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Discover how to apply marketing in the wine sector. Having a bottle of wine is the first step in this long history of sales. Doing an exhaustive investigation of many marketing managers, partners, directors, among others, of the most famous wineries; We do not find a single special formula that they can declare to argue the success of their wine. Each one has their own skills and their thoughts on how to sell their wine.


BluCactus - marketing strategies for wine brands - example of wineIn this sector of viticulture, sales strategies range from a wide range of things. For example, the manufacture of the product, how you will present it, and how you will communicate it. Without a doubt, all the elements that make up an exquisite wine are vital for it to achieve its objectives.


If you want your wine to stand out, get closer to the public, and have good sales. So, in short, your marketing plan should not be an option but a necessity.


In this post, we are going to discover everything you need. Here, you will also find everything that you must take into account when you want to sell wine to the market. Take a pen and paper and learn with us.


Let’s talk about the client to sell


BluCactus - marketing strategies for wine brands - example of wineIn any sales strategy, the main thing is to know who you will direct the product to.


If you do not know your target audience, it is very unlikely that you know how to seduce and conquer them. And there would be no possibility of applying a good marketing strategy.


There are many things that you should know about your audience.


For example, their demographics, movements, jobs, hobbies, language, socioeconomic status, among others. If you want to be successful, you must first study all the factors that make up your market.


BluCactus - marketing strategies for wine brands - example of wineYou must also know their needs and what they are looking for. All of this according to what you found in your studies. From this, you will design a strategic marketing plan so that your sales are a real success.


Another important piece of information you need to know is the tastes or consumption habits of your market. By getting this information, you will guide your products to the correct distribution. SO, in simple terms, if, for example, your clients have the habit of shopping through the Internet, you can’t stop using this channel.


Remember that consumer habits are constantly changing. That’s why it’s vital that you study and quickly adapt to them.


Presentation, an essential element for your wine to stand out


The presentation of your wine brand is essential for the success of the sale. Thus, you must study everything according to the segmentation factors you tested.


BluCactus - marketing strategies for wine brands - example of wineBottle shape and color


The design and color of the bottle will give your wine a defined identity. So, for example, most wine bottles are green-colored glass, like champagne.


However, there are also dark brown, pink, and white bottles. Now, you can see blue and even yellow glass bottles. The reason behind this lies in the need to achieve that modern touch.


For the shape, an elongated bottle is modern, dynamic, original. The length of your neck can vary depending on how modern and unique you want it to be.


Tags a small and important element of identity


BluCactus - marketing strategies for wine brands - example of wineTags are also part of the strategy. In this case, you must create a label that showcases the values you want to convey.


Not only that, but you must create a creative and unique design so it stands out.


Don’t forget to add those elements that your client will most likely remember. This way people won’t forget your wine and a lot of people will see it.


A label is also a communication tool. Thus, it must show the details of the wine and the necessary regulations. From typography to colors, these are the elements that will make you stand out from the competition.


Packaging, a box is the best presentation


BluCactus - marketing strategies for wine brands - example of wineIn the same way, more and more customers are buying boxed wine.


So, the container of the bottle in the store, warehouse, or at the time of distribution is also important.


For this, you must take into account the tastes and preferences of your audience.


This way you will design the most appropriate packaging.


There are also other elements such as the stopper, the format, the relief, the quality of the glass.


BluCactus - marketplaceThese are aspects that merit the best choice to complete the image of the wine.


Marketing strategies for wine brands.


The study and in-depth knowledge about the product that you will offer to a certain market will help you determine these points. It is not the same to launch a limited edition product than a normal one.


All these elements will represent your wine giving it image and personality. All of this will influence the purchase.


Distribution, the way to sales


BluCactus - exportA distribution plan is necessary to achieve a path to sales. Marketing strategies for wine brands.


This means that tracing the channels that you will use to sell your wines is the most effective way to obtain good results.


In the wine sector, determining your sales channels is very important.


This is because it will help you to achieve your quantitative objectives and goals. Thus, in this way, you will be able to bring the product closer to your segmented market. In the same way, you will be also bringing it to your loyal customers.


What sales channels does the wine sector have?


BluCactus - importTo be able to specify a suitable distribution plan.


The company must know the channels it can use for its sales.


Today, the wine sector has 3 channels for this.


Next, we are going to better explain them.


  • Direct selling: is the marketing process for an individual company. They have direct contact with the end consumer. Here, we can find wineries, wine tourism sub-categories, and wine e-shops.


  • BluCactus - marketing wineDistribution Channels: These are larger chains or establishments that sell different products. Here, we can find, for example, supermarkets, physical stores, and large stores.


  • Horeca Circuit: Hotels, Restaurants, and cafeterias chains make up this circuit. What’s more, they are an important part of the commercialization of wine products. The reason for this lies in the fact that most people choose to drink wine outside their homes. Because of this, they mostly go to their favorite or most frequented places.


Modern distribution channels


BluCactus - channel

The wine sector is known for being traditional but, thanks to technology, its sales won’t remain that way.


Thus, they must adapt to new distribution and sales methods.


Online commerce.


E-shops and electronic businesses ensure the sale of products by showing the client an online catalog.


This way they can see all the options available and thus easily decide.


BluCactus - online commerce

So, this is one of the new channels that must be used as a viticulture sales strategy.


And, of course, we can forget social media.


This is yet another important factor in the creation of sales strategies.


There are many sales options on the internet.


Here, we’ll see some forms of online sales that can be very useful for your wine brand.


  • BluCactus - social commerceOnline store on the web: You can sell your wine through your own online store. This way you will offer the client a shopping experience suited to their tastes. For this, you must take care of all the little details. These can go from the beginning of the website and the welcome message to the catalog and completion of the purchase.
  • Sell ​​your wine in a marketplace (in a multi-brand store): You can also sell from websites that already sell consumer products on the web.
  • Social commerce adds a store on social media: Thanks to the growth of technology, you can get sales from social media. For this, you just have to create a custom store through it.


The e-commerce trend is beneficial for the wine industry because it can offer 24-hour sales, no matter where the customer is.


National and international export, Marketing strategies for wine brands 


BluCactus - exportGlobalization has made it easier for everyone to export both inside and out of national borders.


However, before expanding to outside borders, you must first be sure that your sales are working at a national level. This way you will ensure the success of your brand in international territories.


Besides all this, International export also needs a great marketing strategy.


Not only that but a great knowledge of sales is also necessary to do it either through third parties or your winery.


Everyone wants to know your wine, show it!


BluCactus - social networkSocial media is very necessary. This is because it offers a direct channel of communication with the market. Thus, this is one of the most important aspects of a marketing strategy.


As a result, many companies use this tool to publicize their product, position it, get feedback, and enhance their passion for their brand and wines.


However, you must remember that social media needs time and continuous updating.


SO, if you neglect your social media account and forget to update it, your product will lose its position in the market. Thus, it will become boring and old-fashioned. What’ worse, it could even become weak in the eyes of the market.


Social media tools


BluCactus - toolsYou must create your post or publications following the design line of the products for sale, in this case, wines. In the same way, these posts will depend on your chosen social platform.


Besides, you can use these to publish offers, launches, curious data, prices, curiosities, and more.


These must have the sensation factor.


They must represent the product as you want it to be seen and following the tastes of the target market.




BluCactus - marketing strategies for wine brands - influencerBringing influencers into your strategic social media plan can offer you many benefits. The main one would be their large following. These people will buy whatever the influencer uses or recommends. This is because they have built a relationship of trust.


On the other hand, you should consider working with micro-influencers that are just starting. These have real followers and can have a lot of reception. This way you will be able to attract new clients who want or are interested in trying your wine.


However, influencers aren’t the only thing you should worry about. Everything will depend on your objectives and the product you are offering. For this, you must take into account your segmented audience.


After this, you must find a way to keep your audience active and create a close relationship with them. For this, you can use surveys, hashtags, mentions, and contests among others. These are just some creative ideas you can use to stay active with your followers.


Video marketing, Marketing strategies for wine brands


BluCactus - marketing strategies for wine brands - videoVisuals are very important to attract the public because they are more entertaining and attract the user’s attention for much longer. Besides, it’s easier to sell what you see, it’s easier to rate what you see.


Video marketing is an element that should always be used. It is a perfect complement to show the product in a better way for those who have not had the opportunity to witness it.


Therefore, incorporating them into communication to spread the image of the company is a great marketing strategy in the wine sector.


Besides the product, you can make videos about all the activities or resources related to the wine-making area that you manage as a brand: videos about the natural areas of the vineyards and the harvest or the wine-making process.

Wine tourism and experiential marketing


BluCactus - marketing strategies for wine brands - example of wineWine tourism is a type of tourism focused on wine production areas.


Offering this type of tourism is part of an experiential marketing strategy.


This practice serves to get closer to new customers and even to keep existing ones, allowing them an opportunity to share activities related to your product.


Knowing your wine closely will make people feel comfortable and connect faster with your brand.


Without a doubt, knowing where the creation process takes place, visiting the wineries or vineyards, and learning about the wine world, from an experience, is the most direct way to attract customers and get them to position you as a different wine brand from the competition.


BluCactus - marketing strategies for wine brands - example of wineHere we mention some of these activities:


  • Guided tours of the vineyards.
  • Activities in the process of creating and making wine.
  • Tastings and tasting courses.
  • Tastings paired with the gastronomy of the area.


Remember that this strategy must be combined with others.


For example, with advertisements on social media, advertisements, and brochures, among others. This way, the consumer knows about these activities and attends.

Email marketing, Marketing strategies for wine brands 


BluCactus - emailFinally, we have the sending of emails to complete your marketing strategy. Emails allow you to communicate with your users and keep them updated with your latest news. For this, the first step is to create and maintain a database that is always up to date.


In these, you can talk about events, activities, special messages, share the latest news from the winery, among others. Besides, you can segment emails according to the type of customer. This can be either by age, by years of loyalty, location, among other aspects.


Personalized messages will allow you to captivate new customers. On the other hand, you will also allow them to experience special treatment for being a loyal customer of the brand. Through them, you can also offer discounts, coupons, and exclusive promotions.


Email marketing is a direct and lasting means of communication.


Advertising in digital media


BluCactus - cellphone with important information on itDigital advertising campaigns are an effective means of making yourself known to a larger audience.


In the same way, this is an effective and inexpensive option. How can you do it? It’s very simple, you just have to know what tools you have at your disposal.


  • Banners – These are ads placed on top-rated web pages. There are different sizes and formats for your convenience depending on the size that the page offers you.


Marketing strategies for wine brands. Besides, it’s prestigious for the winery to be able to appear in the main media, especially in magazines, blogs, and important forums.


  • BluCactus - marketing strategies for wine brands - example of wineFacebook Ads or Youtube Ads: they are another option to advertise your product. Moreover, these tools will allow you great virality. not only that, but thanks to them you will be able to segment in great detail and adjust your ads for your clients.


  • Advertising on Instagram: it is used for its low costs and because it can show your product to a large number of users. This in turn allows you to gain visibility and recognition.


These tools are useful for you because you can segment geographically, control expenses, and investments and make impact reports.


Marketing in the wine sector is essential


BluCactus - social mediMarketing strategies sometimes seem obvious, but they are vitally important in the growth, development, positioning, and reach of a brand. The more strategies you apply, the more your wine will always remain the best among the competition.


We’ll give you some basic tips to keep in mind.


Don’t forget that the wine sector is a sector that supports and is reinforced in tradition. This is because the creation of wine is filled with history. So, you should showcase your solid roots and years of experience. All of this will then grant you a special and incalculable value. 


Your brand image will speak for itself. So, you must associate it with a message and with the experience you want to provide to your ideal consumer. Not only that, but you must tie all of this together in such a way that it can be easily seen with the naked eye of the competition. As result, you will have a strong branding strategy filled with unique characteristics. Thanks to it, you will easily stand out from the rest of the wine brands.


Pay attention to details, Marketing strategies for wine brands


BluCactus - social mediaTake care of every detail of the image of your wine brand, remember that not everything is about offering a good product. It’s also a set of quality elements that you must offer and put in view.


Your work team, your wineries, and facilities must be seen in perfect condition.


Marketing strategies for wine brands.


This way you will attract potential customers as they will want to know and connect more with the process of your wine.


BluCactus - marketing strategies for wine brands - example of wineYour clients will be your best ambassadors. So, despite all these wonderful tools that you can use, there is an even cheaper one that brings just as many benefits. Word of mouth, one of the most effective sales and promotion techniques. If your wine is something to talk about, your sales will go up.


Not only that, but the creation of interesting content is very important as you want your followers to share it. To this, we can also add an offer of good experiences. All of this will allow you to get positive feedback and popularity as people will want to share it.


Wine is not sold just because many drink wine. Marketing strategies in the wine sector are essential for many of the initiatives that exist to attract the attention of users.


BluCactus, your ally in Digital marketing


BluCactus - contact usBluCactus international marketing agency serves clients all over the world. Our specialty? The creation of web designs and SEO positioning in online searches. Marketing strategies for wine brands. Besides, our group of experts is dedicated to helping businesses and brands succeed in one of the most competitive sectors in the market, the digital world.


BluCactus will accompany you every step that your brand takes. This goes from the creation of the branding of your business to the creation of content. Our focus is on supporting you with the development of your website or the administration of your accounts on social media.


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