s impossible to define the personal brand of any business. This is also what you want the world to see or think about your brand. However, achieving good branding can be hard for anyone. Remember that this is your cover letter, your image, and essence. If you don’t have it, it can make your company drift away without goals or objectives.


On the other hand, branding is not all about the visual aspect of the bank. It also comprises defining the segment or niche in which you’re going to work.


It’s also about showing the personality of the brand and what it has to offer. For this, it considers what makes you stand out, the added values, and other vital processes. So, as you can see, the proper management of the brand’s image is essential to reach a good position on the market. Thus, t is important to make your values, mission, and objectives very clear. Only in this way will you become the first option of the client.


Personalization of the experience, 15 Marketing Strategies for Commercial Banking


BluCactus - 15 Marketing Strategies for Commercial Banking - technological deviceYou must place the customer as the center of the business.


Find out how they behave, what their motivations and desires are.


Don’t let anything drift at this point. With the help of big data, you can take advantage of latent opportunities. On the other hand, with microdata, you make the user feel challenged.


You can study their every move to continue offering products and services that are ideal for them.




BluCactus - 15 Marketing Strategies for Commercial Banking - technological deviceDon’t put aside promotional and advertising campaigns for your products and services.


Advertising will help you to easily reach your target audience. This way you can convey the values your stand for as a brand.


The goal of this is to achieve an emotional bond with them. Thus, making the customer stay with you.


The focus of advertising campaigns is usually on highlighting the competitive advantages of the brand when it comes to your company.


Security is the foundation of trust, 15 Marketing Strategies for Commercial Banking


BluCactus - 15 Marketing Strategies for Commercial Banking - technological deviceBanking and insurance are two sectors in which trust is key.


These industries manage people’s savings and security.


Therefore, it is good to handle these things with caution. If a client does not trust a bank, it is most likely that they will not end up contracting any product.


The number of resources used to ensure that the personal information of the client is safe is never high enough. A mistake here can cost you the whole company. Not only that, but you could also face the law if the mistake is bad enough.


Omnichannel and multichannel strategies


BluCactus - 15 Marketing Strategies for Commercial Banking - technological deviceOmnichannel and multichannel are two terms you will see a lot when it comes to financial marketing strategies. You may think they are the same, but this isn’t the case, so don’t confuse them. On the other hand, many say that an omnichannel strategy can be a multichannel one, but this isn’t necessarily true.


In short, omnichannel talks about the ability that banks have to continue a purchase or communication process. All of this through different channels.


Here, the client can ask for information in person at the bank and then receive it through email. Or, on the contrary, ask for a quick loan by phone and get an answer by SMS.


Meanwhile, multi-channeling is the strategy of being present on different channels. For example, these can be websites or different social media platforms. Besides, with this, your actions of these platforms don’t need to be in sync.


Social media as a communication channel


BluCactus - 15 Marketing Strategies for Commercial Banking - technological deviceWe already talked about how important is to be present on social media for any business. However, in the case of financial business, this even more important. The reason for this is that social media will be your connection with the client.


The main reason to use social media is that people spent a good part of their day on it. What’s more, they do this to look for information about different topics from other users. This includes reviews and opinions about certain services, in this case, banks. Thus, a campaign that uses testimonials usually carries a lot of weight when buying a product or service.


For this, you must connect with the public and then establish a dialogue with them. It’s one of the best practices for a bank. Not only that but creating interesting content for followers and talking with them should be the main objective of your strategy.


The power of storytelling, 15 Marketing Strategies for Commercial Banking


BluCactus - 15 Marketing Strategies for Commercial Banking - technological deviceStorytelling strategies are used to tell stories with images and messages through different platforms.


The aim of this is to get the attention of clients and create an emotional connection with them.


Not only that, but it seeks to leave a mark on the public so that they don’t forget the brand.


For this, you can create a story that relates your service to your target audience’s experiences.


Only in this way will you make them remember you and choose you over the rest of the competition.


Engagement with drip marketing


BluCactus - 15 Marketing Strategies for Commercial Banking - technological device

Drip campaigns comprise sending a series of emails within your big data during a specific time. Its goal is to get the receiver to make a certain action.


This can be many things such as buying a product or promoting a new service. Besides, these campaigns are vital in automated marketing strategies. This is because they make the interaction between your business and users easier.


For this type of campaign to be effective, you must adapt your content to the client. This is why niche research and segmentation is so essential in the world of marketing.




BluCactus - 15 Marketing Strategies for Commercial Banking - technological deviceThis is a type of artificial technology that simulates a conversation with a company.


However, what really happens is that a bot does this job by responding automatically. 


Chatbots mainly use text messages that respond to certain questions.


These can range from the plans or services offered by your banking business or the balance of your accounts.


It is usually used within messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, or websites.


Why banks should use chatbots?


BluCactus - 15 Marketing Strategies for Commercial Banking - technological deviceBanks could use this tool in response to the constant demand and pressure that they may experience.


So, even if your competition doesn’t have better services than you, they can still win people over with their customer service.


Also, this can work as an innovative and low-budget element for an app or website.


What’s more, it’s very easy to have a bot inside your page or app. 15 Marketing Strategies for Commercial Banking. The hard thing is to set up the conversation structure that they must follow and link it with the internal systems.


BluCactus - 15 Marketing Strategies for Commercial Banking - technological deviceEven if chatbots are artificial intelligence, they are not perfect. However, the benefits they provide overcome all their faults. For example, they offer you things like great savings. Not only that, but they also allow you to improve the customer experience.


A Bot can help you work with the optimization of the time and effort that it takes from your day. With this tool, you can improve customer relationships and increase their satisfaction.


Certain experts assure that the demand for bots will increase in the coming years. This is due to the increasing use of this and how they have made the work of many companies in the banking sector easier.


15 Marketing Strategies for Commercial Banking, Video marketing


BluCactus - videoVideo advertising for the banking sector is one of the most effective formats. This is thanks to its ability to reach customers.


Besides, 80% of digital traffic comes from videos and audiovisual content. That’s why we made a compilation of statistics regarding SEO from different areas, including video.


The transformation from the traditional world to the digital world meant a huge change for some companies. Now, you don’t only have to worry about your physical image and appearance. You should also focus on each of the aspects that will allow you to grow as a company.


BluCactus - 15 Marketing Strategies for Commercial Banking - technological deviceVideo is the format that gets the most interaction. For this reason, most banks already use it within their advertising strategies. This type of content is very effective in capturing the attention of users.


From tutorial videos to direct mail, this format gives banks the ability to connect with their audiences. This way they can also deliver information without being boring. Thus, through it, banks can improve their engagement and get more new clients.


However, if you want to launch an advertising campaign, you need to consider the characteristics of consumers. Meaning that you must understand your client very well. This includes their needs and motivations before seeking new services. Nonetheless, don’t give up, we assure you that launching a campaign like this can be the difference in your business.


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