5 Must-Haves for a Restaurant’s Online Appearance

blucactus - 5 Must-Haves for a Restaurant's Online Appearance

5 Must-Haves for a Restaurant’s Online Appearance. A customer’s first impression of a restaurant is not usually in person but rather online. Whether on social media or an individual website, the restaurant must meet the minimum criteria to successfully display themselves on the internet. Digitally advertising an establishment can be over-thought many times, as it’s easy to become distracted by the opinions you may already be anticipating. We understand that every business owner wants to meet the needs and wants of their customers. However, by highlighting these five must-haves for your restaurant’s online appearance, you’ll more easily be able to cater to the general needs of your audience and successfully showcase your business.




Restaurateurs and other diners are not so quick to choose a restaurant that seems like all the rest out there. A restaurant’s online appearance should be bold, a daring novelty that doesn’t need to beg a viewer to stay longer. If anything, your online visitor will want to see more on their own. Originality requires your website or profile page to encompass a refreshing layout design. We know that you may be worried about having to design something, but we’re really just referring to how you present your business visually.


A successful online appearance doesn’t require crazy colors, shapes, images, or fonts. It would be best if you simply incorporated your restaurant’s personality into the overall picture. The aura should be easily understood and unlike any other restaurant’s personality, whether it be elegant and fancy, lively and fun, or clean and professional.


Should I make a Website for my restaurant?


Absolutely, you should create a website for your restaurant. A website and social media are not synonymous. While they are both presented to the same audience for the same purpose, a website offers a formal presence. Rather than searching media platforms, a website allows a direct connection to your restaurant by simply searching the internet.




blucactus - restaurant online appareance - woman in a restaurantThere’s nothing much better for your restaurant’s online appearance than adding some variety. Now we aren’t entirely referring to variation amongst menu items or cuisines offered; however, having those options is never a bad idea. We are alluding to more variety within your restaurant’s profile or website.


There are many choices to choose from, whether a section highlighting an About Us, links that direct the viewer to products or services such as a menu or catering, or a digital advertisement promoting an event or updated hours. Your audience wants to see that your restaurant is where the party is. If it appears as a ghost town, displaying minimal information, and there’s not much to browse through, your business’s online appearance will not be reaching the potential that it’s capable of.


What should be the Goals of my Restaurant’s Website? 


The goals of your restaurant’s website should ultimately be to attract the type of attention that leads to an in-person visit. When thinking about your goals, it’s important not to think numerically. Anticipating great numbers or impressive stats can often cause more harm than good. It’s adamant that you think big but also realistically. Prioritize growth over goals. Don’t get us wrong; goals are crucial to maintaining your business as well as your business’ success. However, understanding and characterizing growth steps will eventually lead to your idealized future.




blucactus - woman using laptop - restaurant's online appearanceIn addition to the appealing must-have for your restaurant’s online presence, an inviting mood is paramount to making your variety of information count. Yes, you can check off all the boxes of details and specifics, but if the info is not displayed appealingly, there is no reason for the viewer not to click, scroll, or swipe away. An online appearance looking to attract future customers or even just traffic heavily relies upon the website or profile page itself to be inviting.


This means that the design must be represented as original, as we first discussed, but also with the audience in mind. Think generically rather than specifically. If you are browsing the internet searching for your next fabulous dinner spot, you will want a restaurant’s online appearance to be well-curated enough to convince you to stop by.


How Can I Make a Logo for my Restaurant? 


Speaking of making your restaurant’s online appearance appealing, a logo is where you can start. Logos have the power to invite through a simple and snappy trademark. Many design platforms offer perfect logo templates to choose from, such as Adobe Illustrator, Canva, or LogoMakr.


Your restaurant’s logo should quickly and naturally define your business. While you may be racking your brain to figure out a perfectly genius design, don’t stress out! You simply need to create a logo with your restaurant’s name, implying your brand’s industry and incorporating that brand’s personality.




blucactus - man using laptop - Restaurant Online AppearanceWhile we’ve been discussing comprehensive elements that can be applied to almost any audience, this one will be slightly more specific than the rest. Although, it is just as necessary for the success of your restaurant’s online appearance. The fourth must-have is advertising the affordability of your establishment. We understand that some customers may not even have to consider this factor.


However, generally, it is a smart idea to include it. Most people refrain from even staying on a restaurant’s social media or website if they know from the start that they cannot afford it. This does not imply that you’ll need to disclose every item’s price in your restaurant; however, revealing options such as a happy hour menu or discount days hints that your establishment is for everyone.


What should be researched before opening my restaurant? 


blucactus - woman in a restaurant - Restaurant Online AppearanceAs a new business owner, we know you’re already researching the industry and how to best create and present your restaurant to the public. There are no wrong answers to this question. Studying anything and everything can assist you with your new brand.


However, doing that can overload you, and the last thing you want is to experience some burnout. Sticking to the basics is a great start. Your local audience, competitors, and chosen cuisine are what would be best researched first. You will want to understand the locals in your community and what they gravitate towards. It could be live music, endless appetizers, or outside seating.


Additionally, knowing your competitors can be a massive asset to your grand opening, as you may be able to learn from them. Specific cuisines are always great, but how can you make them greater? What can you do differently? These are all great topics to research first.




Although many new businesses are also new to having an online presence, if your restaurant’s online appearance has one element only, it should be organized. Possible patrons will not waste their time browsing through if the restaurant’s social media page or website is not easily navigable. A polished structure is one of the first, if not the very first, aspects to your restaurant’s online appearance that a viewer notices. Great organization displays a sense of professionalism that can go an incredibly long way in both obtaining future customers and gaining a terrific reputation.


Interested in More Must-Haves for your Restaurant’s Online Appearance? 


blucactus - Restaurant Online AppearanceIn the digital world, there are many tips and tricks that keep you on or even direct you to a successful path. However, not all of them are easily understood or well-known. As a business owner, no matter the industry, you may search for possible strategies to boost your revenue, attract more customers, and provide the perfect social media presence.


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