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Master email marketing with the newest tips today. Email marketing has become a fundamental tool to inform about a brand’s campaigns, new products, or offers. That’s why every day, there are new strategies and tips to take advantage of it to the fullest. Because of this, we’ll give you the best advice related to email marketing trends in 2022.


It’s important to consider that today’s email marketing trends provide interactive content. In fact, it must really be helpful to the user and respect their data privacy.


Therefore, newsletters face many challenges. However, you will use email marketing without fail by achieving diversity and using the following tips.


How to make a good email marketing strategy?


This new trend for many can be considered a real challenge. Still, the fact is that email marketing has many advantages for brands. Therefore, we will give you fantastic tips so you can master this tool like a pro:


  • Campaign automation


Automating your email marketing campaigns is a very positive action because you can send the exact message to the exact person at the perfect time.


In other words, thanks to this option, it will no longer be necessary to configure and send emails one by one and spend all day on it.


If you have not yet decided to automate your email marketing campaign, it is not too late to start. Similarly, we recommend that you do this for welcome emails, registration confirmation emails, birthdays and anniversaries, abandoned carts, and thank you messages for a download or purchase.


  • Metric debugging


In marketing, there is a very particular rule: that everything that cannot be measurable doesn’t exist. Therefore, to know if your email marketing campaign is working, you must measure the results periodically.


In fact, these are the metrics you should pay the most attention to:


  • Click rate For this type of rate, the number of unique clicks would have to be divided by the number of emails that have been delivered.
  • Open rate The open rate would be the number of emails that have been opened, divided by the number of emails delivered.
  • Abandon rate To know the results of the abandonment rate, you have to divide the total number of users who unsubscribe by the number of emails delivered.
  • Delivery rate In this case, the metric consists of dividing the number of emails delivered by the number of emails that have been sent.


  • Perform A/B tests


When you measure the results of the emails, you can really see what is working and what is not. However, now that we are in 2022 and measuring the metrics and carrying out another series of steps, it’s essential to try A/B tests. We will explain them below if you don’t know how they work.


A/B tests create two variants in a single email but add an element to distinguish them. To achieve this, you can add a different color on the call-to-action button or another subject line.


Therefore, you must send each email to a sample of users from your database to create the tests. Then, compare the results of each of them to see which one has been more accepted and effective.


  • Mailing list cleaning


A mailing list that does not have the necessary quality leads to a low delivery and opening rate. Consequently, your messages can be considered spam. So, for this year, you should focus on your email marketing campaign and start weeding out inactive users from your database. Even so, this is an activity that you should do at least every 6 months.


  • Mailing list segmentation


BluCactus - Master email marketingWhen you clean up your contact list and get rid of inactive contacts once and for all, you need to put some good segmentation in place.


To segment your contact list, it’s a good idea to divide it into several smaller groups based on interests, purchasing behavior, location, and other elements. As a result, you will be able to send your contacts 100% personalized and relevant copy for email marketing to obtain better conversions, clicks, and opening rates.


  • Use of double opt-in


Double opt-in is the process by which you can confirm new contacts who have signed up for your lists. You can email new users and then ask them to click for the subscription to be confirmed.


This step is used to find out which emails are really active, improve their metrics, and have a better email marketing campaign.


  • Inclusion of calls to action


BluCactus - Master email marketingWithin the 2022 email marketing trends, this element cannot be missing. A call to action always brings many advantages. However, they have a time and place. In other words, adding them to every single email isn’t the best idea. First, you must be very clear about what you want to achieve with your email and let your user know what you expect from them.


Similarly, you can add a call to action using a link or a button. This way, you can direct users to a particular site. For example, if you want a user to read your blog post, make a purchase, or register for an event, this tool will help.


Also, you can get creative with your calls to action instead of putting “buy now” or other common phrases.


  • Personalized emails


A personalized email marketing strategy will be an excellent advantage for any business. After all, this will ensure the best segmentation of emails, allowing them to stand out in the inbox. Now, personalization doesn’t only consist of putting the name in the subject space. In fact, you should use all resources to ensure the correct adaptation and text of your emails.


  • Ignore the use of the email address “”


BluCactus - Master email marketingWe can bet on the fact that you have gotten an email from an email address starting with “noreply”. However, you must know that this common technique could trigger some disadvantages. This is because it can worsen the customer experience by not sending their questions and reducing the deliverability of the emails.


Also, this practice increases the chances of your emails reaching the spam folder. So we recommend using another email address. For example, you can use something like “”. Then, you can have a person in charge of monitoring and respond to messages.


  • Review your emails before sending them


We don’t want to end the tips for better email marketing without adding this point. Many times, things that we do quickly end up failing. This also applies to email marketing. After all, you can’t make any kind of mistake, or else you will destroy your campaign. An excellent trick is sending yourself an email as a test to avoid this. This way, you can check that everything is in order.


These are some of the points that you should detail before sending the emails:


  • The emails must load
  • There should be no spelling errors.
  • Images and alt texts should look sharp.
  • Call-to-action buttons and links must be in perfect working order.
  • The email must have a quality view, both on the computer and mobile device.

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The 2022 email marketing trends must be taken advantage of to maintain contact with the client. Besides, it’s essential to keep your participation through eye-catching campaigns. In fact, to maintain good interaction in your contact lists, you can create creative newsletters. To ensure its results, it must relate to effective or essential dates for the sector you’re in. This way, you can rest easy knowing that your target audience loves this type of content.


We hope that our advice will be handy to you. Similarly, suppose you want to create an effective email marketing campaign at BluCactus. In that case, we can help you create a quality project.


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