Meet the top 15 most followed Instagram accounts in 2022

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Meet the top 15 most followed Instagram accounts in 2022. Are you one of those who count followers? If so, today, we’ll show you the most followed accounts on Instagram. After all, this is one of the platforms with the most users globally. Even now, it keeps gaining users. This is because of its many formats and ways of interaction. In other words, it allows people and brands to grow.


Besides, it also allows us to get a little closer to those celebrities we admire and learn almost first-hand details of their lives. But, will your favorite artist or celebrity be among the accounts with the most followers on this platform?


Join us to discover which accounts are listed in the top 15


15 accounts with the most followers on Instagram


Instagram: 494 million


To open the count, Instagram’s own account is the one that takes the crown in terms of followers.




It has a total of 494 million followers around the world.


All thanks to being positioned as one of the largest and most important social media platforms.


Cristiano Ronaldo: 428 million


The first celebrity to top this list is the Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo, also known as CR7.


Today, he’s considered by many to be the best soccer player in the world.


In addition to sharing content about his lifestyle and part of his work, he also shares his family.


This includes his wife, the famous Georgina Rodrígue.


He also uploads content almost daily, which is a delight for his followers.


BluCactus - accountsKylie Jenner: 329 million


The first Kardashian to appear in this count is Kylie.


Someone who has had great success as a businesswoman thanks to her makeup line.


Among others.


She ranks third in this count thanks to her highly fan-supported content and her daughter Stormie.


Lionel Messi: 320 million


The Argentine soccer player Lionel Messi is another famous athlete included in this list.


He, like Ronaldo, is also one of the best soccer players in the world.


There’s even a rivalry among fans on who’s the best out of the two.


But, here in social media, the numbers don’t lie, and CR7 takes, for the moment, the seat of honor.


However, the content we have from Messi doesn’t disappoint us. After all, he also shares both his professional and family life, which we love.


Selena Gomez: 313 million


The first artist to be included in this count is the young Selena Gómez.


A singer who has been constant in terms of followers is that she had been below or tied for the same position with Ariana Grande and La Roca in other years.


However, today, she’s above them with 313 million followers.



Dwayne Johnson, “The Rock”: 310 million


A former WWE wrestler and currently a very famous actor.


Noted for his role in the Fast and Furious saga, among other blockbuster productions.


Ranks below Selena Gómez by a small difference and shares part of his life with us in the most positive and fun way possible.


Ariana Grande: 306 million


This famous American singer is the favorite of many.


Thanks to her constant activity on Instagram.


She has a consolidated fan base that places her in 7th place on this list.


With 306 million followers of her music and talent.


BluCactus - accountsKim Kardashian: 302 million


Perhaps she is the most famous of the Kardashian clan.


Although her sister Kylie beats her in has followers.


Kim is another businesswoman who has been very successful in digital media thanks to her work as a model.


The sensual material she shares, and her private life.


Which has given much to talk about and has added 302 million followers today.


Beyonce: 251 million


A giant in the world of music is Beyonce.


Who has managed her profile on this platform impeccably.


Mostly sharing her professional facet.


Accumulating an amount of 251 million followers.


BluCactus - accountsKhloe Kardashian: 236 million


Another member of the Kardashian family enters the count.


This time it is the turn of Khloé, who, with 236 million followers.


Shares personal, professional, and fitness content.


Thus creating an infallible formula for engagement.


BluCactus - accountsKendall Jenner: 231 million


Next, we have the youngest Kardashian sister.


Her half-sister, Kendall Jenner.


The model, who leads an active life on this social network.


Shares her best angles in the best style inherited from her sisters to the delight of her followers, which has earned her a total of 231 million followers to date.


BluCactus - accountsJustin Bieber: 230 million


Another famous musician who has been in the public eye for his private life is the Canadian Justin Bieber.


Thanks to his marriage to Hailey Baldwin.


Has achieved a substantial increase in his number of followers.




NatGeo: 217 million


A somewhat radical change as soon as those who lead this count, we find the National Geographic account or how it is better known today:


Nat Geo.


The famous television channel, which also has a publication in magazine format, is dedicated to the natural, geographical, and cultural world around the world.


Which has led it to reach the figure of 217 million followers to date.


Nike: 214 million


One of the most important and recognized sports brands globally is Nike.


A brand that not only shares content about athletes and the sport itself.


It also focuses on marketing its products with an excellent marketing strategy hand in hand with renowned athletes.



Taylor Swift: 207 million


Last but not least, occupying the last place, we find another musical figure.


Taylor Swift, who gathers 207 million followers despite not being a very active person on her account, frequently appearing when it is her turn to promote a new album or tour.


However, it has a community of faithful followers who have included it in this count.


We know that in these cases, fame has helped each of these positions to obtain these high figures.


BluCactus - accountsHowever, suppose your goal is to increase your visibility and engagement on this platform.


In that case, the best is the path of authenticity.


Perseverance, and, therefore, course, an excellent digital marketing strategy.


We hope you have enjoyed this interesting count.


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