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The best marketing strategies for restaurants. Are you thinking of using marketing for your restaurant? Here you will find all you need to start on your road to success. The first thing you must know is that to boost your business you must connect with your audience. For this, you must use digital and offline advertising strategies. Do you have any questions? In this blog, we will answer them, continue reading!


What is marketing for restaurants?


BluCactus - marketing strategies for restaurants - example of a restaurantThis comprises the use of sales and marketing techniques for food products. It aims to improve the satisfaction of the consumer. Now, if you want to start using them, you must first have to keep some questions in mind:


Is your business local or do you have franchises nationwide?


Once you define this, you must create marketing guidelines for your restaurant. After this, find out what are the ideal means to contact your target audience.


Besides this, you must establish some parameters. This way you will be able to adjust yourself to the profile of the client that suits your goals and objectives as a restaurant. Here, what’s important is to know the needs of your potential client to satisfy them.

Marketing strategies for restaurants. Types of marketing use


BluCactus - marketing strategies for restaurants - example of a restaurantIt’s important to mention that there are 2 types of marketing uses:


  • Offline: through physical supports such as flyers, magazines, or test campaigns.
  • Digital: the use of tools such as websites, blogs, newsletters, and SEO positioning.


What’s important is that you take the initiative and improve the image of your business. For this, you can use both offline and online tools. It all depends on the typology of your usual consumer.


Thus, thanks to these advertising techniques for restaurants, you will be able to increase the management of the market. And, as a result, drive our growth to new heights.


So, when using marketing, you are using strategies that focus on the improvement of the food sector. Thus, ensuring the following aspects:


  • Strengthen relationships with consumers and connect the brand with users.
  • Build loyalty with potential customers.
  • Promote products and boost sales.


Besides, these plans will be successful when carrying out a study and setting up the guidelines to follow. Thus, you will be able to carry out an evaluation and verify the level of productivity of your company.


What are the advantages of Marketing for restaurants?


  • Plan events


BluCactus - marketing strategies for restaurants - example of a restaurantThat is, schedule a tasting of dishes for potential customers.


This way, they will get to know the different dishes and flavors that your offer.


We recommend these kinds of events so that the chef can get close to potential clients. As a result, they will get their trust and empathy.


In short, this strategy comprises making a difference, offering attractive and unique dishes to grab the attention of the user.


  • BluCactus - marketing strategies for restaurants - example of a restaurantBrand ambassador


By making use of influencers you can boost your food business.


For this, you must select one that is linked to the gastronomy sector you are offering.


Thus, depending on their level of popularity, you will be able to maintain a flow of followers on social media or blogs.




  • Electronic store


BluCactus - marketing strategies for restaurants - example of a restaurantYou can use an e-commerce system through an electronic store.


In this case, make sure that it allows you to provide service for homer orders.


A custom online attention is something that you can’t miss.


What’s great about this, is that it allows you to limit distances.


Not only that, but it also lets you favor the tastes that each potential consumer has towards your product.


  • Closeness and familiarity


BluCactus - Closeness and familiaritya Through a website, you can get closer to the client and get their feedback more easily. For this, you can include a comments section in the services area of your website. This, in turn, will allow you to create a familiarity link.


Your history and influence as a company will be the basis to contact users who identify with what you offer.


Here, what’s important is to create an effective conversation. All to build up engagement and a link with your brand.


The best thing you can do is choosing a representation of your product that shows the values of your identity. This will impact as well as be effective with what you want to convey to your target audience.


  • Multichannel communication


BluCactus - Multichannel communication One of the best marketing strategies for restaurants is to use different online platforms. What makes this so important is the fact that many businesses have lost contact with users due to the lockdown. Thus, if you don’t want your business to lose your loyal customers, look for ways to approach them.


In this sense, multichannel communication is ideal to keep in touch with your clients. Besides, it’s a fact that many people prefer to communicate through these platforms. Thus, phone call orders are something that we don’t see that often anymore.


The ideal is to communicate through the following channels:


  • Through a chat.
  • Facebook messenger.
  • Apple Business Chat.


Omnichannel marketing


BluCactus - Omnichannel marketingThis strategy is linked to the previous one. In omnichannel marketing, not only are some of the online platforms used, all possible platforms are used. This is done to achieve a much greater reach than just choosing a few apps. The idea is to be present in:


  • Twitter
  • Ephemeral video (like Facebook and Instagram stories).
  • Smartphone applications.
  • Live broadcasts (if possible).
  • Live chat.
  • PR and press releases.
  • Offline ads.
  • Direct mail.
  • Offline events.
  • Chatbots and virtual assistants.


This does not mean that you should spend your entire budget on social media since many businesses cannot handle it. Work on it step by step, and once you get results, start spending time and money on omnichannel marketing.


Remember that you must invest in the creation of good content. For this, add attractive images, videos, and audiovisuals within it. In fact, audiovisual materials are very important when it comes to attracting different people.


They work as a way to encourage them to contact you. Besides, this doesn’t only build trust but also helps you to connect with the client. Thus, study who is your perfect consumer and create images, videos, and content just for them.

How to make a marketing plan?


A good plan is essential to get closer to your audience and make yourself known. Now, we will show you how to make a good marketing plan to promote the growth of your company.


  • BluCactus - marketing strategies for restaurants - example of a restaurantChoose the target audience


When choosing your target, you must ask yourself questions like what are the traits that identify your selective group. In this sense, you can highlight and improve your reach towards different groups of people who identify with your sector.


  • Segment the market


You must define the market when selecting your type of consumers according to the affinity for the food within the restaurant.


Thus, you must define what type of client you need. For this, ask questions like what is their economic level? From this, you will be able to segment the type of product by strata. Thus, satisfying the requirements to attract and retain loyalty.


  • BluCactus - marketing strategies for restaurants - example of a restaurantDefine the objectives


Set out the goals that you want to achieve during the running of your company. So, establish short, medium, and long-term objectives. This way you will able to comply with the times you consider needed.


Each goal should have its own guidelines. However, they must be consistent with the purpose of the company and the focus of its creation.


This way you can adjust it to your market niche.


Thus, strengthening the consumption and lifestyle of each user.


  • Analyze your competitor


BluCactus - marketing strategies for restaurants - example of a restaurantDefine the actions that you need to carry out to improve your position. Besides, also add a plus that makes you stand out as a food business.


For this, you can use the following questions for guidance:


What content do they publish? Do they use advertising tools? Do they have a website?


Take advantage of the strengths that your business has and add information that you think is appropriate according to your profile.


  • Invest in delivery and food delivery


BluCactus - marketing strategies for restaurants - example of a restaurantDifficult situations bring creative responses to problems. COVID-19 has been the best example of this. That’s why restaurants, even if they are closed to the public, still have open kitchens. Besides, this is no longer just about increasing sales in times of crisis. Now, this is a branding strategy that not only highlights the values of resilience but also helps your clients.


These are some of the official data on the growth of delivery in food businesses around the world:


  • Revenues in the online ordering segment in the world increased to $ 122,739 million in 2020.
  • Revenues are expected to show an annual growth rate (2020-2024) of 7.5%. This results in a market volume of US $ 164,002 million by 2024. (source Statista)
  • Frost & Sullivan estimated the industry at $82 billion in terms of gross revenue and is projected to double by 2025, supported by a cumulative growth rate of 14%.


Create a gastronomic offer to enjoy from home.


BluCactus - Create a gastronomic offer to enjoy from home.An incredible strategy for your business is to create a “stay at home” menu or promotion. Some businesses offer delivery for people to stay in their homes and share with their loved ones in the distance. Offer a whole experience for your clients and encourage them to stay in their homes.


Due to the measures of distancing and confinement at home, clients have changed their habits. This means that they now can’t go to their favorite restaurants. Because of this, they now buy their snacks and meals to share with friends through delivery services.


In the consulting firm Nielsen, they refer to the products that they call “I stay at home” all products to pamper yourself. Here, snacks in general, chocolates, beers, soft drinks, wines, spirits, are included. This section also highlights the 40% growth in pastry products.


For this reason, it isn’t surprising that supermarkets snatched 1,600 million from the hospitality industry after the coronavirus crisis in Spain.



  • Fast delivery strategy


BluCactus - marketing strategies for restaurants - example of a restaurantCommodities are those products that already exist in large amounts with or without processing. These have a specific value at the productive and commercial level.


Its concept refers to those generic, basic products that don’t stand out between their different presentations. All of them are intended for commercial use.


These are products or brands that are very similar to each other in terms of price, look, quality, size, among other aspects. They are so alike that it’s almost impossible to set them apart.


Thus, in simple terms, we can say that these are basic products, that don’t stand out and are used when carrying out extensive marketing strategies in any business.


We all know the classic marketing tactics that have known and similar effect on the market. All because of their massive use by a large number of brands such as:


  • The well-known 2X1.
  • Music and olfactory marketing within commercial premises
  • Door-to-street establishments with customer service.
  • Quick delivery time (30 minutes very typical in food delivery services) or they give you the product as a gift.


These are clear examples of actions and commodity strategies that any business can apply in its day-to-day life and that are extremely equal to each other.

How to structure a Marketing plan for restaurants?


Marketing strategies for restaurants. Among the guidelines that you can create to capture the use of marketing strategies are:


  • Website creation


BluCactus - marketing strategies for restaurants - example of a restaurantFrom there, you can maintain digital and personalized visibility associated with the gastronomic service you are performing.


With this, you will be able to promote its expansion worldwide.


Thanks to this, you will also improve the way people recognize you. This, regardless of where they are.


Besides, a blog is a great strategy to connect with your users. With it, you can report changes or news about your business.


  • BluCactus - marketing strategies for restaurants - example of a restaurantSEO positioning


The SEO tools allow you to achieve a better position in the Google Search engine.


What’s important here is that you specify the keyword that defines your target buyer.


After this, create content that satisfies their needs and clears their doubts.


From there you can follow up with Google Analytics to know the evolution of organic visits and detect where do they come from? And what is the need for the consultation?


  • BluCactus - social mediaSocial media, Marketing strategies for restaurants


The use of social platforms works alongside the website.


To do this, you must select “what will be the ideal medium?”


To keep in touch with the target audience that visits and knows your product.




  • BluCactus - emailEmail Marketing


By sending informative emails to your subscribers you will keep them updated about what’s happening in your business.


In short, this is a great strategy to create reminders and publicize your business’ promotions.


What’s important here is to create a connection that allows you to empathize and create links with what you sell.



  • Offline Marketing, Marketing strategies for restaurants


BluCactus - marketing strategies for restaurants - example of a restaurantThis is a traditional advertising technique with potential and benefits to boost marketing within your company.


  • Make flyers with news and curiosities about your restaurant. As a result, you’ll client will see you and grow curious about you.


  • Formalize the creation of a billboard with your business’s logo, location, and slogan. This way, you will improve the image of it.


By using both online and offline advertising tools, you will be able to position yourself. Thus, increasing your fame within your target audience.


What are the main reasons why a Restaurant Action Plan fails?


Entrepreneurship in gastronomy was born when a group of entrepreneurs decided to start preparing dishes. However, some establishments fail to grow and as a result, there are effects such as:


  • Temporary closure of the business.
  • A decrease in sales.
  • Few customers.


BluCactus - marketing strategies for restaurants - example of a restaurantThus, you can have a defined set of objectives and know culinary techniques. All of this won’t matter if you don’t know about the tools related to advertising. If this is the case, the road toward success will be a rough one filled with obstacles. What’s worse, you might not even be on that road at all.


Marketing strategies for restaurants. To avoid this, you must have a set of initiatives and a marketing plan that impacts diners. Once you have this, everything will run smoothly. For example, they will start to recommend you to their friends and family. Thus, gaining organic exposure.


Today, it’s important to innovate and be creative in your food establishment. Otherwise, you will give people reasons to dislike your business. The result of this isn’t good at all since you will be damaging your image and the way your business works.


That’s why we recommend that you establish a set of guidelines during the creation and management of the gastronomic trade such as:


  • BluCactus - marketing strategies for restaurants - example of a restaurantIdentify the target market


What will make you different? What kind of food dishes can you offer?


By doing this, you will be segmenting the market according to strata and needs.


Thanks to it, it will be possible for you to elaborate on the differences and ways of attending to it.


Thus, creating a bond and empathy.


  • Competitors, Marketing strategies for restaurants


BluCactus - marketing strategies for restaurants - example of a restaurantCarry out a study of the potential competition that offers meals of the same or better magnitude. In other words, it will be valuable to you to know your strengths and weaknesses.


That’s why it’s vital that during the creation of a gastronomic establishment, you have a business plan. That is, you must plan in terms of the priorities of the advances that you think are necessary.


Besides, you should remain updated when it comes to the developments that are developing in the food sector.


Thus, you will have an analysis of what is indicated and appropriate for the target audience. As a result, you will be able to satisfy their needs and take advantage of it as an added value.


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